Varieties of large breeds of chickens

Every day and every year there are some changes in the world: someone sets new records, someone creates new types of animals , someone can boast of other achievements. There are competitions between birds. For example, it is interesting to know what the largest breeds of chickens exist today.

  1. Species of the largest species of chickens
  2. Master Gray
  3. Brama
  4. Dzhersky giant
  5. Kokhinhin
  6. Orpington
  7. Indicators of eggs

Описание крупных пород кур

Description of large breeds of chickens

Varieties of the largest species chickens

Basically, all large breeds of chickens are of the meat type . The reason is simple: breeders are constantly trying to increase the physical mass of the chicken, as a result of which the yield of meat and the size of the bird increases, and you have to sacrifice the egg production of the breeds.

In appearance, you can immediately recognize the giants among all the others:

  • large chickens more downcast body structures;
  • the largest breeds of chickens have impressive legs of small length;
  • the body structure is muscular, the body is set completely horizontal, the chest is slightly protruded.

Most farmers and specialists say that the world’s largest breeds of chickens, compared to other types of birds, are very calm loving and peaceful. It is interesting that the largest breed of chickens is not famous for their ability to carry many eggs, but they have not lost their maternal instinct and are ready to sit offspring.

Master Gray

This breed of chickens is the largest of all – its representatives can rightfully be called giants. The breed is known in that it can give a lot of meat. Gray – French chicken received its name from the Americans. The blame for the color of the plumage of the bird: it is completely gray, but with small different spots of white or light gray. In the photo you can see how beautiful the dark gray color is with light spots.

Курица породы Мастер Грей

Chicken breed Master Gray

A rooster of this species is able to gain more than 7 kg, and this is twice as much as a rooster of a normal breed! The chicken, in turn, can gain over 4 kg, but this is taking into account the fact that in a year it can bring more than 300 eggs. Experts say that if you keep birds in a cage, it’s possible to grow a chicken or a rooster with a lot of weight.

There is a slight minus: sometimes parents can not pass good indicators at the DNA level. In this case, it is more advisable to buy chickens, especially since they are inexpensive, and you will immediately receive well-fed and healthy pets, which will quickly and well gain weight on condition of high-quality feeding.


Brahma – the second largest chickens after Gray. Today it is one of the most popular bird species in Russia and abroad.This is due to the fact that these birds are unpretentious in care, give a large amount of meat after slaughter, and, of course, are considered giant hens.

Brahma is a species that is classified as capable of giving both meat and egg products. The main distinguishing feature is an interesting bright plumage, panties on the legs that cover them tightly up to the protruding claws. The color exists in three shades:

  • light;
  • dark (brown, black);
  • partridge.

Feathered in structure, downed and large due to plumage and weight. Experts say that the weight of this breed depends on the color. So, hens with light plumage weigh up to 5 kg, and with dark – over 7 kg.

Курица породы Брама

Brahma chicken

Laying hens also do not produce too many eggs in a year: the maximum number is 130 pieces, their weight is 60 g. Brahma will ripen late, they will lay the first clutch in nine months or maybe ten. Even with the fact that in a year the laying hens do not produce too many eggs, their egg production never changes, even in the cold season. In the photo you can see how interesting and unique the color of Brahma is.

Dzhersky giant

This is a fairly young breed. She appeared for the first time in the United States, in the state of New Jersey.

Курица породы Джерсийский Гигант

Jersey Giant chicken

Then the farmer decided to officially introduce and legitimize such a new species of birds, and since 1922 he was closely engaged in their breeding and creating new ones with a different feather color. To match its name, the young of this breed is growing really fast. They say that already in the first year of its life, a rooster can weigh a little more than 5 kg, but stops quickly gaining kilograms after the sixth.

Laying hens gain 4, 5-5 kg, and, unlike the breeds described above, rush relatively well. They can give a little more than 190 eggs in one year, each weighing 5 g. On the video you can see how massive the representatives of this species are and how elegant and glossy they have the color of the plumage.

BRAM AND KOKHINKHIN elite of large chicken breeds. The story of the breeds. Poultry farming TV # 22
The largest breeds
Growth rate Jersey giant, Jersey and Mechelen cuckoo, Malin g Kherson 22 05 2017 h 1


One of the gigantic breeds that first appeared in Indochina. These birds are similar to the Brahma bird species. The reason is that Kohinhin is the parent of many breeds exactly this kind of och They were often used for various breeding studies and the creation of other species. These laying hens are one of the most unpretentious birds, they can endure even severe frosts. It is even more surprising that such a hardy breed of chickens in Russia is not very popular.

Meat these layers are very soft and tasty, and chicken eggs are healthier than other breeds. Winged are absolutely unpretentious in maintenance, the main thing is that there is constant access to food and water. According to the description, their character is pretty calm, and they will never attack, but if the chicken needs to protect its offspring, it will not hesitate to go on the attack first.

Курица породы Кохинхин

Kokhinhin chicken

This rooster The rocks are tall enough, massive and large. The history of the name of this breed is unknown, today there are many different theories. Birds come in five different colors:

  • blue;
  • white;
  • partridge;
  • fawn;
  • black.

Black is the most popular shade of all this kind. All due to the fact that such individuals look impressive. Red ears, beak and crest stand out against a black background. Roosters of this species usually reach 4.5 kg, while the hens weigh somewhere around 4. Layers themselves ripen quite late, so they will be able to please an egg only after 8-9 months, they will only take 125 pieces. Egg production does not fall even in the cold season.


This breed of giants was named after the small town where it was bred. Over its creation, a professor worked, who tried to create a unique breed that would fit the standards of that time. The two main colors in the color of this species are white and black, while no yellowness is acceptable, although today experts have a double opinion on this subject: someone claims that this does not affect the quality of the chicken.

Курица породы Орпингтон

Orpington chicken

After this the breed was crossed by breeding with the look of Kokhinhin, due to this, the color of the hens became more interesting, diverse, and they became more massive and strong. Roosters of this species can reach 5 kg, but cases of the appearance of representatives weighing 7 kg were recorded. Layers weigh from 3 to 4 kg, in 1 year they can lay 185 pieces of eggs weighing 60-63 g. Young growth of this species does not grow too fast, it must be constantly looked after, well fed.

Egg Indicators

They say that all breeds of giants have bad eggs that do not contain any beneficial substances. These are just rumors. Yes, they contain fewer vitamins, but this is due to the fact that the giants themselves require a lot of vitamins for constant weight gain, and therefore can not give many nutrients to the eggs.

Some representatives of broilers can boast of their own the egg and its positive qualities. For example, Gray can lay more than 200 eggs per year, while preserving all the vitamins of an egg. Brama does not please with fecundity, moreover, it produces small eggs.

BRAM AND KOKHINKHIN elite of large chicken breeds. Story about the breeds. Poultry farming TV # 22
Largest breeds
Growth rate Jersey giant, Jersey and Mechelen cuckoo, Malin g Kherson 22 05 2017 h 1

Today there are many different types of giant breeds, each has its own advantages and cons. But one positive quality remains unchanged – their weight.

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