What flowers look like an orchid

Orchids are people’s favorite indoor plants. But not every person has the opportunity to provide these flowers with proper care. There are less whimsical flowers that look like orchids.

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  2. Schisanthus
  3. Evening party (night violet)
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Какие цветы похожи на орхидею

What flowers look like an orchid

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish different types of flowers externally. Some of them resemble an orchid. They can decorate a room or a plot no worse. This:

  • alstroemeria;
  • schizanthus;
  • evening meal;
  • iris.

They are used as indoor crops, so for decoration of flower beds. To bloom faster, it is important to plant them in a suitable soil and ensure proper care.


Alstroemeria also has another name – “alstroemeria.” seems to be a cross between a lily and an orchid.

The plant is popular as a decoration for a garden plot. It attracts gardeners for several reasons:

  • the desired color of the bush is easy to grow from seeds or to prepare seedlings;
  • an adult flower is successfully propagated by division;
  • the flower is planted in a warm period of spring, at the same time when tomato seedlings.

The optimum temperature in the summer period for the crop is not lower than 23 ° C. It is necessary to observe the regime of watering and top dressing, then flowering will occur faster and will be better.

Alstroemeria loves loose nitrogenous soil, so it is fed with mineral fertilizers. The soil is loosened before planting. The flower is planted in an open bright area without the scorching rays of the sun.

To cut the flowers from the flowerbed for longer, cut unopened buds and small leaves. They will open in a vase, the bouquet will last longer.

Альстромерия похожа на лилию и орхидею

Alstroemeria is like a lily and an orchid


This species was called the “orchid of the poor.” Schizanthus (another name – schizanthus) resembles varieties from the Orchid family, but it belongs to nightshade. It is not often cultivated on household plots, although it gives a large number of beautiful flowers.

It is also easy to grow from seeds if seedlings are prepared in advance. Already at the end of May, small sprouts are planted in open ground.

Schisanthus is suitable for growing and as a houseplant:

  • In the summer it is put on a ventilated balcony without scorching rays.
  • In winter they bring them into an apartment and leave them at rest for this period.

Schisanthus does not like too moist soil. It reacts to excess moisture with accelerated stem growth and lack of flowering. Excess moisture is also harmful to the root system: it can rot.

Lilac, white or carmine-stained, schizanthus pinnate resembles an orchid more than any other species.This is an annual flower, so it will have to be planted annually. Under favorable conditions, the schizanthus grows so that its flowers cover the leaves.

Схизантус подходит для выращивания в саду и дома

Schizanthus fits for growing in the garden and at home

Evening party (night violet)

The name “night violet” the evening party received for its similarity to violets and because it is very fragrant at night. This is a semi-wild culture that grows by self-planting or is planted by a person. It is grown in flower beds – this is not an indoor plant.

An adult flower has small inflorescences with 4 leaves, a large, well-defined stem, drooping leaves.

Positive qualities of a night violet:

  • blooms for a long time – from May to August;
  • unpretentious in leaving, survives drought and short cooling well;
  • its seeds take root well in the open ground and sprout together.

Culture does not require special care: it is enough to water it occasionally if the drought is delayed, and weed. It does not need to be fed.

The evening party has one drawback: it is a two-year culture, it blooms only in the second year.

Вечерницу выращивают только на клумбах

Vespers are grown only on flower beds


Iris combines a large number of varieties of different shapes and colors.The flowers are similar to an orchid, only strongly twisted and fringed at the edges. Irises are often chosen for cultivation in the garden, but there are also indoor ones. One of these subspecies is Neomarika.

To achieve spectacular flowering in March, suitable conditions are created for it:

  • In the summer, they are kept on the balcony, in a bright place, they must be aired.
  • In winter they organize a temperature of 8 ° C-10 ° C, put the flower in a dark place for 2 weeks, do not water it and do not fertilize it.
Ирисы похожи на орхидею, только сильно закручены и с бахромой на краях

The irises look like an orchid, only they are very curled and fringed at the edges

Then Neomarika is transplanted into new soil. She prefers loose and acidic soil saturated with charcoal.

The variety propagates by peduncles, which often degenerate into a baby.


A long peduncle descends to the soil and takes root on its own. For this reason, the people called Neomariku “walking iris.” Low bearded irises are grown in the same way.

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Unusual and rare species of orchids. Beautiful orchid flowers. Amazing plants.


Alstroemeria, schisanthus, night violet, iris Neomarika – cultures that look like orchids. Some of them are grown both at home and in open areas. These are unpretentious plants, so anyone can do their cultivation.

Night violet is a two-year-old culture, and walking iris is transplanted every year after wintering.In favorable conditions, they bloom no worse than orchids.

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