The device of the sennik for rabbits

Buying a furry pet requires providing him with optimal living conditions. The first thing you need is a cage, then trash, a drinking bowl, a feeder, a hammock and a barn hayloft. The latter often has problems, as it is very difficult to lift. But there is a solution: build a sennik for rabbits with your own hands.

  1. General characteristics
  2. Why do we need a sennik
  3. Types of Senniki
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Do-it-yourself sennik for rabbits

DIY Sennik for rabbits

General characteristics

There are a lot of Senniks for rabbits today, especially in pet stores. However, itโ€™s almost impossible to find a Sennik ideal for a particular cage. faced by future owners wa, these are the wrong proportions of the feeder. An ordinary cage reaches 60 cm in height, of which 30 cm is a pallet, and a standard hay feeder is 20 cm. It will be difficult for a small rabbit to get it.

The second problem is enough high price of the feeder.

As a result, it becomes clear that the ideal option is to make a feeder with your own hands, taking into account all the requirements. It is important to place a sennik in a cage in addition to the standard feeder and drinker. A nursery is a type of feeders where they put not hay, but hay.

Why do we need a sennik

For a person with a large economy, a sennik can solve the problem with constant addition. You can make a large feeder and put hay there for several days.This is a great solution for those who need to leave and leave their pets for a while alone.

What is the sennik for?

Why do we need a sennik

  • Eared very often scatter and just stomp hay in the aviary. At the same time they mix it with drinking bowls, with other food and as a result do not eat. A feeder with hay will solve this problem.
  • When the hay is in a manger made by hand, the animal will not be able to sort out and eat only delicious food, it will have to eat every blade of grass, which means it will receive all the necessary vitamins.
  • Especially such a thing is indispensable if the cage contains several rabbits. So, according to his liking, the strongest climbs hay and builds a house for himself there, and drives away others, and they are forced to feed on others. With the help of a feeder, all individuals will be able to eat properly, have access to hay.
  • With the help of a feeder, you can teach the animal to walk in one place, since rabbits have a unique digestive system. The bottom line is that as soon as they begin to chew, the ventricle immediately begins to work in them. If you hang the feeder over the toilet, then the problem is solved with cleanliness in the aviary. On the video on the Internet you can see how this process happens and how rabbits react to it.

Types of senniki

There are different types of senniki for rabbits. There are:

  • external feeders;
  • feeders inside the cell.

Everything will depend on the size of the cell. If the volumes of the enclosure allow you to set the sennik inside, you need to be sure that filling it in the cage will be convenient. It is possible to make holes so that you can fill the nursery with hay. Accuracy is important, as rabbits are very agile creatures that can easily slip out of any hole.

DIY do-it-yourself sennik for rabbits.
Sennik for rabbits
DIY Sennik for rabbits.DIY hay feeder
Sennik for rabbits is effective quick
Sennik for rabbits. DIY hay feeder.
Sennik for rabbits
sennik for rabbits
Sennik for rabbits. Minifarm Brother Rabbit.
Feeder for hay and grass in rabbits with pit contents.

Two-sided nurseries are convenient, their shape resembles the letter V. Small or medium-sized feeders are suitable for domestic (decorative) rabbits, and for large farms you can make a sennik on the entire wall of the cage. do-it-yourself nursery, you need to choose the right parameters for the cage .You must take into account its overall height, the height of the pallet pet size.


Creating and preparing a day nursery is not difficult at all. In addition, it will be 2 times cheaper than buying a sennik in a store.

A nursery can be made from the simplest and most affordable materials. Almost every farmer can find either a sheet of plywood or any wooden boards. Such materials can become the basis for a sennik. In addition, other tools will be needed:

  • mesh with a metal base and small cells;
  • small pieces of wire;
  • nails and screws;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • scissors;
  • hacksaw.
Stages of building a sennik

Stages of the construction of the sennik

Owners of decorative rabbits can make a sennik themselves from a wide variety of objects. The main thing is to choose the right size for the cage and make a sennik from a plastic jar. It is extremely important to make it as safe as possible so that the animal does not get hurt on sharp ends. Then you can start working on the manger.

First you need to measure the aviary and make drawings of the future sennik. Next, you need to work according to the instructions.

  • The sides of the sennik should not be rectangular, but, on the contrary, a little more up. The shape of the triangle is valid. Thanks to this, it will be much more convenient for an animal to โ€œgetโ€ hay.
  • A previously drawn-up drawing should be transferred to a large sheet of plywood.
  • Using a hacksaw, cut 2 absolutely identical parts for the side and one for the center.
  • Then you need to connect all the parts together, while using the screws to firmly fasten them together.
  • After that, you can safely fix the sennik to the grid of the cell.

All materials must be environmentally friendly. You can not take plywood, which was previously used in repair work: such material may contain viruses that can be transmitted to animals along with hay. It is better to invest in new materials than to pay for treating pets later.

We also need to monitor how rabbits react to the appearance of a new design. The first couple of days, pets may not come up to her, because they will not understand what it is.

Buy a feeding trough or do it yourself, it is up to the farmer to decide. But to make a nursery with your own hands is much cheaper, in addition, it does not take much time and effort. The main thing is to correctly measure the size of the cell.

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