Using Cornevin for Orchids

Cornevin for orchids is an indispensable drug that is used to properly form the root system. It is able to destroy all bacteria and fungi that mature inside the substrate. Thanks to him, the roots grow healthy and do not deform.

  1. Composition and action
  2. Agricultural use
  3. Use for ordinary orchids
  4. Use for phalaenopsis
  5. Security Precautions
  6. Conclusion <

Использование Корневина для орхидей

Using Kornevin for orchids

Composition and action

The main substance contained in the composition is a special type of acid belonging to the variety of indolyls. Once this acid is added being absorbed into the soil, it acquires the characteristics of a hormone that stimulates the development of roots. This will allow the root system of the plant to grow faster.

Kornevin’s action has a positive effect on other areas of orchid development: flowering period;

  • multiplying the number of sprouts and shoots;
  • accelerating the development of flowers, which prolongs the flowering time.

Dilute the substance for each direction differently. The flowering period will be accelerated if 5 g of the root is diluted in 2 l of water. Sprouts will increase their number if they grow no more than 6 g in 3 l. You can increase the flowering period when 10 g of the drug is diluted in 10 l of water.Some gardeners prefer to use this substance to accelerate the formation of seedlings (their growth is accelerated, roots develop and leaves appear). The weather conditions of today are negative, as a result of which seedlings often die. To stimulate their immune system, which will protect against drought or heavy rains, they use Kornevin for orchids.

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Agrotechnical use

Kornevin is used to care for orchids and other flowers in home conditions. Often, a rooting agent is also used to treat plants in the industrial sphere (public plantations, greenhouses and greenhouses), from where the flowers are then sent for sale. Use a solution of this drug to accelerate the ripening process in vegetables.

Use for ordinary orchids

Orchids also need proper care. It is allowed to use it both in powder form and in diluted form. In dry form, the drug is used before planting. To do this, he sprinkles on the roots of the plant. To protect against fungus, use a mixture of Kornevin and wood ash in a ratio of 2: 5. If you are going to pour powder into the soil itself for planting, you should study the instructions for use so as not to make a mistake with the dosage of the substance. In 1 pot, with a volume of 500 ml, pour no more than 30 g of the drug. If you increase the dosage, the roots will burn.

A solution of water is used to form shoots and leaves on the main stem of the orchid. Perform the processing procedure 2 months before the start of planting. The drug should be diluted in water (40 g per 1 liter of water) and put a sprout in this container. From the moment the first roots appear, they are planted in a normal substrate. After that, for 2-3 months, they process the orchid with Kornevin.

Корневин применяется для ухода за орхидеями и другими цветами

Cornevin is used to care for orchids and other flowers

Use for phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis is processed according to the following principle:

  • you need to cut off part of Phalaenopsis, before the start of its growth point;
  • the cut off part is placed in water and placed in a poorly lit warm place;
  • as soon as the place where the cut was made, became dry, immersed for 30 minutes in the Corn solution wine, which is prepared according to the following principle: the package of the drug, which amounts to 5 g, must be diluted in 3 l of warm, settled water, each plant should have up to 40 ml of solution;
  • 500 g of boiled water is poured into a transparent pot warm water and throw 3 pcs of activated carbon into it: a sprout is placed in the prepared mixture – put in a cool dark place, literally for 3-4 months.
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This procedure is carried out to properly form the leaves and roots of varieties Phalaenopsis.As soon as the first signs indicating the possibility of planting appear, the sprout is subject to transplantation to a permanent place.

Security measures

In the instructions for use there is such an item as security measures . Not all gardeners pay attention to him. So that the treatment does not harm human health, it is carried out in accordance with certain rules.

  1. Do not process orchids in closed spaces. Some elements of this substance remain in the air, inhaling which, you will experience malaise and dizziness. Elements that are in the air, falling on the leaves of a flower, cause burns to it.
  2. Always carry out the procedure in special uniforms. Do not forget to wear glasses on your eyes and gloves. Avoid getting the drug on the skin, otherwise it is possible not only an allergy, but also a chemical burn. After processing, wash your hands and all instruments under a large amount of running water, using soap.


When growing flowers, it is important to take good care of them, otherwise they will grow poorly and their rest period will increase. Cornevin is suitable for enhancing the immune system of a plant and protects its roots from bacteria and fungi. With its help, the flowering period is accelerated and extended, but before the processing procedure, you must familiarize yourself with the application instructions, which indicate the dosage for each type of orchid.

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