The temperature in the greenhouse for cucumbers

The temperature in the greenhouse for cucumbers

The temperature for cucumbers in the greenhouse is an important factor that affects the full-fledged growth and development of the vegetable crop and the yield of vegetables. An improperly selected temperature regime leads to plant diseases and slows down their vital processes.Experienced summer residents not only know at what temperature cucumbers grow in a greenhouse efficiently, but also understand how to normalize the microclimate in a greenhouse.

  1. Optimum microclimate
  2. Tips from gardeners
  3. Limit values ​​
  4. Growing seedlings
  5. Growing in the greenhouse
  6. Increasing the thermal regime
  7. Lowering the degrees in the greenhouse

Температура в теплице для огурцов

Themes eratura in the greenhouse for cucumbers

Optimal microclimate

Properly designed climate for cucumbers in the greenhouse – a pledge of future crops. The temperature regime creates a comfort zone for the vegetable crop along with the humidity of the air and soil and the acidity of the soil layer, maintaining these factors in an optimal ratio. When choosing the optimal temperature, take into account the differences in the indicators on the thermometer in the daytime and evening.

A sharp change in the temperature regime adversely affects the state of vegetable crops, including cucumbers and tomatoes, therefore, change the indicators in the daytime and evening heat is required smoothly.

Tips from gardeners

Experienced gardeners are advised to adhere to average temperature conditions of 20 ° C-22 ° C, in which cucumbers grow properly. It is this gradation that allows you to create the optimal microclimate in the greenhouse when planting seedlings in the ground and further growing cucumbers in the greenhouse, is considered optimal. Those who are willing to spend some time, adhering to strict rules and observing the thermal regime in the established norms, should be aware of a number of standards:

  • planting cucumber seedlings in open soil in a greenhouse involves 20 ° C-22 ° C in the daytime and 16 ° C-18 ° C at night,
  • during flowering, the thermometer on the thermometer in the greenhouse should be within 25 ° C-28 ° C,
  • at the stage fruiting, the optimum thermal regime is between 25 ° C-30 ° C in the daytime and 18 ° C-20 ° C at night.

With these indicators of air temperature when planting seedlings and vyr When storing vegetables in a winter or summer greenhouse, the ground should be warmed up. The heat in the soil is maintained at 15 ° C-17 ° C.

Limit values ​​

When growing vegetables, it is sufficient to ensure that the thermal indicators of air and soil do not fall below and did not rise above the maximum permissible levels.

Growing seedlings

Daytime temperature

Initially, cucumber seedlings can grow well at daily rates of 25 ° C-28 ° C, but with the appearance of of the first leaves, this thermal regime begins to adversely affect the landings and requires lowering to a level of 20 ° C-22 ° C.

При резком изменении температуры кусты могут погибнуть

With a sharp change in temperature, the bushes may die

With a rapid decrease in degrees in the greenhouse, cucumbers cease to perceive the mineral elements necessary for them, and when a sharp above the temperature, the cucumber bushes begin to burn and die as a result.

Evening temperature

In the evening, the cucumber bushes feel comfortable in the first week after planting at an average of at least 17 ° C. This temperature indicator prevents excessive stem density and slows the unnecessary elongation of cucumber seedlings. However, after a week, such a degree begins to act on them slowing down, and the plant needs to increase the level of heat in the evening hours to the required 21 ° C-22 ° C.

Growing in a greenhouse

When growing a vegetable crop, the temperature in the greenhouse for cucumbers should not go beyond the limits:

  • at 17 ° C -19 ° С and with an increase to 35 ° С-40 ° С no ovaries form on the cucumber bushes,
  • at 15 ° С and lower the growth and development of the cucumber plant begins to slow down and stop,
  • when lowering the scale of the thermometer to 10 ° C, the growth of cucumbers stops completely,
  • when the heat decreases to a minimum of 8 ° C-9 ° C, the cucumber plant dies.

Sometimes even when the temperature in greenhouses for cucumbers different from required only 3 ° C it turns inability cucumber seedling root in a greenhouse. In the absence of automatic systems in the greenhouse that maintain proper thermal conditions, simple and effective measures are taken to change the microclimate.

Increase in the thermal regime

If, due to weather or other conditions, the temperature dropped in the greenhouse and the created environment threatens the health of the cucumber bushes, one of the methods recommended by experienced summer residents is used to quickly increase the heat degree.

  1. Create an air layer that can protect the cucumber plants from the harmful effects of the environment. This can be done by sheltering the film with a film for a short time.
  2. To reduce heat loss and stabilize the microclimate in a greenhouse, you can create a so-called second greenhouse, which is built directly on a vegetable landing in the form of a wire frame or made of wooden structures and other handy materials. In this case, a perforated film is used as a covering material, providing proper air exchange and creating ventilation for ventilation.
  3. You can increase the thermal degree by mulching the soil. This is done with both organic and dark film.

Lowering the degrees in the greenhouse

In some cases, the conditions in the greenhouse are excessively warm, which also disastrous effect on cucumbers, as well as lack of heat. Together with increased humidity, an increased degree leads to withering of cucumber bushes and begins the process of development of infectious and bacterial diseases.

Air temperature, ventilation, elimination of the reason for shedding cucumber No. 2
the temperature difference is just in the ground and the warmed beds
Optimal temperature for seedlings
temperature in the greenhouse

When the temperature in the greenhouse needs to be changed downward:

  • air is freely supplied to the greenhouse through the pediment, in this ventilation the thermal degree can be reduced immediately by 7-12 points,
  • a chalk solution is used, which is prepared from 2 kg of the mixture with the chalk component and a 10-liter water volume, a little milk is added to this liquid mixture, the structural elements of the greenhouse are sprayed with this working solution after which a decrease is immediately noted thermal degrees are not a few points.
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