Transportation of honey by plane and by mail – basic rules

Lovers of exotic varieties often wonder if it is possible to carry honey on the plane in hand luggage? Immediately, we note that the event is troublesome.

Honey is traditionally purchased at the place of residence or at least in the home region in order to avoid difficulties with transportation. The most problematic is to transport large volumes, especially when it comes to airplanes.

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About the rules

To prevent the treasured package from ending up in the airport’s trash can, it is necessary to clarify in advance exactly how honey can be transported in hand luggage.

Transportation rules are established by international transport organizations and airports, taking into account local legislation. Accordingly, there are requirements for passengers and their luggage in each state.

You can find out if there are any special restrictions on the website of a particular air carrier or directly in the information window of the airport. For example, the import of Chinese honey is prohibited in the European Union.

If the flight involves a connection in a country where honey is prohibited from import, it will simply be withdrawn from the passenger. Therefore, it is so important to know in advance what exactly the requirements are imposed by a particular country, airport and carrier company.

Any rules are not invented to complicate the life of passengers. Their development is a consequence of the fight against terrorists and an attempt to ensure maximum security.

There are known sad cases when explosive mixtures were brought on board under the guise of water, baby food, cosmetics. For this reason, at airports, special attention is paid to liquid cargo, which also includes honey (initially it is a liquid product, even if it later completely crystallizes). On any suspicion, the liquid can be withdrawn or subjected to additional checks.


Below are the basic baggage requirements. Different airlines may have their own additional rules, which will also have to be taken into account.


The first condition is correct packaging.… It is necessary to transport honey on the plane in hand luggage in a plastic container placed in a transparent plastic bag with a zipper. It is better to purchase such a package in advance, before arriving at the airport.

With regard to packaging, you will have to be smart. Some sweet food lovers use plastic containers of the correct capacity to collect urine, purchased at the pharmacy. Such containers are sterile, hermetically sealed – honey will not deteriorate or spill.

The second important condition is packing… The honey product must be poured into sealed containers with a volume of no more than 100 milliliters.

The third condition is the amount of fluid per passenger… You can take only 1 liter to the salon with you. This includes everything: drinking water, cosmetics. Taking bottles of honey with you, you will have to give up everything else.

The package with the medical product may be subject to additional examination. For example, open the vials and taste the contents. There were cases when the passenger himself was asked to do this. You should not react aggressively to such behavior of airport employees. They act for general security purposes.

What absolutely must not be done? Prohibited:

  • pack the medical product in glass containers – 0,5-1 liter jars or bottles (there were cases of using such containers for terrorist purposes);
  • pour it into a container with a capacity of more than 100 milliliters;
  • use an opaque package;
  • put together with other things (in a common bag, package).


You can also carry honey in your luggage on the plane. In this case, you do not have to sacrifice in favor of goodies hygiene products and other more important things.


This is done in two ways:

  • on a common basis;
  • marked “fragile cargo” (safety increases, but transportation will cost more).

Baggage requirements relate primarily to its weight… And it directly depends on the class of the purchased ticket. The age of the passenger is also taken into account – an adult or a child is flying.

Indicative rules for the carriage of cargo, including liquids (for Russian airlines):

  • business class, adult ticket – two seats, 30-32 kilograms each;
  • economy class and comfort, adult ticket – two seats, 20-23 kilograms each.

For children under two years old, you can carry no more than 10 kilograms in any class.

It should be borne in mind that the specific gravity of honey and the volume it occupies in liters are not the same… The higher the moisture content of the bee product (the higher the percentage of water), the lower its weight.

Mature honey has the following weight characteristics:

  • liter capacity – approximately 1 grams;
  • 1,5 liter capacity – 2 grams;
  • 3 liter capacity – 4 200 grams.

It is advisable to independently weigh the prepared container together with honey before departure in order to know exactly the capacity of the luggage.

Important correct packaging… There are no special requirements here, but you will have to approach the matter taking into account the safety of the delicacy and the convenience of its transportation.

Important points:

  • the container must be plastic – it does not break as easily as glass and weighs less (transportation in a glass container in the luggage compartment is most often not prohibited!);
  • the container must be airtight;
  • in addition, you can use an elastic film (it is wrapped around a bag or suitcase from the outside to prevent accidental opening);
  • you will need packing cardboard or polyethylene with an air gap (with the so-called “pimples”) for each individual container in order to exclude deformation and violation of integrity.

Duty Free

Honey purchased in the duty-free zone is transported in unlimited quantities. An important condition is that no more than a day should pass from the moment of purchase.

Duty Free


  • store packaging in an intact form can be taken to the salon along with a receipt confirming the purchase (the integrity of the packaging is preserved until arrival at the destination!);
  • no need to pack the product in small bottles;
  • store container volume there may be more than a liter even for transportation as carry-on baggage.

It should be borne in mind that some air carriers fundamentally prohibit bringing liquids into the cabin. And it doesn’t matter where the honey was purchased – at Duty Free or at a private apiary.


  • The main disadvantage of purchasing in Duty Free is the inability to check the quality of the product. Such honey cannot be tasted before purchase.
  • A product of questionable quality hardly needs to be purchased in large quantities. For own consumption, 100-200 milliliters will be enough. But it is not a fact that it is this packaging that is used in the implementation in Duty Free.
  • The cost of goods can be significantly overestimated, since the price is influenced by the country of origin and the current exchange rate in it.

Carriage across the border of the Russian Federation

Another important question – is it possible to import honey to Russia? Yes, this product freely crosses the border and can be imported into the countries of the customs union. Moreover, there are no restrictions on volumes.


But it is important to take into account the place of purchase of the honey product:

  1. If it was purchased at a private apiary, the product must be accompanied by a certificate of the state veterinary service (form No. 2). The document must be with the passenger checking in for the flight. The same certificate may be required for domestic flights.
  2. If the treat is purchased in a store, the container must have a label, and the passenger must have a cashier’s receipt with him.

That is, it is possible to carry honey in hand luggage on an airplane or in luggage without any problems if all the rules and requirements for this type of cargo have been taken into account.

Postal transportation


But nowadays, as before, the most convenient way of transporting honey remains its postage. This method has several obvious advantages at once:

  • in fact, there are no restrictions on weight and volume;
  • you can send the product without a certificate and receipt;
  • there is an opportunity, as in air transportation, to put a note of fragility for careful handling of the cargo;
  • a product or a gift to relatives can be securely packed in several layers of cardboard, newspapers, packaging or cling film (weight is not so critical) – and only then placed in a mailbox.

The disadvantages include:

  • transportation speed – cargo is often delayed. Especially when transporting overseas.

Export abroad by mail requires filling out a customs declaration. However, such a document is not always needed. Please check with the customs office for details.

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