What should be the color of urine in a rabbit

Each caring owner always carefully monitors the health of his pets. If there are any changes in the state of the rabbit, this is always alarming and gives reason to think whether everything is in order with the pet. Many rabbit breeders know that the color of urine in a rabbit is a kind of indicator that signals problems in the body. The color of urine plays an important role, since it makes it obvious what the animal is tormenting.

Urine mixed with red

Beginners often try to find the answer, what is the problem if rabbits have red urine, why is it so colored. Usually this can be observed in the cold season. The owners begin to worry, because they believe that blood in the urine is a dangerous phenomenon. However, veterinarians claim that the cause of red urine in rabbits may not be related to bleeding. Red urine is not uncommon, but urine with blood is an infrequent occurrence.

Most likely, the rabbit has urine with pigmentation of red color, because he is given exclusively dry food, which consists of beta carotene or porphyrin. It is these nutritional supplements that tint a pet’s urine red. There are times when, after the rodent has eaten pine or spruce branches, he goes to the toilet with bloody liquid, but this is characteristic of only one pet from the whole flock.

If it is nutrition that caused this color to appear, you can not go to the doctor: this problem does not require medical assistance and lasts for 2-5 days.

The shy fluffy organism can respond to stress, who survived the rabbit. The temperature of the room can still affect the color of urine in rabbits: if it drops sharply, the color of the liquid can change from pure to cloudy red. In this case, the pet’s liquid does not smell at all.

The effect of red (pigmented) urine can be caused by taking antibiotics (injections or tablets), which significantly increase the percentage of pigments in the animal’s body. If you do not give the rodent antibiotics, several days have passed and nothing changes, plus everything has new symptoms, such as lethargy, loss of appetite, you need to go to a specialist as soon as possible.

A bloody tint can hint at problems with a bladder in a pregnant rabbit. In such a situation, tests should be done.

White, cloudy shade of urine

The muddy urine of a fluffy rabbit may be mixed with a red or straw shade, and also half transparent. The reason is that in rabbits the salts do not pass through the digestive system, but through the urinary canal. The liquid categorically should not have various clots and drops of burgundy, red or any other color. If they are available, doctors recommend taking a pet in an armful and taking it to a veterinary clinic.

In young rabbits and nursing mothers, pure white urine is the norm. This is due to the fact that the body spends much more calcium on development and growth, as well as on the production of milk for feeding. In order to avoid a large calcium deficiency, you can add fishmeal, chalk or hay to the mom’s diet.

If red spots that do not spread in the urine become visible, this may indicate a serious pathology. We can talk about internal bleeding, a leaving stone, an ulcer, etc. Urgently need to seek qualified help, because every minute can be counted. The veterinarian will examine the animal, take an X-ray, take the tests, and from the picture obtained it will be possible to understand what is wrong.

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If the rabbits have white clean urine, this may indicate a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body or an excess of them.You must observe the pet, change its diet and, if after a few days the urine will not become normal color, consult a veterinarian. It’s better not to treat the pet yourself, since it’s impossible to know for sure what’s wrong with it. and if he doesn’t show anything, then another one who will check the internal organs and their work.

Yellow, orange shades

The rabbit can talk about possible health problems urine is saturated in yellow and orange color. Usually this color warns that there is not enough calcium in the body of the pet.

A lack of calcium can lead to fatal diseases: diabetes and chronic renal failure. Therefore, if within 2-3 days the color of urine does not return to normal, you should urgently go to the doctor, and best of all, immediately after the appearance of such a shade of liquid. A decorative rabbit has a similar problem more often.

Dark urine color

Urolithiasis is the norm for all breeds of rabbits, especially dwarf ones.This ailment appears due to the fact that there is an excess of calcium in the animal body: in the tissues, in the muscles, and even in the blood. Also, the appearance of such diseases can cause the fact that the animal drinks little water. Calcium does not spread throughout the body, accumulates in one place and begins to deposit salts, which eventually turn into stone.

If the animal makes painful sounds during stool, and also for a long time, the color of the liquid does not change and it remains dark constantly – muddy or brown, a precipitate is noticeable in the urine, an urgent need to go to the doctor, as these are the first symptoms of an advanced stage of urolithiasis. In addition, a variety of foods can cause dark fluid:

  • beets;
  • carrots;
  • spinach.

Many experts say that the worst thing is if the dark color of the bowel movement appears due to dehydration or sunstroke. In this situation, the urine has a characteristic odor. This can cause severe dehydration in the animal, so you should immediately take it to the veterinary clinic.

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    What to Do When Your Rabbit's Urine is Red - The SR Rabbit Update 7-24-18

So, the color of urine in the rabbit is an indicator of the health of the pet. You need to carefully monitor the animal and its behavior, choose the right diet and try to avoid those foods that can change the color of the bowel movement. It should be remembered: if the rabbit has an atypically red urine, you do not need to panic, presenting terrible pictures of internal bleeding.In addition, this shade does not always mean blood in the urine of a fluffy rabbit. Urine can also be brown and orange, which also does not speak in favor of health. Rabbit urine should be clear or cloudy.

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