The principle of processing garlic before planting

The principle of processing garlic before planting

Garlic – vegetable a culture that has long been a favorite addition to many dishes and a means of protection against colds. Every experienced farmer knows that processing garlic before planting is very important for a healthy and proper growth of the vegetable.

  1. Selection rules
  2. Preparation for planting
  3. Anti-fungal treatment
  4. Phytosporin <
  5. Copper sulfate
  6. Fungicide Maxim
  7. Processing from rot and mold
  8. Fundazole
  9. Fertilizer rules

Принцип обработки чеснока перед посадкой

The principle of processing garlic before planting

Selection rules

to plant such vegetable, like garlic, you need to select the best heads of vegetables. tubers or separated cloves. In any case, for planting, you need to choose healthy seeds without damage and rotting areas. Take species with pinkish or bluish scales.

Plant the best varieties that match your region otherwise before, than to get a normal fee, you have to wait until the culture is acclimatized. It takes about 2 years to get used to weather conditions and soil quality.

Preparing for planting

First of all, you need to decide what to process the garlic before planting, in order to grow strong and healthy fruits. To avoid unwanted diseases and pests, planting material should be thoroughly decontaminated.

Even the strongest in appearance teeth can be carriers of parasites or diseases. Those seeds that are planted for more than a year are especially susceptible to diseases. In order to get rid of unwanted pests, planting material needs to be changed every year.

There are several ways to prepare to plant.

  1. Preplant planting in the form of soaking cloves in saline will help to avoid rotting and nematode infection. Such procedures should be done correctly in the spring.
  2. Before planting a vegetable crop for the winter, you can make potassium permanganate treatment. To do this, you will need to soak the planting material for 8-10 hours in a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate. The method can also be used for planting onions.
  3. The most effective and versatile treatment of vegetables in the spring before planting is a solution of copper sulfate. A 1% copper solution is used for disinfection and prevention: seeds are immersed in it for half an hour, and then they are planted in the soil.
  4. Soaking in an ash solution is also a method that will help to neutralize many pests. To cook it, you should take 500 gr. ash and boil them in 2 liters. water for half an hour. Immerse our planting material in the cooled solution and leave for several hours.The method is well suited for planting spring seeds, and for sowing for the winter

Treatment against fungus

Processing of garlic in the autumn before planting should be carefully thought out, because the tubers will remain in the ground for the winter and they should be provided with good protection against pests and diseases. Especially the cloves of winter garlic should be protected from fungal infections caused by mold.

 Используем проверенные средства

Use proven products


If seeds are treated with Fitosporin, then you can not worry about the future of your harvest. The advantage of Fitosporin is the ability to apply it at any stage of plant development.

Copper sulfate

Also a sure way to protect future shoots for the winter period from fungal infections is fertilizer with copper sulfate. Prepare the solution according to the scheme: 1h spoon of copper sulfate 10 l of water. This addition will give a disinfecting effect, and will help to prevent the development of mold during the storage of seeds in the soil.

Fungicide Maxim

To save the future harvest from a fungal infection, which is a vegetable crop it becomes infected through seeds and soil, the fungicide Maxim should be used.

Using Maxim is completely safe, it belongs to the new chemical class of phenylpyrroles.In this connection, it has a mild effect and maximum effect, and also stimulates the growth of culture. The chemical agent creates invisible protection of the root system, which persists for a long time. That is why Maxim is used in the processing of winter garlic.

Processing from rot and mold

Often, rot and mold can provoke weeds that grow in close proximity to vegetable crops. Sometimes, to get rid of them, you need to resort to chemical treatment. Herbicides will reliably destroy weed rhizomes and will not affect the fruits growing in your garden. In addition to weeds, these drugs also eliminate mold-related diseases and help fight many pests.


For example, you can use an insecticide called Fundazole. The product is a very dangerous and toxic substance, so it should be used clearly according to the instructions and in compliance with all safety measures.

There are two ways to use the drug:

  • soil application;
  • leaf irrigation

The action is aimed at the destruction of harmful insects such as aphids, many types of ticks and leaf beetles. The remedy defeats Nematode, late blight and Cladosporiasis. Also, drugs like Galigan and Goal are suitable for eliminating weeds and some diseases. They belong to the group of highly toxic substances.Often, they are used in the fight against unwanted vegetation.

It is important to remember that if you do not observe the correct proportions when using chemicals, you can cause irreparable harm to health. Before using the product, make sure that you are doing everything correctly.

Fertilizer rules

In order for your crop to be rich, it is necessary to fertilize the soil before planting vegetables. You should not listen to those who say that the soil is not needed for planting garlic. Fertilizer is simply necessary for the healthy growth and development of the vegetable species. Fertilizer should be applied to the ground two weeks in advance, or even a month before planting.

When adding, use copper in a proportion of 1 tbsp. spoon for 10-12 liters of water. Among organic fertilizers, you can use humus 4kg and superphosphate 20g. Chicken droppings or dung are great for fertilizing the soil.

Fitosporin. Work on errors
Growing winter garlic
Planting winter garlic
Planting winter garlic

Liquid fertilizer Valagro plantoforms are used for feeding. A big plus is that Valagro can laugh to deal with many types of pesticides. Plantofol must be used in case of poor absorption of rhizomes. Poor conductivity of nutrients occurs due to cold, abundant moisture and alkalization of the soil. The method of applying fertilizer through the leaves.

Dissolve the drug in the proportions: 300 g of the product per 100 l of water with open ground and 150 g per 100 l in closed ground. Processing can be done at intervals of at least a week.

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