What herbicides to choose for garlic

What herbicides to choose for garlic

Garlic is grown in each garden. Some vegetable growers prefer winter garlic, while others prefer spring garlic. In both cases, planting crops are overgrown with weeds. A herbicide for garlic will help in the fight against them. Such drugs are abundant in specialized stores. Herbicides for garlic are divided into preparations for winter varieties and for spring crops.

  1. Characteristics of the herbicides
  2. Application
  3. Totril
  4. Hurricane forte
  5. Flusilad Forte
  6. Stomp
  7. Recommendations
  8. Goal
  9. Recommendations
  10. Targa Super
  11. Recommendations
  12. Lontrel Grand
  13. Gezagard
  14. Advantages

Гербициды для чеснока

Herbicides for garlic

Characterization of herbicides

Herbicide – a drug that is designed to fight with weeds. It can be of two types:

  • Continuous action. Kills absolutely all plants on the site. Such preparations are necessary to destroy vegetation in water bodies, on the railway, in the territory of industrial enterprises.
  • Selective action. Able to destroy weeds without damaging cultivated plants. This herbicide has been used in gardens.


The application of the herbicide is as follows:

  • diluted in water you need the amount of the drug;
  • pour the solution into the spray;
  • spray the garlic beds.

Any herbicide for garlic requires dosing according to the instructions that the manufacturers offer, otherwise the result from the use of chemistry will be the opposite of the expected. An overdose of herbicide for garlic from weeds leads to the death of plantings. An insufficient dose of the drug does not relieve weeds from the plot.

The main purpose of the herbicide is to ensure that all soil resources are delivered to cultivated plants, not weeds.


The drug Totril is produced by the German company Bayer Crop Science. This herbicide is used in relation to winter varieties of garlic. It effectively acts on one-year weeds. It is used on plants with up to 6 true leaves.

The consumption of German herbicide is from 1.5 l to 3.0 l per 1 ha of land. The processing of garlic crops is carried out in the phase of 2-3 real leaves. The advantage of Totril is that it does not remain in garlic.

Hurricane forte

The active ingredient in Swiss garlic herbicide Syngenta glyphosate. The composition of the drug contains unique surfactants that quickly penetrate and redistribute glyphosate to plants.

The drug has proven itself in the fight against perennial weeds. For greater effectiveness, the herbicide is used in the fall after harvest. They are sprayed with weeds.The drug consumption is 1.5 liters of solution for each hectare of plantings.

Flusilad Forte

Уничтожаем сорняки

Weed control

Weed control herbicide on garlic beds from the company Syngenta Fusilade Forte use at a rate of 1 liter of solution per 1 ha of land. The same drug can be used in the fight against perennial weeds. In this case, the herbicide herbicide consumption will be 2 liters per hectare of plantings.

Start spraying the plants with 2 real leaves and continue until the bushes form. Between sprayings should take 7 to 10 days.

The herbicide for garlic Fusilade effectively affects wheat grass. Spraying the plants is carried out in 2 doses:

  • The wheatgrass in the phase of 3-4 leaves is treated with a solution of Fusilade at the rate of 1 liter per 1 ha of land.
  • After 2 weeks, the weed is treated with a herbicide based 1.25 L per 1 ha of garlic beds.

After this treatment, no mechanical processing of the beds is carried out for a month. The use of other herbicides in this area is possible only after 7-10 days.

Using a Swiss herbicide for garlic will pay off if the thermometer does not rise above 27 ° C. Vegetable growers recommend not using the drug in dry weather: wheat grass is more resistant to herbicides in such conditions.Garlic treated with the herbicide is used for food no earlier than 30 days after processing.


The German preparation Stomp contains pendimethalin. Its concentration is 330 g per 1 liter. The drug is used to control annual weeds at the germination stage on plantings of winter garlic. You can apply the herbicide:

  • immediately after the autumn planting of garlic cloves;
  • in early spring before emergence of weed plants.

The consumption of the drug is from 3 l to 5 l of solution per hectare of crop plantings. The beds are treated by spraying.


  • before spraying, be sure to water the soil well;
  • if the garlic was planted to a depth of less than 5 see, such a herbicide is not used;
  • the drug continues to act in the soil for 3-4 months;
  • Stomp is used at a temperature of 5 ° C to 25 ° C in calm weather, optimal the time for processing the plantings is early morning;
  • the rate of application of the herbicide depends on the composition of the soil and the types of weeds growing on the site.


Хороший чеснок рождается лишь при правильном уходе

Good garlic is born only with proper care

Oxyfluorfen, which is found in the Goal garlic herbicide from the Swiss producer Syngenta, has proven itself in the fight against annual weeds.

The drug is used in spring on garlic beds, when the seedlings of the culture reached a height of 10 cm. The consumption rate of the drug is from 50 ml to 300 ml per 1 ha of land. The greatest effect is noticeable on weeds, which stretched to 7 cm.


  • at temperatures above 23 ° C, the preparation for spraying beds cannot be used;
  • the herbicide is used in established sunny weather (at least 2-3 days);
  • garlic beds damaged by sudden frosts cannot be processed.

In the soil, chemical the composition does not last long. Swiss Goal can be replaced by the Israeli Galigan. The spectrum of action of the drugs is the same.

Targa Super

The German chemists at Bayer Crop Science developed the chemical composition for combating wild weeds from the formed two sheets to the formation of bushes. The recommended rate of consumption of Targa Super is from 10 ml to 15 ml per 10 square meters. m.

This drug is used to destroy wheatgrass. The solution is consumed at the rate of 25 ml per 10 square meters. m


  • After processing, do not carry out any agricultural activities on garlic beds.
  • Do not carry out processing of plantings at temperatures above 27 ° C .
  • Eat garlic from sprayed beds no earlier than a month after processing.
  • Cool and dry weather suspends the effect of the preparation, but this does not decrease its effectiveness.
  • Targa Super, which got into the soil during cultivation, continues to operate for another 35-40 days.

Lontrel Grand

Well recommended bya in the fight against any weeds Swiss drug Lontrel Grand. Its active substance is clopyralid. The herbicide is used if the thermometer is in the range from 10 ° C to 25 ° C. The treatment of weeds is carried out up to the flowering phase. The rate of flow of the solution is from 100 ml to 160 ml per 1 ha of landings. If garlic is grown for greens, it is forbidden to use the product.


The herbicide for garlic Gezagard is effective in controlling annual weeds. Its effectiveness is ensured by a high concentration of promethrin, which is 500 g per 1 liter of solution.

The drug is absorbed by the sprouts, roots, and through the leaf plates of weeds. The maximum effect of the drug is observed on plants that have formed less than 2 leaves.

Gezagard can be used together with other herbicides. For reinsurance, the drugs are checked for compatibility.


  • One treatment with this drug is enough for 2-3 months effective no protection against weeds.
  • If the dosages are respected, the crop is not saturated with toxins.

Weed plants on garlic beds do not cause trouble and may cause the death of the crop. For weed control There are a large number of chemicals that have proven to be quite effective in action.Today, a large selection of chemical mixtures in the form of liquids, suspensions of dry compositions for weed control are offered by the Moldovan company Phoenix. The right dosage is essential for weed-free garlic plantings.

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