Walnut oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Since ancient times, the walnut was considered the fruit of an intellectual
development and wisdom. Scientists in ancient Persia argued that
the walnut fruit is the brain, and the oil derived from it is the mind.
Modern research, however, has not found evidence of this,
but still, the usefulness of the walnut is undeniable.

Walnut oil is cold pressed from kernels. Received
the product has an amber hue, original flavor and rich
nutty smell. Due to such a pronounced aroma, walnut oil does not
recommended for creating sophisticated aromatic compositions.

How to choose

It is worth choosing cold-pressed walnut oil. Better to buy
oil in a container of small volume, because after opening and contact
with air, the shelf life of the oil is significantly reduced.

How to store

After the first use, the oil should be stored in the refrigerator in
dark glass bottle with closed lid.

In cooking

Walnut oil is able to give salads an original taste as
refueling. As heat can alter the taste of the product
not for the better, it is better to make only cold sauces with it. Beautiful
option – a salad of your favorite fresh vegetables, where a couple of drops are added
nut oils. Meat appetizers can be more nutritious.
With butter. For example, adding grapes to poultry meat,
salad, nuts and butter, you can get an unusually delicious festive

If before baking dough for baking cakes, pastries, pies
stir in a spoonful of oil, the products will also differ in refined
smack. The taste of meat, fish dishes prepared in any way,
will help set off a peanut butter smudge before ready or
using them with a sauce based on this medicinal plant

It should be noted that the unsurpassed aromas of oriental and French
kitchens are largely due to the addition of walnut oil.
Not everyone knows, but this product is added in the manufacture of kebab
and kebabs. Also, in Mediterranean cuisine, nut butter is used
for dressing a variety of pastes, adding to desserts and various

Walnut oil is also advised to be mixed with others that are not so fragrant.
oils to soften its taste. If you mix a spoonful of nut butter
with spices and add to pasta, you get an original
and a simple dish.

Caloric value

The energy value of the oil is 884 kcal per 100 g. Of course, this is
not a little, but it turns out that this product can be used even
for weight loss. So, if you use walnut oil instead of fatty
dressing and drink a spoonful on an empty stomach in the morning, over time you can get rid of
from extra pounds.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal – 99,8 – – 0,2 884

The beneficial properties of walnut oil

Composition and presence of nutrients

Walnut oil is a real storehouse of beneficial
microelements and substances. It contains fatty polyunsaturated
acids, including linolenic and linoleic; carotenoids and retinol,
which are converted into vitamin A in the body; E, C; Group
IN; micro and macronutrients such as iodine, calcium, as well as iron,
magnesium, copper, zinc, etc.

In addition, it is this oil that is considered the record holder in terms of content
such beneficial vitamin E and omega-3 fatty
and omega-6
up to 77% of the product.

Useful and healing properties

Traditional medicine uses walnut oil as a medicine
from many diseases. Walnut oil is advised to be used as an auxiliary
a remedy for the treatment of inflammation of the mucous membranes, oncological
diseases, tuberculosis,
stomach and intestines.

So, with arthritis, oil can be rubbed into the joints in the evening, before
sleep. It is also considered useful to massage the joint with walnut oil diluted
cedar oil (1: 1). The same mixture can be used for
rubbing into diseased veins with thrombophlebitis,
varicose veins.

Massage is also useful for swelling of the legs. To do this, you need to mix a spoon
nut oil, 2-3 drops of rosemary and cypress oils. With varicose veins
and for its prevention, this mixture can be used for mild
massage twice a day. In this case, massage is done with movements directed
from the affected area up. Do not massage the affected vessels.
and areas next to them.

If you mix 3 tablespoons of butter, peanuts and cedar, then the resulting
the mixture can be used to massage painful areas with joint swelling
and viral infections. This massage will soothe pain and nourish the skin
useful elements.

As a preventive measure, it is indispensable for those
who has a predisposition to atherosclerosis,
heart disease, liver disease, metabolic disorders.
It can be consumed during recovery from surgeries and
suffered serious illnesses.

If high blood pressure, cholesterol,
doctors recommend drinking half a spoonful of oil in the morning, snacking on it
a spoonful of honey. To restore liver function, cope
with hepatitis and thyroid diseases, colitis, constipation
you can take the same amount of product at night.

Continuous use of oil can prevent cancer
diseases, asthma,
relieve toxicosis in pregnant women. It is also useful for pregnant women
and the fact that vitamin E in its composition plays an important role in the development

With suppuration of wounds, infectious lesions of the eyelids, prolonged
non-healing cracks, with
burns, you can lubricate the damaged areas with walnut oil
body or face twice a day. Treatment of diseased areas will help with
eczema, psoriasis,
dermatitis, acne and herpes.

In addition, peanut butter is a real aphrodisiac. Included in
its composition a special plant enzyme is able to increase blood circulation
in the genitals, and stimulate the formation of sperm.

Use in cosmetology

Walnut oil has found application in cosmetology, because thanks to
microelements and vitamins in its composition, suitable for any
skin, moisturizing, nourishing and toning it. This product is a constituent
many creams, hygiene products and balms.

Used in its pure form, the oil spreads easily over the skin,
absorbing as quickly as possible and leaving the skin silky and soft.
It is especially recommended to use it for owners of prone
to irritation and sensitive skin, as the oil soothes
and cools.

Due to the content of fatty acids and antioxidants
walnut oil has anti-aging and regenerating properties,
which means it can be used to combat age-related changes
skin, in particular to get rid of fine wrinkles. To enrich
day or night cream with useful substances, you can add a couple
drops of nut oil, after which any product will be suitable
for anti-aging care.

You can use a different face mask for each skin type
with the addition of nut oil. So, for oily and combination skin
a nourishing, brightening mask that is prepared for
based on cosmetic clay. Add 10 ml of nut oil to it
and 3 drops of lemon oil. Received
the mask is kept on the face for 20 minutes.

For owners of dry skin, toning, nourishing
mask. For her, you need to mix the oils of cedar, walnut and sea buckthorn in equal amounts
parts. The skin is wiped with such a composition in the evening, removing excess
with a napkin after 15 minutes.

Useful for all skin types and anti-inflammatory mask. For
she needs to prepare an infusion of chamomile,
pour two spoons of it into 10 ml of oil, add half a teaspoon
colorless henna. It is necessary to withstand such a mask on the face at least 10

You can also use this product to lubricate lips when peeling,
dryness, cracking. In winter, 30 minutes before going outside
you can treat lips with oil.

Walnut oil is also used for
effective hair strengthening. It will help strengthen hair
follicles, repair damaged hair, make hair for real
shiny, protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, prevent hair loss
and accelerate hair growth.

The oil can simply be added to shampoos and conditioners when washing, but
the use of masks will be more effective. So, you can mix 150 ml
kefir with a bag of dry yeast and keep this mixture for about an hour
in a warm place, then add the yolk to the mass, 5 g of mustard
powder and 2 tablespoons of oil. This product is applied to the hair under
film and fabric, and after 30 minutes it is washed off. Can be used
and another recipe, for which you need to combine a beaten egg, a spoonful of butter
and the same amount of honey. This mass is also applied for half an hour.

With constant application to the body, nut oil will tighten the skin, make
its smooth and elastic. For the body, the product is often used with
other oils – almond, apricot, olive. If you apply
this mass on wet skin after bathing, it will be moisturized for a long time
and fragrant.

Walnut oil is great for massage. For this purpose it
advise to use as a base oil, adding if necessary
additional components. So, for sensitive skin it is recommended
add oils of ylang-ylang, mandarin, patchouli. For those who have a problem
skin, for massage in walnut oil, you can add useful essential
thyme, tea tree, mint, rosemary oils.

Walnut oil is also used to give the nail plate hardness
and evenness, as well as preventing delamination and lightening of nails.
To do this, you can perform such a mask 3 times a week: 2 spoons
nut oil, 1 spoon of lemon oil and a couple of drops of lemon juice. This
the mixture should be rubbed into the nails and cuticles for 20 minutes, after which
you just need to wash your hands.

To combat age-related pigmentation on the hands, you can make a mask
from mashed potatoes with peanut butter.
And for dry skin of hands it is additionally “flavored” with sour cream.

The use of oil for tanning is also interesting. So, it can be taken
with food, thereby protecting the body and skin from the inside, since the product
possesses a truly unique photoprotective property, and you can
apply directly to the body as sunburn oil. It is believed
that the oil effectively preserves the already acquired tan.

Dangerous properties of walnut oil

There are practically no special reasons for abandoning this product. Often
and a lot of this oil should not be consumed only by those who suffer
peptic ulcer of the stomach and intestines, gastritis
with low acidity (only during an exacerbation), disorders
liver function.

You can take walnut oil during pregnancy only with permission.
doctor, and during breastfeeding it is better not to use it
for food purposes, as nut oil can provoke
allergy in a child.

And, of course, you cannot use this product for people with an individual
intolerance to nuts.


Walnut oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties
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