What is the distance between cabbage when replanting

What is the distance between cabbage when replanting

When planting seedlings in open ground, consider the distance between the rows of cabbage. The correct scheme allows you to get a strong, not cracked crop.

  1. Basic rules for planting cabbage
  2. Planting of early ripe white cabbage
  3. Planting of middle ripe white cabbage
  4. Planting of late ripe cabbage
  5. Care after planting in open ground
  6. Conclusion

Расстояние между рядами капусты

The distance between the rows of cabbage

Basic rules for planting cabbage

Growing a vegetable crop requires compliance with a number of rules and recommendations. They are sown in two ways: seedlings and seeds. Correctly selected soil, a good selection of seeds are not all the steps for good plant growth and head development.

Growing algorithm:

  • Before sowing, the seeds are decontaminated To do this, they are 20 minutes in hot water at a temperature of 50 ° C, and then dipped in cold water for 5-7 minutes.
  • The soil is selected with a low acidity index. Add ash, sand and small stones. A month before planting, the soil is dug up.
  • During the cultivation, seedlings monitor the temperature and humidity. The thermometer should show from 6 ° С to 15 ° С.
  • Seedlings are dived and fertilized with nitrogen or organic microelements.
  • The place for constant growing of vegetable culture is chosen with partial shade.
  • For fast growth and a plentiful harvest, the plant is fertilized with manure, tops, sprayed from pests and diseases.

The distance between the cabbage during planting in the open ground is important. The correctly selected distance for planting cabbage depends on the variety and time of planting.

Planting of early ripe white cabbage

June, Golden Hectare, Gift are the early varieties of white cabbage. Their productivity is 4.5 kg per 1 square. m. They ripen in the summer, so an early ripe variety is planted in late April. Seedlings are prepared in March. It is recommended to plant a plant in open ground in cloudy weather or in the afternoon, when the temperature drops.

For planting, choose a place in the garden where cruciferous plants did not grow: radish, rutabaga, radish, turnip. To plant a seedling in open ground, dig a bed, rake the earth with a rake and make a hole with a shovel. The culture is planted according to the scheme: 30 cm between plants in a row and 0.4 m between rows. All hybrid varieties can also be planted.

Planting mid-season white cabbage

Следуйте рекомендациям

Follow the recommendations of

Mid-season variety is planted so that the gaps between rows are at least 60 cm. At the same time, plant the vegetable crop in a row from each other at a distance of 0 , 5 m. The hole is dug in depth by 20-25 mm.

Mid-season varieties include:

  • Coral;
  • Hope;
  • Krasnodar;
  • Sibiryachka and others .

The total yield of mid-season cabbage is from 4 to 7 kg per 1 sq. km. m. Seedlings are sown since March 25, and planted in a permanent place 40-45 days after the first seedlings. Saplings are added to the first leaf. For better rooting, it is advisable to water the plant 2-3 times a day for 7 days.

Planting late ripe cabbage

Plant cabbage, Volgogradskaya 45, are considered to be late varieties of the cabbage family. Yuzhanka 35, Snow White, etc. Seeds are sown for seedlings in late April, transplanted to a permanent place in late May or after 50 days.

When transplanted to the garden, seedlings should have 4-6 leaves and a height of about 0, 2 m. Late vegetable should be planted at a distance of 60 cm from each other. The intervals between them should be 0.7 m.

For the main varieties of cabbage crops, there are planting schemes that help young gardeners to grow whole and strong fruits.

each 2 handfuls of humus are put in the hole, one sand and peat, 50 g of wood ash. Then everyone watered and lowered the root of the seedling, sprinkling with moist soil. At the very end, sprinkle with dry soil so that the soil crust does not form.

Question No. 9. Scheme of planting cabbage Alina F1 and Handicap F1 under the arc
Companion plants 🌟 Cabbage and potatoes 🌟 Planting scheme

Care after planting in open ground

To find out at what irrigation the plant will grow best, soil composition and meteorological forecasts must be taken into account.

Most often, about 1 liter is poured on one plant water.Watered in the morning or evening every 3 days. Late and mid-ripening varieties stop watering 30-40 days before harvesting.

The plant is fertilized 1-2 times during irrigation. To do this, use a solution: 5 g of urea, 5 g of double superphosphate and 6 g of potassium sulfate per 1 square. m of water. At the second feeding, the amount of potassium is increased, and nitrogen is reduced. Top dressing is carried out until the middle of summer or until the leaves close.


Cabbage should not be planted in one place twice: it will begin to hurt, dry, cease to produce crops or rot. Properly selected planting scheme allows the plant to develop in full force. Planting should not be too thick: plants are large, they need a lot of light and space.

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