Storage conditions of garlic in a jar

Storage conditions of garlic in a jar

Each person in the summer and autumn begins to procure food for the winter. The issue of harvesting concerns garlic. So that for a long time it does not rot, you need to know the storage conditions. Storing garlic in a jar is the easiest and most effective way. The method of preservation in a jar of salt will not take much time and effort from the housewives.

  1. Garlic preparation rules
  2. Choice of garlic
  3. Shelf life of the product
  4. Storage in a jar
  5. Storage in the refrigerator
  6. Storage in the apartment
  7. So that the garlic does not deteriorate
  8. Conclusion

Хранение чеснока в банке

Storage of garlic in a jar

Rules for the preparation of garlic

The key to a good and long storage is proper and timely harvesting. The grade of garlic should be spring planting for example, Yarovaya. Such a variety is well stored all winter and has good keeping quality.

Harvesting begins in the middle or end of August. If the vegetable is winter, then the harvesting begins in July. It will not be difficult to understand it’s time to harvest. The plant begins to turn yellow and dry. If you harvest later, the vegetable heads begin to take new roots and eventually decay. Dig up the plant very carefully so as not to injure. To do this, use a shovel or special garden pitchfork.

After harvesting, the garlic is well dried. It can be left directly in the garden for drying, provided that the weather allows. If it rains, it is transferred to a shelter and spread in 1 layer. But first, they clean the ground well with their hands, it is forbidden to pick off the stems.Dry the garlic for 10 days. 2 weeks before the start of harvesting, the garden on which the vegetable grows is not watered.

Choice of garlic

Not all garlic is well preserved, it does not matter if it is bought or grown at home conditions. There are prerequisites for everyone:

  • garlic must be fresh, recently harvested or bought;
  • the structure must be solid, not soft;
  • heads with processes are not suitable for storage;
  • the husk of the vegetable should be similar to paper and must be dry;
  • the teeth should be full;
  • rotten, with small spots in garbage or dirty heads cannot be stored;
  • if the vegetable has a damaged integrity, scratches, damaged skin or other obvious damage, it is also not used for preservation.

Product expiration date

You can save the product, but if you observe the temperature conditions.

  1. At a temperature of 0 to 7 ° C, the vegetable is capable of stored from 3 months to 1 year.
  2. From 8 to 15 ° C, you can save the vegetable from 2 months to 9.
  3. From 16 to 23 ° C you can store garlic 2-6 months.
  4. From 24 ° C from 7 days to 3 months.

Storage in the bank

Many people know that Autumn garlic is preserved much worse than Spring. There are several ways in which you can store garlic in a glass jar of any kind. When stored in a glass container, the main thing is that the garlic is well dried.The roots of the vegetable must be scorched on fire, and the heads need to be disassembled into separate teeth. It is important not to injure the shell and not to salt the diseased vegetable. Next, the teeth are laid out in three-liter jars, but do not close the lid. Glass jars are taken to a dry but warm place where the product will be well stored.

For the second method, salt is taken. The jar must be sterile, salt is poured into the bottom, and then dry and clean garlic. Then salt again and garlic again. Products are added with these layers until the container is completely full. Then it is covered and kept for a very long time.

Storage in the refrigerator

Обязательно сначала почистить все дольки

Be sure to first clean all the slices

How to store garlic correctly in a jar in the refrigerator? For safety in the refrigerator, any kind of garlic is suitable. It is the winter product that is stored poorly in a warm apartment. To start storing a vegetable in a refrigerator and in a glass container, only healthy cloves are cleaned and selected. But it is possible to close it a bit. To do this, clean the teeth and put them in a glass container. Then close the lid and put in a cold place.

To store garlic in a vacuum and a cool place, just use a simple bag and a device that draws air. Thus, a vacuum is obtained in which the product will lie well for a long time in the refrigerator.

Storage in the apartment

Any housewife uses garlic every day to prepare various dishes, so he needs to stock up for the winter. For this, there are many types of product storage in the apartment. One of the most popular methods of preserving the product at room temperature is braiding. Such a method would be good if, during the harvest, the gardener did not manage to get rid of the stems. The recommended number of heads in the braid is approximately 13-15 pieces.

To braid the braid, make the following movements:

  • you need to take 3 stalks of garlic;
  • begin to braid the braid bottom, adding new stems: to keep the braid well, add twine or thread to it;
  • then make a loop to hang in the kitchen or room.

In addition to such storage methods, cardboard boxes, bags, nylon tights or vegetable boxes are used. The container should be well ventilated. Vegetables must be dried well, and then transferred to cooked containers and stored for storage in a dark place. It is worth remembering that the product must be sorted once a month, because it can deteriorate, rot and dry. Sick heads are pulled out and thrown away so that they do not infect the rest of the vegetable.

So that the garlic does not deteriorate

There are several methods that help reduce the appearance of rot or mold throughout the life of the storage.To begin with, you should know that during the drying of the crop, it is laid out in 1 layer, in the sun. The first day the vegetable is kept for 5 hours in the sun, and then for 10 days it is taken out every day to fresh air. This is a mandatory rule to prevent the appearance of germs, pests, and other possible damages.

To prevent the heads of garlic from drying out, it needs moisture and a normal temperature. From the lack of moisture and too high temperatures, the vegetable dries very quickly. To do this, take a paraffin candle and break it into pieces. Then it is drowned in a water bath. Each head of vegetable is taken in turn and lowered into warm paraffin. Thus, the product will be stored in a shell, which will not allow high temperatures to penetrate and maintain a normal amount of moisture.

To prevent the product from germinating, it is poured with fire, as there is a high probability of germination, and after that the cloves become soft, begin to rot and bend. To prevent this, set fire to a candle and bring the vegetable underside to the fire. Fire burns the roots and prevents them from sprouting ever.

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Storing garlic in glass jars helps to stock up on the product for the winter, even in the apartment. Thus, the house will always have a fresh product that does not have the property to deteriorate. It can be used for cooking various dishes and sauces. He will give each dish spicy, piquancy and a wonderful aroma. But besides this, garlic is very good for human health.

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