Varieties of Tomatoes Cream

Cream tomatoes are a category of varieties so named because of the ellipsoid shape of the fruit. Such varieties have been bred for a long time, and many site owners know about them. The main purpose of the cultivation of these nightshade is whole-fruit preservation and eating fresh fruits. Plum tomatoes are compared with a variety of cherry, but are more productive. These varieties are an excellent choice for both an experienced gardener and a beginner summer clerk.

Сорта томатов Сливка

Tomato varieties Cream

Features of plum tomatoes

Cream tomatoes are distinguished by a wide variety of varieties designed for a wide variety of growing conditions. But they all have a number of differences that make it possible to distinguish them from other varieties. It is desirable to remember these differences to each gardener. This will allow him to avoid confusion when choosing varieties. Here is a list of the characteristic features of this group of nightshade:

  • The shape of the fruit. The simplest and most understandable is excellent.Regardless of the size and color of the tomatoes, they all have the same ellipsoid shape.
  • The density of ripened tomatoes. Fruits are characterized by high density and low water content. They are easy to store and transport, which makes cream so valuable for those who grow vegetables for sale.
  • High yields. All plum-like varieties are highly productive. It does not depend on the rate of fruit ripening or other characteristics. It affects only the quality of growing and caring for plants.
  • Resistance to various diseases. Cream tomatoes have a good resistance to a number of diseases. The diseases that plants are resistant to vary by variety. But phytophthora, for example, is resistant to only some hybrids of the first generation.

Otherwise, the tomato varieties of cream differ in size, color, fruit and ripening speed. They come in raspberry, orange or bright red colors. The size of the fruit also varies, from small tomatoes to very large ones. The size and height of the bushes varies. Still plum-like tomatoes are determinant and indeterminate. They can be grown on open ground, in greenhouses and even in an apartment on the windowsill. And a beginner needs to be able to navigate all this variety of varieties.

Varieties of the variety

Breeders have long been working on varieties of cream tomato, and they managed to develop many varieties and hybrids of this type .Even an incomplete list looks very impressive. In total, there are more than 100 varieties and hybrids of plum-like tomatoes. And many breeders continue to work on improving them.

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It is advisable to purchase tomato cream of any kind through specialized stores and firms. Of these firms, mention may be made of Gavrish and SeDec. You can only take seeds from your hands if the farmer is fully confident in the seller. Otherwise, even out of 100 bushes of seedlings, not one will be the desired variety. Choosing a plum-like tomato, you need to decide what characteristics it should have. It will be a determinant or indeterminate plant, of early or late ripening, and other similar characteristics.

Tomato cream pink

Pink cream is a tomato that is unpretentious and productive . It has medium-sized fruits, which is offset by a large number of them on the bush. Designed for outdoor cultivation, a determinant variety. The bush is not deserted, or stepsons begin to grow late and in small quantities. The ripe fruit’s pulp is dense, pink, with a low moisture content. The mass of tomatoes is no more than 120 grams. Since the bush is not tall, the fruits are not large, which is offset by a large number of them.

Tomato cream Bulgarian

Tomato cream of this variety belong to the standard varieties. They have low bushes, and without a tendency to the appearance of stepsons.Harvest can be obtained in 85-90 days after planting in the ground. Tomatoes are medium in size, weighing 130-150 grams each. Gardeners respect Bulgarian cream for excellent yield. According to site owners, these plum-like tomatoes are universal. They will not be superfluous in any dish. But you can eat raw fruits, they have a great taste. The variety is resistant to viruses and fungi.

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Tomato cream red

Данный сорт не рекомендуют выращивать в теплице

This variety is not recommended to be grown in a greenhouse

Tomato cream red belongs to the classic indeterminate varieties. It is not usually grown in greenhouses, the tree grows up to 2.5 m tall, sometimes more. Red plum tomatoes are characterized by medium-sized fruits, weighing from 30 to 80 grams. Low weight is offset by high yield. Planting seedlings is recommended in early June, although in the south, planting can be carried out earlier. The plant needs herding and garter. Refers to mid-season varieties, great for growing in the middle lane.

Tomato chocolate cream

Chocolate cream has unusual fruits. Ripe tomatoes in maroon. Moreover, their flesh is the same color, not red or pink. If you read the reviews of gardeners, it turns out that the variety is very resistant to fungal diseases.According to the description, it ripens early, already in the third month after planting. The taste of the fruits is sweet, they are well stored, and rarely exceed 40-50 grams by weight. With proper care from the bushes, you can harvest high yields.

Tomato cream for children

Tomatoes of the cream for children belong to the determinant varieties, the height of their bushes rarely exceeds 40-50 centimeters. Pasynkovka is not required in principle, it is highly resistant to fungal and viral diseases. Weakly affected by various pests. Small tomatoes, weighing 30-50 grams, but the yield is extremely high. The pulp is delicious, sugar, perfect for fresh consumption. Equally well this variety is suitable for various types of canning.

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Tomato cream black

The main characteristics of tomato black plum is a mid-ripe crop plant, not suitable for greenhouse conditions. Bushes indeterminate, reach a height of 2.5 meters. The fruits ripen on 115-120 days after planting. According to reviews, the color of tomatoes is rarely pure black. It usually ranges from maroon to violet-blue. It is recommended to plant seedlings bushes in late May or early June. The fruits ripen by the end of September. The productivity is high, the tomatoes have a pleasant, sweet taste.

Tomato cream yellow

Tomatoes of this cream are appreciated for their delicious fruits and unpretentiousness.The height of one plant rarely exceeds 1.5 meters, but they still need a garter. On open ground, they can only be grown in warm areas, with early spring and hot summers. But with this cultivation of tomatoes, yellow cream requires additional watering. The description indicates that the fruits are not so much orange as yellow. These are early ripe plants, the crop can be obtained already 3 months after planting.

Tomato cream lilac

This variety is notable for medium-sized bright pink fruits and high yield. It has a long fruiting period, which is convenient for those who want to pick tomatoes in small portions. They will be very convenient to roll up in liter jars or use for salads. Lilac cream is the best tomato among universal varieties. They are perfect for home use and for sale.

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Tomato cream striped

An unusual red-yellow striped variety that belongs to indeterminate plants. The bushes need a garter, the fruits ripen early, 3 months after planting. Tomatoes have a pleasant, sweet taste and are easily grown on the open ground. It can be used for spins or in salads.

Tomatoes cream giant

Плоды красного цвета подходят для приготовления кетчупов и соусов

Red fruits are suitable for making ketchups and sauces

There are several varieties of cream varieties of the giant. Usually two main types are mentioned – orange and red giants. They differ in the color of the fruit. In breeding and care for them there are no special differences. But there are differences in terms of taste and methods of use. Orange giants are useful in salads, for salting or cooking tomatoes in their own juice. And red fruits are used for making sauces, tomato paste and other similar products. Tomatoes of this variety weigh a lot, 0.2-0.3 kilograms each.

Tomato goldfish

Goldfish is one of the varieties of orange tomatoes. In its characteristics, it is similar to other similar varieties. It has sweet and tasty fruits that are perfect for pickles or salads. Refers to mid-season tomatoes, while being highly unpretentious. The plant easily tolerates excessive moisture, resists fungi and viral infections. Fruits are small in size, about 100 grams each.

Tomato honey cream

Contrary to the name, the honey cream does not have orange or yellow, but a bright red hue. This is one of those varieties that can be recommended to beginners. She has many advantages.It is resistant to disease, very unpretentious and is characterized by early maturity. Moreover, precocity here is combined with good productivity. The fruits are medium-sized, 60-70 grams each.

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Tomato cream Bendrick

An interesting variety of author’s selection. Bendrick’s cream is unpretentious, suitable for all climatic conditions, and is suitable for both greenhouses and open ground. Ripens in 3-3.5 months after planting. The harvest is plentiful, and the tomatoes are tasty and suitable for any use case.

Tomatoes 2017! Super Large Cream !!!
ROSE CREAM. Tomatoes from Fedor.
Tomato Cream canning. CEDEC

Tips for growing plum-like tomatoes

Usually experienced gardeners recommend n Vichka unpretentious early-maturing varieties. Among the plum tomatoes many similar species. In addition to the described varieties should pay attention to Nepas 6 (f1), the Korean dragon, Argentine and Royal cream. All these varieties also belong to productive and unpretentious tomatoes. For home growing, you can use medium-sized, standard plants – for example, baby cream or Bulgarian. But what else experienced gardeners advise:

“It is highly recommended not to forget about pinching. Most plum-like varieties are not large. And to get a crop you need a large number of fruits.And excess shoots on the bushes will reduce the number of ovaries. At the same time, experts believe that even low-growing tomatoes belonging to non-deserving varieties should be checked for stepsons. It’s better to remove excess shoots on time than to worry about a small crop later. ”


Plum-like varieties are a great choice for any gardener. These tomatoes are harvested with excellent taste and are usually not difficult to care for. And the variety of varieties will allow you to choose the right variety for any growing conditions.

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