The benefits and harms of Chinese cabbage

The benefits and harms of Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage is also called Beijing cabbage, and its unusual appearance is used to decorate dishes. Unlike the white one, the Beijing one has an elongated shape with loose-fitting sheets. Chinese cabbage contains many vitamins and beneficial ingredients.

  1. Characteristic of the variety
  2. Calorie content of vegetable
  3. Composition of vegetable
  4. Benefits of vegetable
  5. Harm of vegetable
  6. Cooking Cabbage
  7. Salad Recipe
  8. Varieties of the Variety
  9. Varieties for the middle band
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Польза и вред китайской капусты

The benefits and harms of Chinese cabbage

Variety characteristics

Description of the head:

  • light green leaves with serrated ends;
  • large sizes Chinese cabbage type cabbage: one head weighs up to 1.5-2 kg.

Chinese cabbage is a two-year vegetable crop, it is unpretentious in leaving.

Variety different tastes: the delicate sweetish taste of the leaves goes well with spicy and meat dishes. The top leaves of the vegetable are juicy and crisp, unripe leaves are hard and dry. They do not hold their shape and quickly fade.

Pests appear on a healthy head under improperly created conditions: without watering and fertilizing the soil.

Calorie content of the vegetable

The product is used in any form: in boiled and raw, pickled. Varieties of Chinese cabbage are famous not only for their delicate taste, but also for low calorie content.

Nutritional value of Chinese cabbage varieties (BJU):

  • protein – 1.2 g;
  • fat – 0.2 g;
  • carbohydrates – 0.2 g.

The calorie content of Chinese cabbage is 16 kcal per 100 g.

The low calorie content of Chinese cabbage refers to diet vegetables.

Composition of the vegetable

The nutritional value of a product is determined not only by fats, proteins and carbohydrates, but also by its general composition.

Beijing cabbage contains vitamin C, folic acid, thiamine and iodine, so Chinese cabbage is very useful.

Vitamins in fresh cabbage quickly come to food Evod and are distributed throughout the body. Magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins for the regeneration of cells fight diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The additional composition of the vegetable: potassium, iron, vitamins E and K – helps in repairing damaged cells.

Benefits of the vegetable

Капуста полезна для пищеварения

Cabbage is good for digestion

The main properties of Chinese cabbage are due to its composition: vitamins and substances to speed up the metabolism help to improve the functioning of the digestive tract . The proper functioning of internal organs affects the state of immunity

Useful properties of vitamin C: rescues from vitamin deficiency and anemia, strengthens human immunity.

The benefits of Chinese cabbage:

  • B vitamins strengthen the nervous system: prevent depression, apathy and weakness;
  • favorably affects the heart: the active components of the vegetable make vascular the walls are stronger and more elastic;
  • regular consumption of food allows you to improve the functioning of the endocrine system: salads give a boost of vigor, and prevent cancer.

Health benefits are directed to organs esophagus: vitamins and nutrients enter the human body through the intestinal wall substances. Fresh product reduces hypertension, fights headaches and chronic migraines. Fresh product helps diabetics during periods of exacerbation of a chronic disease.

It cleanses the intestines and blood, treats liver and kidney diseases. The product is used for gout, obesity and disorders of the nervous system. It helps to develop enzymes that improve metabolic processes.

Harm of the vegetable

The benefits to the body do not exclude the harm that the product can cause. An allergic reaction to cabbage is rare, most often children suffer from a negative reaction.

Main contraindications:

  • Pancreatitis (during an exacerbation of the disease). The patient becomes even worse, and drug treatment does not help to cope with the underlying disease.
  • Drinking more than 150 g of product per week. This restriction is especially important for a nursing mother or pregnant woman.Overeating leads to side effects: a nursing mother, a sick person or a child becomes ill, begins vomiting, severe abdominal pain and weakness.
  • Direct contraindications for taking a variety of Chinese cabbage – a disease of the gastrointestinal tract. A useful product harms during a period of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Cooking cabbage

Chinese and Beijing cabbage are used in cooking. Chinese and European cuisine is famous for fortified salads and fresh snacks: Korean salads and vegetable mixes. Chinese young cabbage is suitable as a snack or for preparing a main dish.

For fermentation at home, you need 5 kg of heads of cabbage, 500 ml of water, 1 part vinegar, 1 part sugar and 1 part salt (garlic to taste). In such salting, a minimum of carbohydrates and a lot of proteins. You can add cauliflower, cucumber or tomato.

Vegetables finely chopped. Pour water, vinegar, spices, chopped garlic into a container and add cabbage, optionally another tomato or cucumber. Ingredients are poured with marinade and put under oppression for 24 hours. Every day, the vegetables are gently mixed. The product container is left to stand for about 2 weeks in a cold, dark room. After this, sauerkraut is ready for use.

Salad recipe

Салат приготовить несложно

Salad cooking is easy

A fresh salad looks beautiful and cooks quickly. Seasoned or canned vegetables (corn or peas) are added to shredded cabbage. Vegetable goes well with lean meats: chicken or turkey. Before use, the leaves are thoroughly washed and dried.

Chinese cabbage salad recipe:

  • head of Chinese cabbage;
  • 2 tomatoes;
  • 1 cucumber;
  • corn;
  • spices to taste.

A handful of flaxseeds are added to the salad with Chinese cabbage, seasoned with sauce, olive or sunflower oil.

From Chinese cabbage make twists for the winter or store the head of cabbage raw.

Varieties of the variety

Leaf varieties:

  • Melon. Melon – mustard Chinese cabbage. This species does not have a main head of cabbage. Leaves are located around the bud. The foliage is a bit bitter.
  • Variety Swallow. This is an early ripe species that matures 2 weeks after the first shoots. There is no pubescence in the vegetable. The variety blooms in late summer.
  • Variety Alyonushka. It matures 100 days after planting, is stored for up to six months in a cool room. Leaves keep their shape and are used for pickles or pickles. Seedlings are grown in open ground or in a greenhouse.
  • Pet shoy.Outwardly, this appearance differs from the usual white-headed head. It resembles the greens that are grown in the garden for salads. The taste of leaves is sweet. The variety is consumed boiled and stewed. Seeds are planted in the greenhouse in early spring.
  • Tatsoy. The early ripening leaf variety is suitable for planting in open and closed ground. The total height of the head is 20-30 cm, and the diameter of such a head is no less than 40 cm. The leaves are fleshy, juicy, dark green (small dots appear on the foliage).

The basic chemical composition and taste are the main advantages of leaf species.

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Varieties for the middle strip

The name of the varieties of leaf varieties is difficult to remember. Vesnyanka is the best option for planting in open ground in spring when the soil has time The early ripening variety ripens on day 118 from the moment of planting the seeds.It is rich in vitamin C, the average yield of the variety is 3.5 kg of vegetables per 1 sq. m.

Variety Surprise f1 is Ibride. It is consumed raw and pickled.

Chingensai is a leaf variety that helps to lose weight. The leaves of the vegetable are elongated, juicy, dark green in color (almost black).

Beauty of the East It is famous for its high content of fiber and vitamins useful for the human body.


Chinese cabbage is a storehouse of vitamins with low calories. Different types of Chinese kale are used for cooking: for diet or baby food. The variety is grown on open ground, seedlings are pre-planted in a greenhouse.

A selection head is stored for up to a year in a dark room. The seeds of the selected variety are bought in the winter, and after that they are soaked and processed. The beneficial properties of Chinese cabbage make it an indispensable vegetable.

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