The use of wormwood in magic

Magic rituals and rituals have long been carried out to improve life. To enhance the effect of sorcerers, herbal ingredients are used. Wormwood in magic is a popular herb, it is famous for its protective properties, it is used to receive answers and attract higher powers to its side.

  1. Description of the grass
  2. Protection from evil spirits
  3. Cleaning the home
  4. In fortune telling
  5. Charm against damage and ailments
  6. Attraction of good luck
  7. Definition of treason
  8. Conclusion <

Применение полыни в магии

Using wormwood in magic

Description of the grass

Wormwood is a well-known perennial plant. Its other name is artemisia, which means “healthy.”

Our ancestors used magical grass in different goals:

  • made healing broths;
  • hung to protect housing;
  • carried with them as a talisman;
  • carried out with it involves ceremonies to get what you want.

There are more than 400 varieties of a mysterious plant, the most popular and effective in magic is wormwood.

To find grass is easy, just learn the description:

  • height – up to 1.5 m;
  • straight stem;
  • the foliage resembles parsley and decreases to the top, has a silver fluffy coating;
  • flowers are like yellow tubes collected in a sphere.

Differs in smell and taste with notes of bitterness. She is credited with a stupefying effect, which explains the use of grass in magic.The magical properties of bitter wormwood are maximally activated with a waning moon.

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Protection from evil spirits

Grass was used as a talisman from evil forces in ancient times:

  1. Most of all they are afraid of water evil. Hanging bunches of wormwood on the premises in the Russian week allows you not to be afraid of the visit of mythical creatures. The entrances to the house are guarded by bonfires located around the perimeter of the dwelling, several branches of the plant are thrown at them.
  2. The grass will help drive away not only water scum, but also ordinary spirits, elves, demons. Twigs are hidden in secluded places, hang over the door and windows. Such protection will not allow evil creatures to settle indoors or take over the soul of a tenant.

Cleaning the home

There have long been rituals that clean the house of negativity. Women weave the plant into a broom, they sweep litter out of the room. A simple rite allows you to update the energy of the home. A twig of grass is set on fire and fumigated every corner of the space, quietly reading the conspiracy:

“As the smoke leaves my house, troubles, illnesses, failures also go away.”

From time to time they wash the broth from the plant. mirrors that accumulate negative energy.

In fortune telling

The most famous way to use wormwood is to weave Ivan Kupala into a wreath. Such magical herbs are added to it:

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  • poppy;
  • cornflowers;
  • peppermint;
  • chamomile;
  • lovage;
  • hops.

Unmarried girls send bunches of wormwood to swim along the river, and then determine the value of the result:

  1. Drowned grasses promise celibacy.
  2. If the plants have gotten angry , the wreath sailed back — she won’t get married this year.
  3. Herbs sailed away – an early wedding.

Kupala wreaths decorating the scarecrow are hung over the threshold, which promises protection from quarrels and failures. The threshold is sprinkled with salt. If the amulet fell – this is a sign of an attempt to cast a curse on the family.

The grass, sewn into the pillow, gives answers to disturbing questions, allows you to see the future in a dream.

Amulet from damage and ailments

Трава защищает от сглаза

Grass protects from the evil eye

The properties of the mysterious plant make it possible to escape from magical interference:

  • a bunch of grass is always carried with you to protect against the evil eye;
  • travelers take a twig on the road, which promises a speedy return home in good health;
  • a plant hung on the rear-view mirror protects the driver from accidents;
  • a twig in the wallet will help protect against thieves;
  • wormwood in shoes gives strength and protects against injuries.

The grass is also used as a remedy:

  1. Applying fresh leaves to the wound will help her heal faster.
  2. When headaches, the plant is kept on the temples .
  3. Grass is chewed to cure the stomach.
  4. Adding leaves to food will help to cope with depression, relieve pain and inflammation.
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Attraction of good luck

The grass has more than purifying or preserving properties:

  1. A bill, fumigated with smoke of wormwood, attracts material well-being.
  2. Periodic bathing with herbs gives you the opportunity to gain confidence.

The plant helps girls to bewitch the lover. Before performing the ritual, prepare:

  • an image of a guy or an object that he often uses;
  • a bunch of grass;
  • matches;
  • three aspen chips;
  • red thread.

The rite is performed on the growing moon. The plant is tied with a rope. A girl comes to the cemetery, looking for the burial of the deceased, whose name coincides with the name of her beloved. Having laid out all the ingredients on the grave, a fortuneteller whispers:

“Wormwood, cling not to mine, but to the body and soul (name), be his body, his soul …”

She sets fire to her slivers, smokes the rest of the ritual objects with smoke and reads three times:

“… in this grave the deceased lies, named after his name, knew human desires, was in the midst of those desires and love, but it still burns, not a day, never fades at night. This love will go from the chest of the deceased (name), in the heart of the living (name) will come, through the same name. As you do not rise from the grave, so the heart (name) with love will not stop burning for me. ”

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Definition of treason

The magical properties of wormwood will help wives determine the loyalty of a loved one. The ritual is performed during cooking.The woman, stirring the dish, says:

“betrayal, like Wormwood, if you are not faithful to me, you will not eat sweet, tasty anymore.”

During dinner, they get the result by the reaction of her husband. If it tastes bad and bitter – there was treason. In this case, it is recommended that you bring your lover to a conversation.


Bitter wormwood is a talisman from unclean forces, it will help to find love and find out the truth. The plant will cure ailments, answer exciting questions. Using grass will not bring trouble, fill life with a wonderful aroma and bright emotions.

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