Strong growth stimulants for piglets

Strong growth stimulants for piglets

Growth promoters for piglets are an integral part of improving meat quality and accelerating weight gain. Large cattle farms practice feeding pigs with bio-supplements. In addition to a balanced diet, pigs need constant feeding with vitamins and minerals.

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  2. Effect of stimulating components on meat quality
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Стимуляторы роста и биодобавки для поросят

Growth promoters and supplements for piglets


To increase your income from raising pigs, you need to provide them with nutritious nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals. First you need to study the features of the digestive system to understand how to speed up weight gain. In pigs, the stomach consists of 3 chambers and it does not have bacteria that contribute to the conversion of green feed into protein. It will not work to grow animals on one grass.

There must be mixed feed in the diet, which is based on crops. Of course, fresh herbs and root crops are an integral part of the diet, but they do not provide the necessary increase in body weight due to insufficient nutritional value. The main role in mass gain is played by concentrates.

Grain processing products are considered concentrated feed, and it is not recommended to give grain in its pure form. Most grains, swallowed whole, are not processed and will come out with the stool. The moisture content in such feed does not exceed 12%, and fiber – 10%. Ideally, the grain is given in a steamed form.

When the grains undergo heat treatment, some substances are broken down, which greatly facilitates the processing of food by the body and, accordingly, saves energy, resulting in a gain in mass. Studying the features of the digestive system allows you to create a separate diet for pigs of all ages. An effective method for fattening pigs is to use a combined feed, which in its composition, in addition to grain, salt and premix, can provide the body with all the necessary components. Nevertheless, sometimes even such feeding is not enough to achieve maximum muscle gain, therefore it is advisable to introduce growth stimulants for pigs.

The effect of stimulating components on meat quality

Growth stimulants for pigs, substances that contribute to the rapid growth of muscle mass.Supplements are conditionally divided into several groups:

  • elements that contribute to the accelerated breakdown of complex substances into easily digestible;
  • substances that provide increased absorption of nutrients by the digestive system;
  • components that stimulate the formation of protein, which contributes to the accelerated formation of muscle mass.

Adequate use of hormonal growth stimulants allows not only to increase the quantity, but also to increase the quality of pork by reducing the time of feeding. Naturally, juvenile meat will be more tender and tastier. Significantly increases the nutritional value of meat, decreases the amount of fat when pigs are grown on dietary supplements. However, do not be too zealous with the use of stimulants, otherwise the fat content will decrease excessively. Pork without the required amount of fat will be tough.

What should be the stimulating elements

Growth stimulants for pigs must meet the following standards:

  • rapid excretion: the drug should not accumulate in organ systems;
  • they must have high compatibility with the selected feed, other substances and several growth stimulants, because sometimes it is advisable to use 2-3 additives at the same time;
  • they should not be negative affect the microflora of the body as a whole;
  • antibiotics when used as before growth stimulants should not cause stable immunity of pathogenic microorganisms to them.

The most popular are hormonal and non-hormonal substances. Receiving such elements, pigs not only grow faster, but also get sick less. Many farmers also prefer to use supplements for pigs.

Supplements with hormones

Hormones are represented by anabolic steroids, include androgens and steroids. Capsules are implanted in the area behind the ears. Resorption takes place from six months to 9 months. The post-effect is observed for another 3 months.

The introduction of drugs into the muscle is practiced. For this, retabolin and laurobolin are used. Injections are done every 14-21 days. The price will depend entirely on the quality composition.

Non-hormonal drugs

Non-hormonal drugs are represented by antibiotics. Rapid muscle growth is ensured by the antibacterial effect. Muscles develop rapidly, because the body spends less energy to fight harmful environmental bacteria. The most commonly used drugs:

  • hygromycin;
  • biovit;
  • flavomycin;
  • grisin.

All funds presented have the same effect. Antibiotics are given during the introduction of solid feed into the diet, respectively, in 10-14 days. Before giving the product, it is necessary to dilute it in boiled water. The composition is added to the feed or milk. Without consulting a specialist, you can’t introduce such drugs into the diet.


Often, enzyme preparations based on the internal organs of animals are given to stimulate growth. For these purposes, it is best to use the spleen. The biomaterial is ground and kept in a refrigerator at a temperature of 0 to 4 ° C for 5 days.

The remaining tissue is filled with saline. When using other organs, the parenchyma is boiled for 1.5 hours. Saline solution is added as the liquid is boiling in a pan. After the cooked biomaterial has cooled, it is passed through a meat grinder several times, the resulting liquid is poured into jars, hermetically sealed and stored in the refrigerator.

Enzyme agents are administered intramuscularly every 10 days. One of the disadvantages of such stimulants is the frequency of manipulations. It is quite problematic to inject large numbers of pigs so often. Among the advantages of this method is the naturalness of the drug. You can stop stabbing it 10 days before slaughter.

Pigs Folk growth accelerators
pigs for two months on additives
The rapid growth of pigs Etonius


This group of drugs includes:

  • fatty amino acids;
  • phosphoric acid;
  • polyhydric alcohol.

Phosphatides are recovered by purification of plant ethers from impurities. Add the substance to the feed. Giving phosphatides begin at the age of one month after weaning from the mother. When using them, high growth rates are observed – 11%.

Biologically active elements

Bioadditives in their composition have one main element that affects the intensity of muscle growth. One of the most popular dietary supplements is monosodium glutamate, citric and succinic acids. Substances are bred in water. You can give them right up to the slaughter. Allowed to use all 3 types of acids, alternating by day.

The next commonly used drug is azobacterin. The main active ingredient here is vitamin B12. They begin to give it from 2 months until the slaughter. BMVD – vitamin-mineral mixture. Drugs are available for various age groups. Their difference is in the dosage of substances. Growing on bioadditives is very popular.

The use of vitamins for the intensity of mass gain

For piglets, preparations with a high content of vitamins that strengthen the immune system are shown, for adults – substances that improve metabolism:

  • vitamin A is indicated for exhausted adults and poorly gaining weight of piglets;
  • for use of D3, the indication is rickets, the use of the drug helps to normalize the development of hard tissues;
  • vitamin E gives piglets that are lagging behind in development, that is, the weakest individuals;
  • K3 participation hematopoiesis;
  • B2 normalizes carbohydrate balance;
  • B6 prevents cramps, treats dermatitis;
  • Suns are given to female individuals to ensure the normal development of offspring in the womb.

In addition to vitamins, pigs need a sufficient amount of minerals, micro and macro elements. This primarily includes calcium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, iodine and manganese. Any premix on bioadditives should include at least 30 active elements.

Experienced breeders recommend using Swiss additives from Shencon. The manufacturer uses only the best raw materials for the manufacture of the product. Another firm that has established itself among domestic breeders is Trouw Nutrition.


Growing pigs to profit from the sale of meat requires the breeder to fulfill many conditions .Each owner seeks to accelerate the growth rate of their animals. Often, one balanced feed is not enough. Then use additives that stimulate growth. Pigs eat little during sex hunting, so it is advisable to give them special medications that reduce the manifestations of sexual instinct.

There is a separate list of requirements for growth stimulants. Among them, a prerequisite is the non-toxicity of drugs, their minimum accumulation in the liver. The most commonly used hormonal and non-hormonal types of drugs. The next ones on the list are antibiotics. Their use is prescribed only by a doctor.

Some antibacterial agents can cause immunization of pathogenic microorganisms to antibiotics and disrupt the intestinal microflora, which is why such drugs are prescribed only by a doctor. Acceleration of growth when taking antibiotics occurs due to the fact that the body does not waste energy on the fight against viruses and bacteria.

Growth stimulants for pigs can be presented in the form of dietary supplements. Such funds are the safest because they contain only natural vitamins. They can be selected if necessary individually. For each age category of pigs, a specific dose of vitamins is indicated. The price of growth stimulants will vary, depending on the quality of the product. Many of the supplements are not very expensive.

Growing pigs is a long and painstaking job. Experienced breeders still recommend growing guinea pigs with bioadditives rather than chemicals.

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