The benefits of fertilizing tomatoes with hydrogen peroxide

The benefits of fertilizing tomatoes with hydrogen peroxide

Tomatoes culture is demanding of care and nutrition. Without top dressing, it is hardly possible to get a good result. For more than a year, fertilizing tomatoes with hydrogen peroxide has helped gardeners grow healthy plants. The drug plays the role of fertilizer, growth promoter and prophylactic against diseases, and also protects bushes from pests.

  1. Benefits of hydrogen peroxide
  2. Seed treatment and fertilizing seedlings
  3. Feeding adult bushes
  4. Prevention of fungal diseases
  5. Pest control
  6. Conclusion

Польза подкормки томатов перекисью водорода

The benefits of feeding tomatoes with hydrogen peroxide

The benefits of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (peroxide) H2O2 is a transparent, odorless substance that has antiseptic and disinfecting properties Among the useful properties of this substance, it is worth highlighting:

  • disinfects the damage sites of the plant;
  • enriches the root system with oxygen;
  • increases seed germination;
  • helps to absorb trace elements;
  • improves soil structure;
  • neutralizes nitrates, chlorine and nitrites;
  • renews salts of manganese and iron.

Atomic oxygen, which is part of hydrogen peroxide, is easily disconnected from the molecule, enriching the soil and plants with oxygen. This stimulates metabolic processes, and nutrients enter the plant more intensively.

This substance is characterized by a redox reaction, which plays an important role. It is able to oxidize (neutralize) nitrites and nitrates.Improves the quality of irrigation water by oxidizing chlorine and disinfecting it. And also, getting into the soil restores the salts of manganese and iron, which tomatoes need for full development.

Seed treatment and fertilizing seedlings

The substance can be used as an etchant in the stage sowing seeds. And also, as fertilizers for seedlings.

They process soil with peroxide for disinfection, and the seeds are soaked to disinfect and stimulate growth. For this purpose, prepare a 1% solution (10 ml of peroxide per 1 liter of water), the seeds are kept in it for 20-30 minutes. The soil is carefully shed with such a solution. Many vegetable growers confirm the effectiveness of the drug for improving seed germination.

This fertilizer is irreplaceable during the growing of seedlings. To feed seedlings, prepare a solution and 0.5 tbsp. l peroxides are added to 1 liter of settled water. Once a week, ordinary water for irrigation is replaced with a solution and young plants are well watered. The first such top dressing is carried out no earlier than 2-3 weeks after emergence.

Top dressing of adult bushes

Важно правильно приготовить раствор

It is important to properly prepare the solution

After planting the tomatoes in the ground, they will need to be replenished repeatedly with useful substances. In parallel with the introduction of various fertilizers, fertilizing with peroxide is carried out.

To fertilize the tomatoes, use the drug in the form of a solution, which is used to water the plants under the bush. To prepare a solution in 10 l of water, dissolve 50 ml of peroxide. Such top dressing is carried out once every 7-10 days.

It is possible to carry out foliar top dressing by spraying the bushes with a weak solution. It is important to observe the dosage for spraying, add 10 tbsp to 10 liters of water. l peroxide. Spraying is carried out in the evening. This will help to saturate the sheets with oxygen, which is necessary for the process of dissimilation (burning). Burning oxygen and glucose of the plant receives the energy necessary for growth.

Prevention of fungal diseases

Peroxide shows good results as a prophylactic for fungal diseases. The drug will not be able to cure diseased tomatoes, but will prevent their infection. Use hydrogen peroxide for prevention:

  • late blight;
  • root rot;
  • spotting.

The causative agents of these diseases are fungal pathogenic bacteria, they are classified as aerobic microorganisms. Atomic, active oxygen contained in hydrogen peroxide has a toxic effect on such bacteria. It disrupts their vital processes and stops development.

For preventive purposes, use a solution that is sprayed with tomatoes from phytophthora and white spotting, and plants are watered from the root rot under the root.To prepare a properly concentrated solution, take 10 ml of peroxide (3%) and dilute with 1 liter of water. Spraying and watering can be alternated, they are carried out twice a week.

Fight against harm flesh

They also use peroxide to control tomato pests (aphids, dustpan, whiteflies). According to observations, the drug copes well with them and does not harm tomatoes.

If pests are found, use a solution for which you need ;

  • 1 tbsp; l hydrogen peroxide;
  • 10 ml of ammonia;
  • 1 tbsp. l crushed laundry soap;
  • 1 liter of warm water.

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and sprayed with bushes with a freshly prepared solution. Repeat the treatment after 10 days.


Peroxide is a universal remedy that has proven itself not only in medicine, but also in gardening. The use of peroxide brings a positive result when growing tomatoes on a personal plot. Compliance with the rules will allow you to grow healthy plants without resorting to chemical fertilizers.

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