Varieties of drinking bowls for pigs

Varieties of drinking bowls for pigs

A pig, like any other animal on the farm, needs a separate housing, equipped with everything necessary for its comfortable living with equipment. Favorable conditions contribute to increased productivity of farmed individuals. Quite unpretentious in everyday life, pigs still need certain living conditions. An experienced landlord knows how to optimize the structure of the barn in such a way as to improve production and at the same time spend a minimum of money.A feeding trough and a drinking bowl are indispensable elements of a pigsty, as pets need regular and high-quality feeding. What are drinking bowls for pigs and is it really possible to make them yourself?

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  1. Drinking Requirements and Placement
  2. Types drinker
  3. Help pipe
  4. Nipple drinker manually
  5. Cup model and drinker-bucket

Поилки для свиней своими руками

Do-it-yourself drinking bowls for pigs

Requirements for drinking bowls and their placement

Maximum convenience and nothing more is the formula for success Standing for every successful breeder. Using a bucket or basin as a water tank is not very convenient and unhygienic even in conditions of working with a pork family, which is why an automatic drinking system was invented. A drinking bowl for pigs (if you do it yourself) must meet the following criteria:

  • accessibility to use animals;
  • tightness;
  • high-quality work of the water supply system ;
  • the strength of the material;
  • ease of cleaning.

The main task of a person is to regularly fill the tank with clean drinking water. It must not be allowed to empty.Every day it is required to clean the surface of dirt, once every 2 days – thoroughly rinse the structure from the inside.

The material is chosen strong and reliable. A great option is stainless steel. But it’s better to forget about plastic: pigs will gnaw it in the very first days. It is recommended to purchase a design with a filter and periodically clean it or replace it with a new one. A smart decision would be to buy a water pressure regulator: it optimizes water flow. In winter, you will need a water heater and a heat cord so that you can wrap the pipe.

As for the installation site, the pig drinker is placed in such a way that it is convenient to drink the pet from it. The distance above the floor should be calculated based on the age and dimensions of the pig, as well as being guided by the type of construction.

Types of drinkers

Depending on the principle of the mechanism and his work drinkers for piglets come in many forms. What are the features of the main ones?

  1. Cup (bowl) drinking bowls for pigs by the side walls limit the pig’s head movement, which makes it impossible to spill water. The principle of operation is as follows: the fluid flows through the pipe into the tank. A protective rubber screen protects it from being introduced into the storage. By pressing the pedal, the animal starts the water supply mechanism by moving the lever away from the screen; In this way, a gap is created through which the liquid flows.When the pet quenches her thirst, she releases the pedal, then the water supply is stopped. Saving is available! The pig in the first days gets used to the cup design, because it is constantly in front of her eyes. You just need to prepare for the fact that you will have to clean such a drinker often. In turn, the cup type of the drinking device has nipple and valve subspecies.
  2. Nipple (nipple) with a steel or brass body are based on pressure on the nipple lever. They are equipped with storage, pressure control and purifier. In terms of hygiene, this is a better option than the previous one. In addition, nipple drinkers for pigs are more reliable in operation and more profitable in terms of water consumption. Accordingly, their cost is quite high.

Cup constructions are mainly used as drinking bowls for piglets, and nipple constructions are used for feeding pigs, boars and sows. Vacuum structures are also known in narrow circles.

Is it possible to make drinkers for pigs with their own hands? If you have experience working with building materials, making this simple mechanism will not be difficult for you. Watch the video on what stages the construction process carries, arm yourself with the schemes, necessary tools and materials from which you are going to build a drinking bowl for pigs.

Pipe to help

Production using a pipe is one of the simplest home-made options that will suit pigs of any age and size.You only need a pipe made of durable metal with a diameter of about half a meter. It should be divided by the tool into 2 parts, the size of which depends on the size of future drinking bowls for pigs.

The parts protruding on the sides are fastened with an even seam. The extreme parts need to be equipped with a mid-height metal support. After completing the work, the condition of the cuts should be put in order.

Manual nipple drinker

Since this type of drinking bowl for pigs is considered the best, its price in the market is considerable. Not every farmer can afford to buy such a thing. To make an automatic design with your own hands, you need to have a sufficient level of skill in this area. Before starting work, it is better to watch a thematic video.

When choosing a nipple (connecting tube), you need to consider pets. In addition, you will need a water pipe, a bowl or a bucket of tools for cutting and drilling. The main task is to tightly connect the tank, nipple and pipe. The holes on the pipe under the nipple are made in advance. When installing the structure, the nipple must be placed at an angle so that the pigs do not spill water.

Cup model and drinking-bucket

The horizontal construction of the water supply is the principle of operation of such a structure. When pressure is applied to the lever, liquid will pour directly into the bowl. It’s easier to make plastic itself, since steel requires separate welding of the shovel mechanism. Cup containers are designed to facilitate the process of piglet watering.

The owner of a small family, including one pig, is quite suitable for such a simple system of drinking. A hole should be drilled at the bottom of the bucket so that the nipple can be fixed in it. The resulting device should be hung at a convenient height for the pet. Do not forget to fill the tank with water on time.

Do-it-yourself drinking water drinking can be done. Properly built home-made car drinkers for pigs and piglets will not be inferior to those bought in the market.

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