Sweet Pepper California Miracle

Sweet Pepper California Miracle

California pepper miracle has been in demand for decades. It is easy to grow in its infield. In the article, we will talk about the advantages of this variety and how to properly care for it.

  1. Characteristic of the variety
  2. Description of vegetables
  3. Description of the bush
  4. Color scheme
  5. Benefits of the variety
  6. Ripening dates
  7. Features of cultivation
  8. Seed
  9. Seedling care
  10. Care for adult shrubs

Сладкий сорт перца Калифорнийское чудо

Sweet pepper variety California Miracle

Variety characteristics

Known in Russia for a long time, sweet bell pepper to The miracle of California in size and taste is similar to hybrids, not inferior to the latter in its characteristics.

Pepper genus California miracle California, so there is a second name California wander. Since 1999 it was introduced into the Russian state register.

The experience of cultivating a vegetable crop has a wide geographic distribution. The variety is grown in almost any region of Russia, even in the northern part of our country.

Description of vegetables

According to the description, the variety of sweet bell pepper has medium-sized fruits, the shape is square with pronounced four ribs. Weight within 90-140 gr. The walls of the fruit from the outer surface are smooth and shiny.The thickness of the pepper walls with their technical maturity reaches 5-6 mm, with full biological maturation – about 10-12 mm.

Description of the bush

California pepper has a powerful bush that has thick stems and springy shoots, and can grow up to 1m tall. Despite the height, the plant does not need a garter, it can withstand the weight of almost 15 vegetables of rather large sizes.

Color Range

The classic color of pepper of this variety is red. However, there are yellow and orange vegetables. Among the peppers there is a golden and black California miracle, and the last novelty, bred by domestic breeders, was the sweet pepper California miracle of chocolate color from the agricultural company Zedek.

Advantages of the variety

According to the description of the variety, there are several advantages:

  • plants are characterized by increased stress resistance and the ability to tolerate sharp changes in changing weather conditions , since this species easily copes with the lack of solar heat and light, lowering the temperature, and regardless of the bad weather, as a result, it still gives a good harvest with juicy and sweet vegetables,
  • the plant is resistant to a number of main plant diseases including verticillin wilt and tobacco ozaike,
  • vegetables show good preservation and transportation, which is an important factor for agricultural cultivation on an industrial scale,
  • characteristic sweet taste and juicy shade that appears even at the maturity of vegetables, together with the inherent aroma of vegetables makes them indispensable in the preparation of preparations and culinary dishes.
  • the sugar content in vegetables exceeds the amount of this element in a number of other varietal varieties and hybrids.

Ripening dates

Перец спеет на кусту

Pepper sings on the bush

By description, pepper refers to mid-ripening varieties, ripening on average over a period of time, counting from 115 to 120 days from the moment of the first emergence.By this time, the fruits have already reached their maturity for eating them, however, for the vegetables to gain a saturated red, yellow or orange color, the plant needs another 15-25 days. Therefore, full biological ripeness with an average yield of about 140 days.

If you want to get a higher yield, it is recommended to harvest at the stage of its technical maturity. This will ensure the further setting of new vegetables until the end of the gardening season.

To ripen the seeds with a view to their further planting for the next season, you should wait for the complete biological maturity of vegetables. The largest fruits growing on a powerful bush are suitable for collecting seeds. They are left on the bush until fully ripened.

Many pluck unripe vegetables. At home, they ripen for several weeks, acquiring the desired color, and the seeds become suitable for subsequent sowing.

Features of growing

For a variety of pepper, a California miracle is suitable for growing in open ground, however, the best yield indicators will be when growing it in closed greenhouse conditions.

Seed Planting

California pepper miracle seeds are planted on seedlings usually in February. This makes it possible to fully ripen vegetables even in cold summer weather conditions.

The seed germination rate is 96-98%, regardless of the application of stimulating treatments of seed material.

Usually this variety is planted with seeds with a large distance between the bushes, making planting enough rarely, which allows you to reduce picking and transplanting procedures, to which vegetables do not respond too favorably.

Seedling Care

Caring for sweet bell pepper requires caution in watering throughout the first month after planting, especially when the seedlings contain

The initial feeding is carried out no earlier than the appearance of the first 2-4 leaves.

For a two-week period before planting seedlings in open soil, it is quenched, exposed to sunny weather balcony or to the street, initially by 15-20 minutes, gradually increasing the stay time to several hours.

Plant seedlings in open ground or in a greenhouse according to the 40 * 40cm pattern.

Care for adult bushes

Subsequent care of a planted plant in open ground involves uniform watering and the introduction of mineral organics.As an effective irrigation system, gardeners usually use drip structures. Over the entire period, the amount of top dressing should be at least 3 times.

Pepper is resistant to diseases and pests. Therefore, if you follow the basic rules for the care of a variety of peppers California miracle, you do not need to handle special means.

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