Water nut, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Rogulnik, Chilim floating lat. Trap natans

An annual plant growing in water. Flexible stem ko
the bottom is attached with last year’s nuts, like an anchor. When the level
water rises, the stem breaks off the ground and melts freely
floating until it takes root in shallow water again. Walnut leaves
similar to birch trees, they form a rosette and are arranged like a mosaic
due to the different length of the petioles. Therefore, “stars” float on the water,
similar to openwork napkins.

The fruits of the water nut are drupes with a white seed inside,
measuring 2-2,5 centimeters, with four curved solid

Water walnut has been known since ancient times – its shells are found
even in the excavations of the interglacial period. Previously, chilim was also extremely
popular. – it was sold in the markets in whole carts.

Rogulnik is still quite widespread today. The nut grows in
stagnant waters, slow-flowing rivers, lakes, backwaters, sometimes forms

Water walnut is found in Europe, India, Southeast Asia, sometimes
you can also find it in tropical Africa. Chilim are bred in China and India
in swamps and lakes.

How to choose

You can buy water nuts from Chinese or Asian stores.
The rules for choosing chilim are similar to those for choosing others.
types of nuts.

So, you need to pay attention to the quality of the shell, which should
be intact, free of chips, cracks and holes.

How to store

The water nut is stored rather poorly. Best kept unpeeled
nuts in the cooler month. If the kernels are peeled, then they
rancid after 2-3 days. Therefore, it is best to eat chilim directly.
after removing the shell, when it is very juicy and tasty.

In cooking

The main advantage of the water nut is its consistency.
The white flesh remains juicy and crispy, no matter how
this or that dish has been prepared for a long time. This is the quality of the flyer,
along with its delicious sweet taste, is appreciated by lovers of Asian
the kitchen.

Water walnut seeds contain a variety of nutrients,
they are extremely tasty and healthy. Chilim is eaten raw in
fruit and spicy salads, and baked (it tastes like
roasted chestnut) or boiled.

In Asian countries, water walnut is served as an appetizer, previously
frying and salting. Also, the roguelite is good if extinguished.
or fry with butter in your own juice. Uses the pulp of the nuts
and for making flour, which is used for cooking
cakes and as a thickener. Chillim is ground to make flour
using conventional hand mills or soaking and then kneading.

This nut is popular in
India. It is also used to make flour, bake cakes and bread, cook
with this addition of the soup. Especially popular is the water nut with spices.
Bread from such a nut turns out to be delicious, they say,
that it resembles a wheat one.

Calorie content of chillim

The calorie content of the bagel is only 200 kcal, which is less in comparison
with other types of similar products, so it can be used
in proper nutrition and diet for weight loss. Rogue also
can be consumed by vegetarians and people with animal intolerance
squirrel. Such a nut is popular in the form of snacks, in cabbage salads,
cucumber, radish. Chillim is harmoniously combined with garlic,
onions, celery, cilantro, parsley. Using
in diets it is advised to drink ginger tea after eating a nut.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 11,9 3,4 55,4 2,4 10,4 200

Useful properties of water chestnuts

Composition and presence of nutrients

All parts of the water nut contain flavonoids, tannins,
triterpenoids, various vitamins, phenolic compounds, and
mineral salts and useful nitrogenous compounds. The fruit contains
7,5% fat, 15% protein, 3% sugar, 52% starch,

Useful and healing properties

Chilim is also used in medicine. Trapazid is made from it,
used in the fight against atherosclerosis.
Fresh water walnut is widely used in Chinese, Japanese and
Tibetan medicine for dyspepsia, kidney disease, as a diuretic
and a general tonic after various severe ailments.

In China and India, all parts of the flyer are used as anchoring,
tonic, antispasmodic, astringent, diaphoretic, sedative,
choleretic agent.

Freshly squeezed juice of flowers and leaves is used to treat ophthalmic
ailments, as an antiseptic for leucorrhoea, gonorrhea,
various tumors, bites of various insects and snakes. Rogue boosts
the body’s resistance to a variety of adverse conditions,
exhibits excellent anti-virus action. It is also advised as
a remedy that has a beneficial effect on the body after all kinds of

So, what are the recipes for traditional medicine using water
walnut is the most popular?

Chillim infusion
… To prepare it
you need to take 20 grams of leaves and flowers. They are cast 200 mm hot
water, then leave to infuse in a water bath for
15 minutes. After the infusion, it is worth leaving to cool for about 30-45
minutes, and then strain. The resulting product is drunk in a third of a glass
three times a day before eating. If the infusion is applied externally,
then its concentration should be increased by 2-3 times.

Flyer Juice
… Usually juice is used
for the treatment of eye diseases. To do this, squeeze out of the plant
juice and dilute it with boiled cold water in a ratio of one to
ten. It is necessary to consume the juice internally 30-40 drops three to four
once a day before meals. If the juice is used for external treatment
other diseases, then it should be bred in a ratio of one to three.

Water nut to increase potency
With lunch, you need to eat 1-2 raw nuts within a month.

Vodka infusion for cleaning blood vessels
You need to take 10 nuts and pour them with a glass of vodka, then insist
10 days. It is necessary to drink the infusion 3 times a day for a tablespoon
for 10 days. Then take a 10-day break and repeat

The old way to detoxify for snake bites
One nut is chewed and spit out for a long time, and the second is chewed and eaten.
After that, you can’t drink for an hour. And so repeat every 3 hours.

Fresh juice from the leaves for sexually transmitted diseases
Four times a day, you need to use a tablespoon of freshly squeezed
juice. Such juice is effective in the treatment of gonorrhea and caused by infections

Chilim with diarrhea
… Several nuts are needed
scald with boiling water and eat after cooling. Repeat after an hour.
You can also use freshly squeezed juice.

Herpes Flyer Juice
… For solutions
for this problem, fresh juice should be applied, lubricating the bubbles on
lips. In addition, you can apply the cut to the sore spot

Water nut for toothache
. Cigarettes
need to be scalded, cut a plate about 3 millimeters thick from
the middle and put between the cheek and the aching tooth. After 15-20 minutes
the toothache will subside. The flux is also treated if there is no opportunity to visit
a dentist.

Anti-itch juice from mosquito and bee stings
Itchy areas can be lubricated with fresh juice or leaves can be applied
chilima, pre-mashed.

Juice for tonsillitis, even follicular and purulent.

Fresh water nut juice is diluted in a ratio of one to ten warm
water and gargle. It is also possible to treat diseased gums.

Use in cosmetology

In cosmetology, a concentrated infusion of chilim is used, which
helps with acne
rashes, pustular formations, skin inflammations.

Use in cooking recipes

There are some of the most popular chilim recipes worth

Chillim puree


– 200 g of a flyer;

– 150 g of milk;

– butter;

– sugar, salt to taste.

Peeled nuts cut into slices, pour in milk, close tightly
and cook for 30-40 minutes. Then the chilim must be rubbed through a sieve.
with milk, adding sugar, butter,
and warm up, stirring constantly. Mashed potatoes are used as a side dish for dishes.
from meat and poultry, and as an independent dish.

Water walnut in milk


– 200 walnut kernels;

– 100 g of milk;

– butter;

– 5 g of flour and sugar;

– salt.

Prepared kernels are poured with milk and boiled until soft for 30-40 minutes.
Then you need to add oil, mix with salt,
sugar, flour and stir.

Stewed apple roll


– 100 g of chillim and apples;

– butter and sugar.

Peeled chillim is poured with boiling water and stewed in a sealed container. After
cooking, add butter, sugar, peeled apples,
cut into wedges, and simmer again until the fruit is tender.

Chili in bacon


– a glass of ketchup and brown sugar;

– 1 tsp Worcester sauce

– 1,5 kg of raw bacon;

– 240 g of canned water nuts.

Bacon slices are cut into 3 parts, nuts are wrapped in them (large
kernels can be cut in half) and secured with toothpicks

Ketchup, sugar and Worcestershire sauce are mixed in a saucepan, heated
until boiling. Pour the sauce over the bacon
and water nuts.

Bake bacon with nuts in preheated 180 degrees
oven for about 45-50 minutes.

Dangerous properties of water walnut

In rare cases, individual intolerance to the product is possible.

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Water nut, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties
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