Varieties of cucumbers for a balcony

Varieties of cucumbers for a balcony

When spring begins, you always want to eat something tasty. Thoughts about eating fresh cucumbers begin to arise in my head. But, buying them in a store is not only not profitable, but also scary, because you never know what they were processed with. Therefore, thoughts begin about growing vegetables at home on the balcony. Fortunately, there are a fairly large number of such varieties.Cucumbers for the balcony – this option is best suited for residents of large cities who do not have their own plot for growing vegetables.

  1. External parameters of such varieties
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Variety Manula
  4. Variety Khrustik
  5. Hikmet variety
  6. Zedek variety
  7. Conclusion <

Сорта огурцов для балкона

Cucumber varieties for the balcony

Ext s parameters such species

The best way to grow cucumbers, which are self-pollinated. They do not need the help of insects or bees for their own further development. Such plants are quite compact and do not take up much space on your balcony. The stalk is tall, and the leaves are so small that they are very suitable for a window-balcony location. The root system is developed at a high level. A fairly large number of ovaries can form between the nodes. As the description goes on, about 30-40 fruits can form in one node.

Fruits are more like gherkins. Their size is small, so they are best suited for canning or pickling.Children love to eat them raw. The size of one fruit rarely exceeds the mark of 7 cm. But their weight is not more than 70 g. The shape of the fruit resembles a cylinder and has a rich green color. Their palatability is highly characteristic. Balcony cucumbers have a sweet aftertaste and lack bitterness. The variety of balcony cucumbers is quite early and ripens in 30-40 days.

Advantages and disadvantages

As soon as the question concerns balcony cucumbers, the following positive qualities are noted in them:

  • versatility in use and excellent taste;
  • unpretentiousness to the location, that is, they are completely independent of shady conditions or watering;
  • quickly mature ;
  • are not exposed to common diseases;
  • high yields;
  • self-pollinated.

Special disadvantages s in this variety of cucumber were found.

Quality Manul

Cucumbers Pallas f1 are characterized by different types of flowering. Cultivation of this kind is quite simple and easy. You do not need a lot of time to care. Despite the fact that Manul was bred for planting in open ground, it shows excellent characteristics in the window-balcony space. The size of the fruits of this variety can vary from 5 to 8 cm in length. Weight does not exceed the mark of 65 g. Their pubescence is presented in bright white tones. The yield of this variety is quite high.From one bush you can collect about 4 kg for the entire growing season.

Grow balcony cucumbers Manul f1 follows only in a land that is rich in vitamins and mineral components. If you do not have the opportunity to use such soil, then you can feed it with special purchased substances. To grow this variety is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. There should be a minimum distance of 15 cm between growth containers. Only in this case, this handsome variety will show amazing characteristics of taste and quality.

Sort Khrustik

Вкус огурцов понравится даже детям

Even the children

will like the taste of cucumbers. Those who at least once tried to plant the Hrustik note its rapid maturation and high taste characteristics. These cucumbers have a vegetative period of 30 days. The ovary is formed in one node and their number reaches 3-4 pcs. These cucumbers are characterized by an oval shape, with a slight narrowing at the base. On the skin there are frequent small tubercles, which can prick a little. The skin of these cucumbers is dense in structure and has a bright saturated green color. The mass of one fruit reaches 30 grams, and the length does not exceed the mark of 5 cm.

These cucumbers on the balcony are marked by a sweet taste and have absolutely no bitterness. Their genetics indicates high crisp characteristics that are liked not only by children, but also by adults.Ideal for canning or pickling. But, best of all, they reveal their taste only in a slightly salted state.

Hikmet Variety

Hikmet F1 – this is a variety of cucumbers that are quite easy to grow. Firstly, they begin to ripen 25 days after the appearance of the first leaves on the trunk. Secondly, they are not demanding care. Thirdly, they have high resistance to various diseases.

This variety should be planted only after the soil has warmed up to a temperature of 25 ° C. The depth of the hole should not exceed 2 cm. They have a weight of 40 g each fruit and their length is 6 cm. The fruits ripen not in a single version, but in bulk.

Care for them consists only in proper watering and small amount of top dressing. It is better to carry out it before watering, so that all useful substances are absorbed into the root system.

Sedek variety

Zedek f1, based on the name, was introduced in Turkey at the beginning of the 21st century. This variety immediately gained first places at all exhibitions, where it was distinguished by high indicators of taste and quality of presentation. These cucumbers have an early ripening period of 20-25 days.

Cucumbers on the balcony

Growing this variety is quite simple. Firstly, the soil must be warmed up to a temperature of 18 ° C. Secondly, the soil should immediately be fed with organic or mineral fertilizers. This will speed up the process of vegetative development.Also, such cucumbers have high yields. With 1 m2 people can collect about 9 kg of marketable fruit. The mass of one fruit reaches 60 g, and its length is 6.5 cm.


Since not all city people have their own country or garden plots, scientists decided to bring to light balcony varieties of cucumbers. With cucumbers on the balcony, you can not worry about the fact that you need to go to the store and buy expensive vegetables with a high concentration of chemistry. Moreover, breeders took care of high immunity, because not all city apartments can insect or use chemicals to prevent diseases.

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