Varieties of conveyor potato digger for walk-behind tractor

An important assistant in collecting potatoes for farmers is a conveyor potato digger for a walk-behind tractor. Typically, it is customary to dig up potatoes with your hands, but for this, a person needs to spend a lot of time and effort.Such a device significantly reduces the waste of time, takes so much effort and increases the speed of harvesting.

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  1. Samples of potato diggers
  2. How to choose the right
  3. What to consider
  4. Operation of the walk-behind tractor
  5. Description of famous potato diggers
  6. Advantages and disadvantages
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Транспортерная картофелекопалка для мотоблока

Transporter potato digger for For the motoblock

Potato diggers samples

There are several types of supplies for the motoblock.

  1. A simple potato digger has a knife in the shape of a shovel and rods that are attached on top. When the machine drips the soil with the sharp side, the potato goes through the rods, shakes itself off the ground and remains on the site, but in its pure form. When choosing a potato digger, they come from the model of the walk-behind tractor and soil structure.
  2. The conveyor potato digger should be equipped with a plow with an iron fence and wheels. Potato from the plow goes to the grate, due to vibration it is ejected from the lumps of the earth and also lies already clean on the site. The most famous conveyor potato digger vibration single-row KKM and KUM-1.It weighs a little, has small dimensions, it will be convenient to use for any gardener.
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A conveyor potato digger is the most profitable for a walk-behind tractor. It is made in a modern way. It works so that the layers of land cut by a ploughshare reach the conveyor belt, and there begins a good cleaning of potatoes from heavy soil. The machine does not fill up a lot of space. Its dimensions do not interfere with folding the fruits in a bucket. Transporter potato digger helps to collect potatoes several times faster than other types of machines.

How to choose the right

Among a large selection of potato diggers it is easy to get confused, especially for an inexperienced gardener. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to choose a suitable unit. Each machine has certain positive aspects. But when choosing a potato digger, it is worth starting from the cost and weight.

Things to consider

Gardeners at the time of purchase must consider the qualities of the tractor, which consist of three subitems:

  • productivity;
  • security of MTZ, and for the user himself;
  • serviceability.

To mid-level machines to which it is necessary to select a special type of digger. The conveyor potato digger to the walk-behind tractor looks quite light and simple, but it can do its job well than other types of machines.Those people who have a motor-block of good power will use a rotary potato digger for heavy motor-blocks.

It is important to know that when choosing a machine, the strength of the motor-block and the standards of digging equipment are taken into account. If you take an ordinary digger to a tractor of good power, then there will be no result. Do not wait for operational work if the attachments are installed on a conventional type of machine. It is necessary to take a wise approach to choosing a conveyor potato digger, because the harvest results, time and energy spent depend on it.

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The structure of the potato digger for a small tractor is practically no different. The only difference is in the tape, which helps to conveniently dig out the fruits.

Functioning of the walk-behind tractor

Простая технология

Simple technology

Tape potato diggers for the tractor are equipped with a shovel that can go 25-30 cm into the ground. The knives take the fruits out of the ground and transfer them to the tape . Due to the effect of vibration from the fruit, the earth leaves, the potato is clean and beautiful. From the tape, the fruits are pumped out between the rows, where it is very convenient to collect them by hand. This method of harvesting is much faster. Gardeners do not need to put a lot of force to dig up potatoes and then peel them with their hands.

The conveyor machine has many positive aspects:

  • it is often used in large fields and gardens;
  • it works continuously, no matter what weather conditions;
  • the potato immediately becomes clean, beautiful in appearance;
  • the use of a tractor completely replaces human labor when digging with a shovel;
  • a lot of energy and energy is not wasted during harvesting.

The conveyor machine has a good performance. Its chain is multifunctional and suitable for any type of walk-behind tractor. The technique can do a lot, it can not only collect potatoes, but also onions and beets. The tractor will become an indispensable tool for every gardener. It will facilitate the work and speed up the process of collecting any vegetables.

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Description of famous potato diggers

Also, machines can have different sizes, so you should carefully choose a tractor. Many farmers highlight some types of models.

  1. The digger for vegetables to the KKM-1 tractor is a vibrating machine. It is used to collect many vegetables. The digger is suitable for models such as the Neva, Salute, and Favorite. The machine can be run in light and medium soil moisture. The speed with which the machine works is 2km / h. The digging depth is 20 cm and the coverage width is approximately 37 cm. The equipment has an average price, and because of this, it has become very popular among gardeners.
  2. The KVM-3 soviet screening model is well formed with any motor-block .If the soil in areas of solid compositions, then you can put an additional knife, which will be much easier to work with. The speed of the car is 2km / h. It enters a depth of 20 cm, and the width of the plot is 37 cm.
  3. Double-row trailed machine DTZ-2V. It harvests well and quickly with a small tractor. The width of the girth of the area is 42 cm. The power of work is 24 liters. from. Suitable for the Bison and Neva models.
  4. The equipment for the Garden Scout motoblock (Scout) is a rather powerful vibrating technique. The dimensions of the conveyor potato digger in the girth of about 40 cm, the depth of the knives is – 28 cm. The productivity of the actions is very high. In about 1 hour there is an opportunity to dig up potatoes from 2 hectares of land. It will be ideal for the model of the Dawn.
  5. Mark Poltavchanka, vibrating look. Rational enough to use in small gardens up to 2 hectares. The width of the girth is approximately 39 cm, the blades enter the soil to a depth of 18 cm. The mass of the machine is 34 kg, which allows it to be used many times in the garden. This view is suitable for Neva, Salute and Favorit motor-blocks. The soil is suitable moderate, humidity is not more than 30%. The model has wheels and can be adjusted. You can independently choose the depth you need when digging the crop.
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Advantages and disadvantages

Of the advantages, it can be distinguished that it significantly reduces the amount of work. It can be used for any crop, carrots, onions and beets. The technique saves both time and gardener’s power.

In addition, it is worth knowing that before you buy a 4u car, it must be checked, because it may not be suitable for a walk-behind tractor or cultivator. When buying, the power of the unit is taken into account, the type of land on which it will be launched, because a digger for a walk-behind tractor is an expensive pleasure, so everything should be weighed and measured so as not to make a mistake.

The price of such a machine varies depending on the model, but in the aisles of 100-300 US dollars. Buy goods in special agricultural stores.


Conveyor potato digger for the MTZ walk-behind tractor – enialnoe invention, which is very popular. It is used by farmers to work on their gardens.

Technique is small in size, weight and easy to use. She has many positive aspects, which are worth paying attention to. At the time of purchase, a person should be careful and check the equipment well, because such a device is not a cheap pleasure.

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