What can garlic dream about?

What can garlic dream about?

For many years, hot vegetables have been a favorite seasoning of people from different countries. It is not surprising that popular culture comes in night dreams in the form of mysterious images. Why does garlic dream and how to decipher the information received? We will analyze in detail interpretations from different dream books.

  1. The main meaning of dreams
  2. Appearance of garlic
  3. Plant
  4. Care <
  5. Harvest
  6. Cook
  7. Buy <
  8. Other actions

Снится чеснок

Dreaming garlic

The main meaning of dreams

According to Miller’s dream book, if garlic is dreamed, then a person will soon see wealth. Perhaps it will be a lottery gain or inheritance from a distant relative.

To dream on one bed and onions and garlic, then the man will have to solve many problems. You will forget about the hardships and troubles

If a young woman dreams of garlic, this is a marriage without love. Whatever plans are made for the future chosen one, the first place calculation, but feelings are not taken into account. You have to shrug off romantic ideals.

To decipher the images was more true, you need to remember all the details. Often people do not pay attention to actions or small elements that accompany sleep. Even one storyline has different interpretations.

Appearance of garlic

If you dream of garlic with heads, then you should wait for an increase or increase in salary. We advise you to prove yourself at work, to show your hard work.

If family people dreamed of a head of garlic with red spots, this means a love affair on the side. We advise you not to go headlong into a new relationship, the lie will open, the consequences will be unpleasant.

To see garlic with a thick, massive stalk warn about the news from afar.

Pure vegetable with white cloves to profit, and dirty – to illness.

To see young or green garlic, information on events that affect life will soon be revealed.


Луковицы для посадки

Bulbs for planting

To plant garlic in the dream book has different meanings:

  • If religious people dream of landing Snok, it shows your compulsion to attach close to religion.
  • See yourself buried in the bed of the head, to health problems that would soon manifest. We recommend that you undergo a medical examination and do not interrupt the prescribed treatment.
  • If you dug up beds and formed holes in a dream, you need to reconsider your attitude towards people. Perhaps you are putting negative pressure on others. If the dream is repeated several times, this warns of impending conflicts on this soil.
  • If you feel wet soil at hand, and the vegetable appears saturated white and large, then this is a symbol of the destruction of love relationships.

More often than not, garlic is planted for future troubles.Sometimes this may portend the imminent death of someone close. Especially if you see a man burying his head in the ground.

Look after

Look after a plant in a dream, weed beds or remove weeds to what will soon be desired achieved.

Carefully burying heads means that life is getting better and promises pleasant weekdays.

Pulling a young, unripened bush is a warning sign: impulsive, thoughtless actions can ruin all plans.

Watering garlic means that you will soon have to disentangle the consequences of your own restraint tee. Relationships with friends and family may deteriorate.


Collect garlic in a dream to meet with enemies or enemies. To avoid trouble, we advise you not to provoke conflicts.

Dig a crop with a shovel to empty chores. Put in the basket – the alarms will go away, it will be possible to fix the errors.


Резать и чистить чеснок

Cut and peel the garlic

Cut the garlic promises failure in undertakings. Competitors can ruin a business or a break with the other half due to gossip.

To peel a vegetable with cloves, while smelling onions – wait for a monetary reward. A solid prize or inheritance may suddenly appear.

If you dreamed about garlic that undergoes heat treatment, you should pay attention to small details.

The value depending on the dish in which the seasoning is placed:

  1. Sauce . Red color warns of impending troubles, light shades promise a little thrashing in the service.
  2. Meat. Well-fried pieces threaten enemies at work, and dishes with blood – a disease of relatives.
  3. Soups. Symbolize physical and mental fatigue, we recommend taking a vacation and relaxing.
  4. Desserts, drinks. Dreaming garlic in sweets or alcohol for a protracted illness.


According to the dream book, buying garlic has the following interpretation:

Pay attention to the size of the heads: the larger the spice, the more serious the trouble.

If you dream of garlic with cloves, which you have to buy or just pick up, it promises minor troubles.

To steal vegetables sleep is a dangerous sign. In this case, you will have to pay for your mistakes.

Buying a huge lot at the wholesale warehouse will be an opportunity to change lives. If you have the courage to carry out a dangerous enterprise, you will be able to gain a solid profit. Fate sends a sign that there is a chance to get rich.

Other actions

In dreams you can collect or buy, give or pick up. Paying attention to small details, it will be possible to decipher even the most confusing plot.Often the same event cardinally transforms from the performed action.

If you dream of garlic in a dream, then it is worth analyzing the feelings that the smell or taste causes. You can enjoy a light spicy aroma only when fate prepares a cash gift.

A bad sign is burning sensations in the mouth, especially in the language someone spreads gossip about you. Although, other sources say that the seer himself prefers to gossip about others.

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If garlic does not have any taste in a dream, then this is temporary troubles that will change in a positive way.

Feeling of great thirst after eating a vegetable, denotes the passionate love of the sleeping person. If you can’t remove the thirst for a long time, then the feeling will be unrequited.

An obsessive smell warns of the appearance of an unpleasant person. been going roughly to understand that do not need in the community.

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