The most productive varieties of bell pepper

The most productive varieties of bell pepper

There are different varieties of bell peppers that will satisfy all the requirements, and will also please you with a large harvest and tasty fruits. Descriptions of the most popular high-yielding varieties will help you find a favorite for your own garden.

  1. Harvest Dutch hybrids
  2. Ferrari F1
  3. Bentley F1
  4. Samander F1
  5. Popular domestic varieties
  6. Kolobok <
  7. Big fight
  8. Lesya <
  9. Colored bell peppers
  10. Conclusion

Самые урожайные сорта болгарского перца

The most fruitful varieties of bell pepper

Harvest Dutch hybrids

Detailed descriptions of popular crop peppers will help you choose the desired variety. attention not only to the level of productivity, but also to the method of cultivation, taste and physiological (shape, color, size) characteristics and area of ​​use.

Among the most fruitful Dutch hybrids it is worth highlighting:

  • Bentley F1;
  • Ferrari F1;
  • Samander F1.

They are suitable for cultivation in different regions. They have qualitative characteristics, adapted to adverse conditions and are resistant to diseases.

Ferrari F1

The name of this hybrid speaks for itself. This is a bright red early ripe pepper of the elite category. Bushes are tall up to 1 m, erect with powerful and strong branches. In the sinuses on the main and side branches 10-12 ovaries are formed.It enters the fruiting stage after 110-120 days from sowing the seeds.

The fruits have not only the classic color for bell pepper, but also the reference cubic shape, which is characteristic of the varieties of Dutch and European selection. They grow with an average weight of 190 g with a length of 8-9 cm and a diameter of 7-8 cm. It has thick walls up to 10 mm, dense and crunchy.

Bentley F1

So far, a little-known hybrid variety, which occupies a leading position among super-yielding. Treat mid-season, vegetables ripen in 130-140 days to a state of technical ripeness. Bentley’s bush grows compact, generative type. It is ideal for growing both in greenhouses, but also on open beds shows a decent result.

Characteristics of the fruit:

  • the skin is thin, shiny;
  • with full ripening has a yellow color with a lemon tint;
  • cubic, four-chamber;
  • walls 0.7-0.9 cm thick;
  • 9-10 cm long ;
  • weight 200-220 g.

They have a beautiful even shape, grow evenly large, not prone to grinding. Tasty and very sweet, will decorate any dish. Bentley has high productivity, which allows you to collect 2-3 kg of vegetables from the bush. It is well stored in the refrigerator, does not lose its elasticity. Not prone to cracking.

It works well in organic farming.In order to get high yields does not require fertilizing with chemical mineral fertilizers. Can be used for compact plantings (4-6 bushes per 1 sq. M.)

Samander F1

A very popular high-yielding hybrid for open ground and hotbeds. Gives a good crop even in unprotected soil with minimal maintenance. On a medium-sized thick bush, about 20 pieces are tied. They are elongated like Kapiya, saturated almost cherry color with an average weight of 120 grams. In length, it can grow up to 20 cm, in diameter 4-6 cm. The thickness of the mesocarp is average 5-6 mm.

They have a dense and elastic structure, suitable for transportation and long-term storage. It can often be seen in supermarkets. During heat treatment, the flesh does not lose its density, but the shape is preserved. It shows good taste in preserves and salads.

Popular domestic varieties

За растениями не сложно ухаживать

It is not difficult to care for plants

Domestic varieties are popular among many gardeners, which have proven themselves over many years, produce high yields, and do not require complicated maintenance. According to the recommendations and reviews of experienced vegetable growers, it is necessary to highlight:

  • Kolobok;
  • Big fight;
  • Lesya.

Their advantages include the ability to collect high-quality seeds of bell pepper for sowing in the next season.

Gingerbread man

A very popular variety of early ripe red pepper with a distinctive tomato-like gogoshar shape. Technically mature fruits can be harvested on the 110-115 day of vegetation, at this point they already reach their weight (80-95 g), grow a thick wall (8-10 mm) and acquire a dark green color. And they become red and fully ripe after 1.5-2 weeks. The pulp has a pleasant sweet taste, it is juicy and elastic. Kolobok universal table use, suitable for different uses in cooking.


  • thickness and meatiness of the fruit;
  • simultaneous mass ripening;
  • long-term storage without loss of quality (2-3 weeks in a cool room);
  • high productivity (up to 6 kg with 1 sq. m.).

Kolobok is grown, as well as other varieties of this heat-loving culture in the seedling method.

Seeds for seedlings are sown, starting in mid-February. Seedlings are planted in the soil at the age of 60-70 days. In order to get high yields, you need to take into account that Kolobok grows well in well-lit areas with nutritious light soil.

Big Boy

Early ripe large-fruited variety. It is distinguished by friendly ripening and early fruiting (after 105-115 days from the appearance of seedlings). Fruits grow large on average 250 g of the correct cuboid shape with four chambers.It has a strong pepper aroma and excellent unobtrusive taste. Rich in vitamin C and trace elements, including iron. High yield is noted, 2-2.5 kg of pepper grows on one bush.

Big fight is undemanding to conditions, grows equally well in greenhouses and in beds. It easily tolerates short-term nighttime cooling during the flowering period. It is resistant to a complex of diseases of nightshade crops.


An early ripe red bell pepper up to 70 cm high, but the bush is sparse and requires garter support. On the bushes 15-20 fruits are tied. You can collect fresh Les peppers in 100-120 days. The shape of the fruit resembles a heart with a sharp tip, as well as thick walls, which often have a thickness of more than 10 mm. The average weight of the fruit is 160 g, uniformity of size will depend on the growing conditions.

Lesya is one of the most delicious and prolific varieties that can be grown in all regions of the central and middle strip. And sowing seeds of such Bulgarian pepper for seedlings on the 10th of February, you can get an excellent crop in the northern regions.

Colored bell peppers

Decorate the garden and fruit peppers of various colors, which are white, brown, yellow, purple, almost black and orange.

Such varieties of sweet bell pepper will surprise you with a beautiful unique color:

  1. Black sugar dark purple;
  2. Black magic purple turning into chocolate;
  3. Husky is white at the stage of technical maturity;
  4. Mango is bright orange;
  5. Big dad is purple;
  6. Kapitoshka is yellow.

Best Grades of Sweet Pepper
134. Varieties of PEPPER. Many PEPPERS from one bush.

But we must remember that the distinctive varietal color of the fruit will acquire only at the time of full ripening, at the stage of technical maturity they are green in different shades from light green to dark green. numerical varieties are high-yielding with excellent taste.


Modern selection allowed to obtain a huge number of varieties of bell pepper, each of which has its own characteristics, strengths and characteristics. They differ in ripening time, exacting lighting, growing conditions, size, shape, color and level of yield. Such a variety will allow you to choose peppers that will please you with a beautiful shape, color, low maintenance and high productivity.

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