Treatment of the heart and blood vessels with honey

Honey for cardiovascular diseases is useful due to the content of simple sugars – glucose and fructose. These components of the bee product are absorbed directly into the bloodstream without requiring prior decomposition under the influence of food enzymes. The expected effect is achieved faster – the activity of the heart muscle is normalized, its working capacity is restored.

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What to Expect from Medotherapy

Honey provides comprehensive improvement of the cardiovascular system:

  • increases the stability of capillaries, eliminating their fragility and bleeding;
  • lowers blood pressure;
  • reduces swelling, providing a mild diuretic effect;
  • improves coronary blood supply by dilating the coronary vessels.

In terms of medicinal properties, natural honey is comparable to pollen (pollen). Both bee products are successfully used in cardiology as an addition to drug therapy.

Cardiovascular insufficiency

Honey for cardiovascular insufficiency and heart disease is used in its pure form, 60-70 grams daily. You can dissolve it in warm boiled water and drink it in two or three doses.

Treatment lasts an average of 1,5-2 months, which leads to an improvement in cardiovascular tone, normalization of blood composition and an increase in hemoglobin levels.

Angina pectoris


For the treatment of angina pectoris, a mixture of honey with aloe, lemons and walnuts is recommended.

For its preparation, a 3-year-old plant is used, the leaves of which are crushed and squeezed out. Walnuts are passed through a meat grinder or ground with a blender, coffee grinder. Juice is squeezed out of lemons. The mixture is thoroughly mixed.

The medicine is taken three times a day, half an hour before meals, a tablespoon.


  • 100 ml of juice from aloe leaves;
  • 300 grams of natural liquid honey;
  • 0,5 kg of nuts;
  • one or two lemons.

For angina pectoris with shortness of breath, a mixture with garlic will help.


  • a liter of natural honey;
  • ten lemons;
  • ten heads of garlic.

Juice is squeezed out of lemons, and peeled garlic cloves are passed through a meat grinder. The resulting medicinal raw material is added to the honey product and mixed. The tool should be infused for a week in a glass container placed in a cool pantry.

It is taken once a day for 4 teaspoons, each of which must be slowly absorbed in the mouth. Thus, the break between doses of each spoon is about a minute.

Ischemic disease


Honey for coronary heart disease is also combined with garlic, but in different proportions.


  • 250 gram of garlic;
  • 350 gram of honey.

Garlic cloves are ground in a mortar or passed through a meat grinder (as an option, rub on a fine grater). The honey product is preliminarily melted in a water bath at 40 degrees or used fresh, in liquid form. The ingredients are mixed and then infused in a cool dark place for 6-7 days.

The honey-garlic mixture is taken three times a day for a tablespoon 30-40 minutes before meals for one to two months.

The same recipe is suitable for vascular diseases of the lower extremities – varicose veins, endarteritis.

Which variety to give preference


As already noted, the honey product acts only as an addition to the main therapy. If you need to take any medication, you cannot refuse it. It is better to combine both methods of treatment – traditional from official medicine and folk.

It is equally important to know which honey is more beneficial for cardiovascular diseases. Lipets can be a recommended product. He is rightfully considered the champion among all varieties in terms of healing properties. Lipstick is believed to help strengthen the heart muscle.

Other suitable varieties:

  • buckwheat (tones, strengthens);
  • lemon balm (also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system);
  • dandelion (normalizes blood composition);
  • motherwort (used, including in diseases of the nervous system).

Honey for vascular diseases and heart problems will not only help to cope with the underlying ailment, but also have a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole. The main thing is not to use it in case of severe intolerance to bee products.

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