What and how to feed rabbits

What and how to feed rabbits

Rabbits are rightly considered to be real water chowders: at a time a decorative eared dog can drink as much as a medium-sized dog, so the animal should always be watered complete. To the question of how to feed rabbits, any breeder will immediately answer: plain water. However, sometimes fluffy animals need additional vitamins and minerals that they cannot get from food.

  1. Rate of water per day
  2. Water norm for puppy rabbits and rabbits
  3. The rabbit does not drink: causes and solution methods
  4. Types of drinking bowls for rabbits
  5. How to solder rabbits and how often to do it
  6. How to properly drink
  7. Prevention
  8. Conclusion

Чем поить кроликов

Than to drink rabbits

In order to replenish the salt balance in the body, pets are often given preventative drinking. however, it should be remembered that in the warm season, the furry animal receives a lot of moisture from greens and fresh vegetables and does not need water so much.In the frosty months, the animal eats mainly rough and concentrated feeds, therefore, the water norm should be higher per day. add to water for disease prevention, how to water rabbits in winter and during succes?

Water norm per day

It’s no secret that rabbits drink a lot and do not tolerate heat. Associated with this is the structure of the body in animals. The metabolism of pussies is extremely fast, and if the pet is not provided with clean water and balanced food in time, it will die.The daily norm of water in rabbits is calculated, depending on the following parameters:

  • weight and breed of the animal;
  • age and gender;
  • season and prevailing species feed in the diet.

First of all, the breed of the animal plays an important role. If the rabbit’s natural habitat is arid steppes, then it will consume less water. In addition, large breeds drink more water at a time, and dwarf ones prefer to fill up the lack of fluid more often, but in smaller volumes.

Age is considered to be the next factor in calculating the daily water norm in the body. The animal organism of young animals contains more fluids, so rabbits drink a lot. After the first 6 months of life, the animal’s metabolism slows down and the rabbit requires less water. Consumption is affected by the amount of concentrated feed in the diet of rabbits. On average, the ratio of water and feed rates should be two to one.

In summer, the animal receives a large amount of moisture from green food and fresh vegetables. However, in hot weather, rabbits require a lot of fluid, otherwise they may die. In winter, children can be given snow instead of water, but it is best to use heated water. Rabbits very easily catch a cold, besides snow can contain harmful components.

If the room temperature does not exceed 20 ° C, then the average water norm for an adult rabbit is half a liter per day.

The water norm for puppy rabbits and rabbits

During pregnancy, females have increased thirst. This is due to the saturation of rabbits and the creation of amniotic fluid. The daily norm of the expectant mother at this time reaches a liter. During this period, the female must be closely monitored: after the basting, she needs a lot of water, otherwise she will start to eat her own offspring to make up for the lack of liquid.

A nursing rabbit consumes at least 2 liters of water per day. In addition, in large farms, females are very often used for mating on the second day after birth, therefore, a nursing and pregnant mother needs a lot of fluid to cope with the load.

Young animals need at least two liters per day for one kilogram of concentrated feed.

The rabbit does not drink: reasons and methods of solution

Usually the eared bears themselves know how much fluid they need per day, and actively require water when there is a shortage. If the rabbit doesn’t drink, there can be several reasons:

  • dirty water;
  • unsuccessful drinking bowl design;
  • a lot of greens and vegetables in complementary foods.

It is also important to pay attention to the general behavior of the pet: if, in addition to unwillingness to drink, the rabbit has apathy and poor appetite, these are the first signs of the disease.

Причины, по которым кролик не пьет

Reasons why the rabbit does not drink

Water also needs to be checked for bleeding: animals acutely feel this component and may refuse to drink. The drinking bowl also plays an important role: the liquid in it must be easily accessible, the rabbit should not draw it out with force.

If there are no obvious reasons, the animal consumes too little water, you need to add some special salts. First of all, it will help restore the salt balance in the body, in addition, the rabbit drinks this water more often. Sometimes for the same purpose, farmers pour a little sugar into the water. This component is neutral, but makes the puffer more often approach the drinker. In winter, the eared can drink more than in the summer. This should be taken into account and do not forget to check the drinker on time.

Types of drinkers for rabbits

You can make a drinker for a rabbit at home, but there are also several types of purchased:

  • Nipple drinkers for rabbits contain in their construction a tank and an iron tube that ends in a ball. When the tongue touches the ball, water under its own pressure enters the pet’s mouth.
  • Drinking bowls with the shape of a bottle. The liquid enters a special small tray from an inverted bottle.
  • Cup types of drinking bowls are connected directly to the water supply.

All types have their pros and cons.As a rule, nipple drinkers serve for a long time, but you need to constantly check the ball. In some cases, it gets stuck and the rabbit cannot drink. Drinking bowls with open pallets are easily contaminated, because the eared ears are active animals and scatter sawdust and hay around them.

Поилки для кроликов

Drinking bowls for rabbits

On large farms, most often they use a complex design of automatic water supply with pipes from the pipes that lead to the cages. The water tank is filled with several liters of liquid. Thus, you can drink the whole herd at once for more than one day. However, even in these conditions it is necessary to monitor the purity of the water and change it in time.

How to solder rabbits and how often to do it

Many diseases can be avoided if the eared for prevention. The process of soldering is the replacement of ordinary water with a solution containing a drug in one or another quantity. There are many drugs and remedies, but it is especially worth highlighting:

  • gamavit;
  • solicox;
  • manganese;
  • iodine.

Water the rabbits with solutions at least 2 times a year, preferably in early autumn or spring. During this period, the immunity of animals is most weakened, so excess prophylaxis will not hinder them.

Particular attention should be paid to pregnant females and young animals.In the first months of life, rabbits are extremely vulnerable to stomach and blood infections.

How to drink it properly

If you want to replenish the immune system in rabbits, then you should use gamavit. This drug fills the deficiency of immune cells after exhausting cold periods. This medicine is sold in any pet store at an affordable price. Rabbits should be fed according to the instructions. Preventive treatment usually lasts several days and about once every six months.

Sometimes it happens on the farm as an epidemic of infectious diseases. Very often, eared ears get coccidosis. In the fight against gastric and hepatic infections, solicox or bikox will help. These drugs can be given both during treatment and for prevention. Rabbits should be watered with soloxox, like any other antibiotic, only as directed by the veterinarian.


To replenish some mineral components and disinfect the intestines, you can solder the animals with potassium permanganate or iodine. Do it right for a week.

Similar prophylaxis should be done no more than 1 time in 2 months. Water containing iodine should not be poured into a metal drinker: various chemical reactions can begin.


Rabbits are very dependent on water. The high metabolism of animals leads to the fact that they can die of thirst.

To avoid such problems, you need to monitor the amount of water consumed per day. It is advisable to check the drinker twice a day: it should not be empty or dirty.

With a certain frequency per year, the eared ears should be soldered with useful solutions.This will help to fill the lack of necessary minerals in the body and increase immunity after a cold period.

To properly drink your pet , you need to use the instructions for the preparations. Improperly maintained proportions can seriously harm the rabbit’s stomach or even lead to death.

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