The use of Nifulin forte for birds

The drug Nifulin forte for birds helps in the fight against diseases that have a bacterial and parasitic etiology. He has established himself in veterinary medicine as a very effective medicine, can be used in pigeon breeding for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes for pigeons, due to its wide spectrum of action nifulin oral powder

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Нифулин форте для птиц и голубей

Nifulin forte for birds and pigeons


The composition of the medicine belongs to the group of antibiotics.

Available in plastic packaging, multiples of 50 g, minimum packaging – 50 g, maximum weight – 5 kg. Packaging in plastic cans is possible.

The instruction refers Nifulin forte to combined antibacterial drugs with a wide spectrum of antibacterial effects and is active for both gram-negative and gram-positive microbacteria, among which are Salmonella staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Pasteurella and others, causing considerable harm to pigeons and other birds’ health.

Nifulin forte is best known as a medicine and prophylactic for birds. However, the instructions for the medication allow its use for other animals, for example, in the treatment of pigs.

The drug is administered orally.The active components that are part of Nifulin Forte for birds are completely absorbed during digestion by the gastrointestinal tract, as a result of which they are distributed throughout almost all internal organs and tissues of animals.

Nifulin powder retains its therapeutic effect for 12 hours. The active components of the drug that are not used by the animal’s body are excreted no later than a week with urination and emptying and do not harm pigeons.

Active components

A homogeneous yellow powder is a combination of active substances:

  • metronidazole, whose content is 11%,
  • furazolidone in a proportion of 1%,
  • oxytetracycline hydrochloride in an amount of 2.5%.

The remaining 85.5% is lactose or bran.

All of these components are effective in combating bacterial microorganisms by anism:

  • the purpose of oxytetracycline hydrochloride, which is of the nature of an antibiotic, is the destruction of protein in bacteria and the decrease in membrane permeability,
  • the task facing furazolidone, which has an antibacterial pharmacological nature, is a violation of the enzyme activity of microorganisms,
  • metronidazole has the ability to restrain the reproduction and spread of a wide range of harmful microorganisms by penetrating the bacterial cells and affecting their DNA, leading to their death.

Indications for use and dosage

The therapeutic antibiotic Nifulin forte for pigeons and other birds is prescribed by the veterinarian in cases of illness and prevention of many infections, including which:

  • colibacteriosis,
  • salmonellosis,
  • dysentery,
  • gastroenterocolitis.

The use of Nifulin forte in pigeons, other birds and pigs suggests its purpose, depending on age or weight, and is calculated by the amount of water or feed:

  • for group treatment and prevention of bacterial disease In order to maintain and increase immunity, the medicinal product is given to growing pigeons and chicks of other birds along with drinking water or feed with a dosage of 2 g of substance per 1 liter of water or 1 kg of feed, respectively,
  • adult birds Nifulin forte is given instead of drinking water, diluted in the proportion of a small spoon per liter,
  • for pigs, the powder should be given based on the weight of the animal, with a dosage of 0.5 g per kg, if the medicine is prescribed individually or the dosage is calculated on the amount of feed – 5 kg per 1 t, when the medicine is given in a group method.

The period of use of the drug Nifulin forte for pigeons in the treatment of other birds and for prophylactic purposes is at least 5 days – a week. In the absence of positive changes, treatment is reviewed and the drug is replaced with an analogue.

Timely use of the product helps poultry houses maintain livestock during exacerbation of epidemiological situations of bacterial infections. Its use helps to increase the survival of chicks up to 1 month old.

During the laying of eggs, the drug is given to pigeons about a week before the planned laying of eggs.

Treatment and disease prevention in pigeons. Part 3. New Ukrainian preparations for pigeons

Side effects and preventative measures

The purpose of this antibiotic is not intended for the treatment and prevention of diseases in cattle and small cattle. No other restrictions on the drug were noted in the instructions.When used in the prescribed doses, Nifulin forte does not cause negative effects on feathered organisms, no cases of drug overdose have been reported. C, for no more than a year.

If a veterinarian prescribes drugs for both prophylaxis and treatment of winged animals, it must be remembered that the slaughter of animals is safe no earlier than within 10 days after the use of the drug has stopped. In forced slaughter of poultry, the meat of individuals that have been soldered with an antibiotic is not sold, but is used in the nutrition of other animals or is used for the production of bone meal.

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