The principle of growing cucumbers in the Urals

The principle of growing cucumbers in the Urals

Growing cucumbers in the Urals is possible, but you should know that this process is very difficult. Since the cucumber loves heat and moisture, you should carefully prepare for planting. Basically, vegetables are grown in the Urals only in greenhouses, because the climate in this area is very harsh. But some of the experienced gardeners grow cucumbers in the open ground and know all the details of such a procedure.

  1. Growing cucumbers in open ground
  2. Planting seeds for seedlings
  3. Selecting seeds
  4. Preparing seeds
  5. Planting rules
  6. Seedling care
  7. Planting seedlings in the soil
  8. Preparing the soil
  9. Planting Rules
  10. Plant Care
  11. Watering <
  12. Fertilizer
  13. Pest control
  14. Conclusion <

Принцип выращивания огурцов на Урале

The principle of growing cucumbers in the Urals

Growing cucumbers in the open ground

Cucumbers are not easy to grow in the Urals, so it’s worth getting ready to start. For planting, it is advisable to cook several types of cucumbers that ripen early in time and normally tolerate cold. In this case, hybrid varieties can be used. As you know, in the Urals the weather changes very sharply and it is impossible to know what it will be and whether the season will be fruitful. That is why the gardener must prepare the seeds in advance for unexpected surprises. Cucumbers love heat and grow well in greenhouses or under the film.

If you do not follow the rules of care, then you will not get a high-quality and large crop.Also, you do not need to plant cucumbers very close to those plants that can pick up all the nutrients. If the temperature is more than 16 ° C at night, then this is the first sign that it is time to plant seedlings. The weather should also be good during the day.

Planting seeds for seedlings

To grow seedlings, you need to sow the seeds. It is recommended to take more seeds, because not everyone can take root. It is also necessary to pick up 4 different varieties of cucumbers. Not fresh seeds take root better than fresh ones. They need to be stored indoors at room temperature.

Seed Selection

Seeds of cucumbers should be of those species that normally tolerate sudden changes in weather, early they sing even in cold weather. In addition, the gardener picks up seeds depending on their purpose. If the cucumbers are pickled or sent for sale, it is necessary to take mid-season species. Mid-season cucumbers can produce a good crop. The most famous types of such cucumbers are: the variety of Graceful, Altai, Murom, April F1.

For pickles planted such cucumbers: Vyaznikovsky 37, Nezhinsky species, Variety Siberian, Variety Erofei, Masha and Murom.

A variety such as April F1 tolerates any weather changes and has strong immunity to many diseases. Perfect for canning and ideal for planting in open ground. For example, the Erofei variety quickly gets used to cold terrain. It is perfect for fresh consumption.Unpretentious in care, despite the weather gives a large crop. The fruits themselves are not large, tasty and crispy.

Variety Masha also grows well in the Urals. It can ripen in a short time and is unpretentious in leaving. Variety Masha is often used for canning. The Muromsky variety is capable of producing a large crop even in the coldest region. Murom cucumbers quickly spit, have small sizes and crispy peel, great for sale. When the cucumbers are picked for seedlings, you can start sowing seeds.

Preparing the seeds

An important process in growing cucumbers is the preparation of seeds. First you need to warm them up, so the seeds are put in a warm place. Thus, they will tolerate cold well. To check the seeds for germination, prepare a saline solution, and then carry out the procedure – hardening. To do this, put the seeds in the refrigerator, and then transfer them to the battery for about 1 month.

Семена нужно подготовить

Seeds need to be prepared

Before planting the seeds on seedlings, they are soaked in warm water. Thus, they swell and begin to ripen faster. Also, before planting, the seeds can be placed in potassium permanganate, but the solution is not very strong. After that, it is necessary to rinse in water and then dry.

Disembarkation rules

After all the procedures done, you can proceed to the landing.Plant seeds very carefully so as not to damage the roots. Sow the seeds like this:

  • pour the earth into the prepared containers;
  • make holes, small and shallow;
  • the gardener must make the distance between the rows: this way the plant will receive all the nutrients, because little space will only do much harm.

After a short time, the seeds will start to plant the first stems.

Seedling Care

Seeds for growing seedlings must be planted in store land. It is necessary to fertilize and water it. Also, each gardener must comply with certain conditions during the cultivation of seedlings.

  1. Be sure to observe the temperature. During the day, adhere to, on average, 20 ° C, and at night 16 ° C.
  2. It is important that there is a lot of light during the growth of seedlings. To do this, they make light artificially or hang foil so that the sun’s rays do not fall directly onto the plant.
  3. The first dressing must be given 2 weeks after planting the seeds. The second time they feed, when the first stems are visible.
  4. If the plant is crowded, it is planted in separate pots.
  5. From time to time, the room where the seedlings grow, aerate or take the plant outside .
  6. If the earth begins to dry out, it is immediately watered. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of watering, as fungi and mold may appear. The watering process should be carried out with warm water and only under the root. Leaves and stems are simply sprayed.

Knowledgeable gardeners begin to plant seedlings in open ground when it has already grown completely. But before planting, for several days they stop watering it, turn the soil around and do not bother a seedling at all. During the transplant, the plant feels a lot of stress.

Planting seedlings in the soil

Planting cucumbers in open ground in the Urals is a rather complicated process, so it’s easier to plant them in the greenhouse. If the gardener chose this method of planting, first you need to prepare the soil. If the cucumbers are planted in warm pits, they have every chance to tolerate the cold well, sudden changes in the weather and give quality fruits. Seedlings must be hardened and strong.

Ground preparation

To heat the ground, apply manure or cover the beds with covering material. 2 weeks before planting, the ground is completely covered with manure. When the sun begins to warm, the manure will heat up and emit carbon dioxide. Hay, grass and branches should be placed in each hole. Then sprinkle with earth on top. Next, the pits are poured with hot water with the addition of potassium permanganate – this procedure will give heat. Sprinkle with earth again.

Тщательно выбирайте место для посадки

Carefully choose a place to land

The plot should be sunny and warm. Cucumbers do not like wind and drafts. It is also important to know after which plants you can plant cucumbers.It is undesirable to plant them in the place where the pumpkin and zucchini grew. It is best to plant beets, onions, herbs or carrots in place. Also, they normally take root if the site is selected on which potatoes and tomatoes grew. The soil should be light, with a suitable amount of acidity and of course fertile, so the gardener must often loosen it. The site is covered with film for three days so that the earth warms up well.

When the earth warms up normally, furrows are made, they are watered abundantly with cold water. In addition, humus, sand or peat is placed in the soil, and lime will reduce the number of acidity. And only after that the planting process begins.

Planting rules

  1. The distance between the bushes should be, on average, 30-40 cm.
  2. Roots of seedlings are well strengthened by the ground.
  3. Bushes are tied up if necessary.
  4. When the whole seedlings are planted, they are watered, covered with a film and do not touch for some time.

The approximate time is 10 days for the seedlings to take root. Many gardeners from the Urals claim that if you cover the cucumbers with two films, they will not freeze at all, and the harvest will be very rich.

Care for the plant

You need to grow cucumbers correctly and, of course, look after them. If the gardener decided to grow cucumbers in a cold climate, then you need to take care carefully. When seedlings are planted according to all the rules, nothing threatens the crop. He will receive all the beneficial elements and will be healthy.It is important to observe the order of planting and not to plant cucumbers next to other similar plants, for example, tomatoes.


Watering is carried out once a week. The main thing is that the earth should not be dry, as the fruits may turn out to be bitter. Water the plant from a watering can with warm water.


You can apply soil mulching. This procedure will help retain moisture longer. Fertilizer is used by anyone. It can be aimed at accelerating flowering, so that the fruits are fastened and ripened quickly. If you do not fertilize the plant, the yield will be small. Cucumbers positively tolerate fertilizers in the form of ammonium nitrate, potassium, manure, magnesium and ash.

Protection from pests

If the window is warm, the film can be removed for a while . It is useful to ventilate the bushes. Also, the plant needs spraying from possible pests, since in the open ground the chances of their appearance increase. Flies, slugs, and bears love cucumbers and constantly attack them. In addition, it is important to spray the stems and leaves from possible diseases. You can also prepare chemical solutions yourself, it is customary to water the roots with them.

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If the plant needs pinching, then it is periodically carried out , and also tied up if the bush is tall enough. Attention should be paid to the acidity of the earth and humidity.


It is quite difficult to grow cucumbers in the Urals in the open field, but this procedure has become very popular lately. Many gardeners grow every year and know some of the secrets of this process. The main thing to do is to choose a suitable variety that normally responds to cold. Also carry out all procedures for the proper cultivation of seedlings and observe the conditions for care. If everything is done correctly, the harvest will be rich, and the fruits will be tasty and crispy.

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