What are the early varieties of pepper

What are the early varieties of pepper

Early varieties of pepper produce the first crop 70-120 days after the appearance of the first seedlings. Most of them allow you to get a large crop of vegetables, not only in greenhouse cultivation, but also when cultivated on open soil.

  1. Greenhouse cultivars
  2. Favorite
  3. Winnie the Pooh <
  4. Swallow
  5. Miracle of Moscow Region
  6. Zhupsky <
  7. Early bird
  8. Varieties for open ground
  9. From the “Golden Hundred Altai”
  10. From Aelita
  11. Early ripe hybrids
  12. From Enza Zaden
  13. From Nunems
  14. From Sinzheta
  15. High-yielding species
  16. California Miracle
  17. Fantasy
  18. Cow’s Ear

Популярные ранние сорта перца

Popular early varieties of pepper

Varieties for greenhouse cultivation

Most often summer residents try to grow pepper seedlings and seeds in closed greenhouses, providing the warm and light-loving vegetable crop with the necessary conditions.


The favorite refers to the early-ripening varieties that manage to ripen in the greenhouse in 120 days. Its small in size (about 0.55 m) bushes bear thick-walled vegetables in the form of a cone with an average weight of 100-110 g. At the stage of technical maturity, the fruits have a slight yellow tint, by the time of full maturity they become orange-red.

Winnie the Pooh

You can get vegetables from the sweet vegetable Winnie the Pooh on average after 107-110 days from sowing seeds. Small-sized bushes (25-30 cm tall) produce fruits of 50-60 g. They differ in thick walls of 0.6 cm. Many gardeners are attracted to this variety with its juiciness and sweet taste.


Early ripe vegetables of the Swallow variety ripen in 100 days, gain an average weight of up to 80-110 g, are characterized by high keeping quality and portability. Conical fruits ripen on bushes 0.7-0.8 m high, have a light green hue at the stage of technical maturity and turn red at the time of complete biological ripening.

Miracle of the Moscow Region

An early ripe bouquet of a sharp vegetable called Miracle of the Moscow Region is the best among the bitter. It is planted with seedlings in the greenhouses of the north-west of the Moscow region. The ripening period of elongated fruits of a uniform shape is 120-130 days. Long hot pepper grows up to 20 cm, is also able to show good productivity when growing seedlings on open soil.


An early variety of sweet bell pepper height. Its fruits are thick-walled, at 0.8-0.9 cm. The weight of the vegetables is about 100-120 g. The conical fruits at the stage of complete biological ripening turn bright red. Varietal species fell in love with summer residents for the duration of fruiting, which remains in the greenhouse until frost.

Early bird

A novelty in agriculture is the ultra-early view of the Early bird. According to its characteristics, it is a semi-bouquet variety, reaching only 0.4 m in height. Prismatic fruits weigh an average of 120 g, at the time of full ripeness they are painted in a classic red hue, the wall thickness is 0.7 cm.

Varieties for open ground

Ранние и вкусные перцы

Early and tasty peppers

Among the ripe varieties of pepper there are varieties that ripen in a short period of time, because they are often called ultra-early. These varieties of the earliest peppers are suitable for growing in unprotected conditions of open soil.

From Zolotaya Sotka Altai

The agricultural company Zolotaya Sotka Altai offers 2 varieties of early peppers that ripen in the ultrashort time period.


According to the description, Health gives the first crops after 78-87 days. The varietal species has a high semi-spreading bush, on which cone-shaped fruits weighing 50-80 g each ripen. The main color of Health is classic dark red. Vegetables have elastic flesh, juicy, with a fragrant odor. Among the main advantages of an early variety of pepper, a high setting of vegetables is noted even at low temperature conditions.


The growing season of the early-ripening Mustang variety is about 105 days, only in some cases a little longer. Semi-spreading pepper bushes of medium height bear large fleshy vegetables in the shape of a cone, whose weight reaches 200-250 g. At the stage of technical ripeness, the vegetables are green in color, by the time of complete biological maturation they are painted in bright red. This variety is also resistant to low temperatures.

From Aelita

Aelita agricultural firm boasts three early-ripe varieties of sweet bell pepper.


The versatile Agapov pepper variety is known for its reliability and early ripening. It can be grown not only in the greenhouse, but also on the open ground. The growing season of Agapovsky pepper is about 100 days. Compact medium-height bushes with plentiful foliage bear cubed 3-4-nested vegetables of a slightly elongated shape. The average weight of each vegetable is 120 g, the wall thickness is 0.5-0.7 cm. At the stage of biological ripening, the vegetables are painted in a classic red hue.


Cubical peppers Blond begin to bear fruit after 95 days. By the time of full ripening, succulent vegetables weighing 250 g turn golden yellow.

Brother fox

An ultra-mature sweet variety with the unusual name Brother fox ripens in 85-90 days.On medium bushes 0.6-0.7 m in height, slightly elongated yellow cuboid peppers with an average weight of 100 g appear, which are distinguished by gentle taste. Thick-walled bell peppers are ideal for preservation.

Early ripe hybrids

Рассада должна быть готовой для высадки

Seedlings should be ready for planting

Like ordinary varietal varieties, hybrids show good resistance and ripen in a short time. The most famous hybrids of foreign companies.

Unlike varieties zoned for the regional climate, hybrids are a crossbreeding product. They cannot be propagated by seeds – the seed material must be acquired annually.

From Enza Zaden

The Dutch agricultural company Enza Zaden has 2 early-ripening hybrids:

  • Nemesis-f1, the growing season of which is not more than 95 days. It has fruits in the shape of a cone, medium in weight (about 100 g), fairly dense, thick-walled. The fruit color at the stage of technical maturity is light, close to white. By the time of biological maturation, the color of vegetables changes to the usual red. The hybrid is characterized by good keeping quality, resistance to diseases and a strong root system.
  • Magno-f1, ripening in 95-100 days, bears fruit with bright orange fruits of a cuboid shape, reaching a diameter of 9-10 cm.This sweet hybrid variety has a long fruiting period. Those who have not had time to ripen before the first frosts are picked and sent for storage, at which they ripen perfectly.

From Nunems

German agricultural company Nunems developed an ultra-mature variety Bulgarian sweet pepper Samander-f1, which gives the first crop already on 55-65 days. Fruits at the stage of full ripening are painted in classic red color. The average weight of vegetables is 150-180 g. The hybrid has established itself in commercial cultivation due to its good transportation and keeping quality.

From Singeta

The Swiss producer of Sinzhet, the owner of the hybrid Lyubov- f1, its growing season is 70-75 days. If all of the above hybrids are universal and can be grown both in greenhouse and in unprotected conditions, Love-f1 is cultivated exclusively in open soil. Cone-shaped vegetables weigh an average of 120 g, the final color is bright red.

High-yielding species

Among the ultra-early varieties of pepper there are those that not only give early harvest, but also pleased with the number of vegetables.

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Caliph Ornian Miracle

Gavrish is a producer of a fruitful variety of California Miracle, capable of producing 10 fruits on one bush, the height of which is not more than 0.7 m. The weight of one vegetable from the California Miracle is in the range of 80 g until 125


Domestic producer “SemAgro” brought forth an early ripe Fantasy-f1 hybrid with an increased number of ripening fruits, which is distinguished by high productivity. Vegetables are obtained in the correct form, almost all of the same size, cuboid, with a glossy surface, thin walls of 0.4-0.6 cm.The average size is about 200-230 g.

Cow’s ear

A species called the Cow’s ear from the company “Seeds of Altai” is able to bring 2.5- 3 kg of vegetables, and it doesn’t matter for yields, the vegetable crop is grown in greenhouse conditions or on open soil. The best for preservation, according to summer residents, a vegetable 12-15 cm long and weighing 150-200 g is not without reason called a giant for lecho. Fruits with a dense skin similar in appearance to corrugated paper and juicy pulp have walls 0.6-0.8 cm thick.

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