What are the myths and legends about orchids?

Orchid is known to people more 3 thousand years. But she appeared in the Late Cretaceous era. Confirmation of this fact is found amber, in the middle of which was a bee with pollinaria (cultural organ). It is established that the stone is about 15-20 million years old. Over the course of a long history, numerous myths about orchids have been formed.

  1. Legend of the origin of the flower
  2. The legend of the white orchid
  3. Orchids – “daughters of the air”
  4. The myth of the appearance of the spider orchid
  5. Conclusion

The legend of the origin of the flower

Phalaenopsis orchid originated in New Zealand. The beauty of the flower attracted a lot of attention, and people began to associate signs and superstitions with it. So they believe that phalaenopsis:

  • strengthens female cr honeycomb and charm;
  • braves untrustworthy men;
  • keeps well-being at home;
  • protects the owner from evil spirits;
  • charges with positive energy.

Phalaenopsis itself, according to the Maori legend, has a divine origin.When the only inhabitants on earth were immortal spirits, only snow-capped mountains rose on the planet. Snow melted under the influence of the sun, so beautiful waterfalls arose. Going down from the hills, they poured streams into the seas and oceans. Due to the evaporation of water, clouds formed. They created a kind of screen. And the sun could not send its rays to the earth.

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But that was not for long. Once there was a heavy downpour. His task was to help the sun break through the cover of the clouds. After that, a beautiful big rainbow appeared.Surprised by an unusual phenomenon, the spirits began to fly together, each of them, pushing, wanted to take a place on the bridge, which sparkled with different colors. When everyone sat down, they began to sing.

The rainbow did not withstand the enormous weight for a long time. It first bent, and then collapsed. At that moment, rain from colored sparks covered the earth. The sight was magical. The particles that fell on the trees turned into flowers of mesmerizing beauty. This is how the orchid family appeared, whose representatives began to multiply.

The Legend of the White Orchid

According to the legend of the white orchid, in South America, Young Juan received a task from the emperor. He, according to the order, had to find an unusual color in the orchid. They wanted to decorate the palace with her. A few weeks later, I wandered to the village. His condition was grave: Juan was in a fever, he was raving. Searches were unsuccessful. The young man was sheltered in a small church, where he was engaged in his treatment.

Over time, the young man came to his senses and, to his surprise, saw that a beautiful white orchid was rising on the roof of the temple. At the young man’s request to give him a flower, the priest refused, because for the people the plant had a symbolic meaning. In the famine years that drought entailed, the faith of Christians weakened. They began to turn to pagan gods. The priest tried to bring people back to the church. To this end, he promised that the rains would pass after the villagers gave the most valuable thing to the temple.Then people brought a magnificent orchid, which was on the altar used for pagan rites. Right after that it started to rain. After it ended, the flower petals turned white – water washed away all the shades from them.

Белая орхидея

White Orchid

Orchids are the “daughters of the air”

The Amazon Indians gave this beautiful name to the plant. According to their beliefs, once upon a time there were gods on earth. Of particular beauty among them stood the goddess Orchid.

Born from the love of the god of honesty and the goddess of joy, she saw on earth all the brightest, most tender. Some gods condemned her for her inability to notice the gross and dark. It was believed that Orchid lacked wisdom. This gave rise to contention between the gods, who were divided into two groups. So there was a threat to the life of the young goddess.

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The patron of all types of art – a god named Archie, heard about the kindness of Orchids, fell in love with her. The goddess conquered him with her kindness, although they had never met, but their vision of the world was different, since art is unthinkable without shadows, hard lines that Orchid did not notice. For Archie, this became a threat to his existence. He lost his skill, but he did not have enough strength to overcome destructive passion.

The goddess tried to meet Archie, but this was not possible while the trial was on her. Then the god of art kidnapped the girl, for which he was severely punished.He was expelled, and Orchid was doomed to the eternal search for a lover. Closing her eyes, the goddess turned into an exquisite flower.

The myth of the appearance of the spider orchid

The culture of such a plant as the Phalaenopsis orchid is distinguished by a variety of varieties. The flowers of many of them resemble insects. Legend has it that the plant in the form of a spider arose from a competition between a simple girl Arkhan and Athena. Yunitsa claimed that she possessed the gift of weaving at such a level that no one could beat her.

The carpet of the goddess turned out to be the pinnacle of skill, but Arkhan tried to surprise everyone, and depicted the love sins of Zeus and other gods on her product. In a fit of anger, Athena destroyed the girl’s carpet and hit her. Having learned about the fate of his product, the young woman hanged herself. The goddess saved Arhan, but turned it into a flower in the form of a spider. So phalaenopsis appeared.

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Legends about orchids are someone’s speculation, humanity is always surrounded by beautiful myths.

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