The water regime of indoor plants during the dormant period – care

Indoor plants usually require a significant reduction in watering during the winter. Together with the shortening of daylight hours and lower temperatures, the plant’s need for moisture is reduced. If you keep the watering the same as during the growing season, the soil will begin to acidify at a lower temperature. With reduced growth activity, root rot is also possible.

Water for irrigation should be at a temperature slightly above room temperature. Farmer batintherain

How to determine the need for watering?

Typically, the need for watering is determined by the condition of the topsoil. Damp earth sticks to your fingers. If this happens, then watering is not required yet. You can check the condition of the soil in the depths of the ceramic pot by sound. The wetter the soil, the more dull sound the pot makes when lightly tapping on it.

It is better to drain off excess water than not to top up.
It is better to drain off excess water than not to top up.

Watering rules

The most “dry” regime in the winter months is preferred by cacti. They are watered no more than once every three to four weeks, and some species normally spend the whole winter without watering at all. Deciduous plants are watered on the third or fourth day after the topsoil dries out.

Many growers make the mistake of watering plants sparsely, but very often. In this case, the water simply does not reach the bottom of the pot and the roots remain dry. It is better to drain excess water from the sump after abundant watering than to arrange the lower part of the roots “drought”.

Many tropical plants require high humidity. They must be sprayed in the morning and evening while also reducing the frequency of watering.

Water for irrigation should have a temperature slightly above room temperature, since cold water is poorly absorbed by the root system. The usual irrigation regimen resumes gradually along with the beginning of active plant growth in spring.

Plants blooming in winter should be watered normally.
Plants blooming in winter should be watered normally.

Exceptions to the rules

Recommendations for reducing watering are valid only if the plants are dormant in appropriate conditions, that is, at a lower temperature and less illumination. If the temperature remains high throughout the winter, then the usual irrigation regime is maintained.

Another exception applies to plants that bloom during the winter months. They also need regular watering.


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