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Reminiscent of a large, grapefruit-sized
green tangerine with citrus scent. Sweetie is a hybrid
pomelo and white grapefruit. It appeared in 1984 thanks to
the efforts of Israeli scientists to make the grapefruit sweeter.
And although they succeeded quite well, Sweetie still has not.
popular citrus – perhaps because in it,
as in the pomelo, there is too much “waste”. Even
perfectly ripe fruits remain green.

You need to choose sweets like this: its peel should be smooth
and shiny, and he himself is rather heavy for his

Useful properties of sweets

Calorie content
and vitamin
C in sweetie is the same as that of grapefruit. Scientists have come
concluded that pomelite lowers cholesterol in
blood is better than its parents. Moreover, it is sweeter
than a grapefruit, and not as big as a pamelo.

Sweetie contains a huge amount of ascorbic acid,
which makes it simply indispensable for prevention and
treatment of colds, viral infections and
flu. The fruit also contains various essential oils,
useful trace elements and vitamins, as well as antioxidants. Sweetie, like grapefruit,
a close relative of which he is, contains
special enzymes that perfectly break down fats and proteins.
Due to these properties, the fruit is recommended to be consumed
food for people who are overweight, as well as for those
who wants to look always slim and healthy. Citrus
the fruit is also often included in the diet menu.

Some believe that eating fruit, sweets, normalizes
blood pressure and stimulates the heart, therefore
it is recommended to eat it for people with cardiovascular

Sweetie is excellent for depression and apathy,
awakening interest in life. It tangibly enhances good
mood, helps to cope with doubts, as well
sharpens memory and attention. On top of that, freshly squeezed
grapefruit juice has a tonic effect on the body
action, normalizes the functioning of the intestines, liver and bile

It is eaten in the same way as a grapefruit, cut in half. Or
added to salads, peeled from the crust and films.

Dangerous properties of sweets

Since sweetie is a hybrid of grapefruit, you need to treat
its use with caution, especially for those who have increased
acidity of gastric juice.

Sweets can irritate the kidneys and the lining of the stomach and intestines.
Therefore, it is not recommended for ulcerative
diseases of the stomach and duodenum, with gastritis with
increased acidity of gastric juice, enteritis, colitis and exacerbations
inflammatory bowel diseases, as well as with cholecystitis, hepatitis
and sharp jade.

It is not recommended to overuse sweets, as a large amount
vitamin C it contains can cause food poisoning
or allergies.

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