What should be the distance between the tomatoes

Tomatoes are heat-loving plants, they can be grown in open ground or greenhouses, it will depend on what climate you live in. At the same time, the conditions for its cultivation and crop care will differ. Separately, it should be said that you need to choose the right distance between the tomatoes so that the bushes do not interfere with each other. We will find out at what distance to plant tomatoes and what it is for.

  1. Which depends on the distance
  2. Influence of the variety and ripening period
  3. Features of planting in the greenhouse
  4. The distance between the bushes in the greenhouse
  5. Features of outdoor planting
  6. Growing in a trench

Расстояние между помидорами

Tomato spacing

What depends on the distance

Tomatoes are classified as capricious crops that require constant care.Many gardeners plant bushes then eye contact, which is considered extremely undesirable. The only exception is when you plan to plant no more than one dozen bushes or there is plenty of space on the bed. It is worth considering the fact that vegetables need not only space but also access sunlight. Thus, a plant that is too tight can cause the plants to obscure each other.

The correct distance between tomato bushes is necessary to minimize the risk of plant disease. The closer the seedlings planted in the ground are located, the more likely the plants will fall ill.

Thus, with the right space for each plant, you can reduce the percentage of yield loss, facilitate the care of tomatoes.

Effect of the variety and ripening period

So, we will begin to answer the question of what should be the correct distance between tomato bushes. An important factor is the variety and type of tomato, depending on which the recommendations for planting and care change. Therefore, before embarking on a planting, it is worthwhile to carefully study all the information contained on the package with seeds.

The distance will vary from how quickly a particular type of tomato is sung.

  • Early fruits – it is recommended to leave about 30 cm among the seedlings, between the beds it is worth leaving about 50 cm
  • The middle varieties will have an interval of 60-65 cm between the beds, and about 50 cm between the seedlings
  • Late species – the distance between the beds is about 75 cm, between the bushes leave no more than half a meter

Each gardener now what the ground in the garden you need to spend very sparingly to able to plant, how to plant and crops. In relation to tomatoes, you can plant on the gap between the beds of grass. Do not worry that their presence will adversely affect the growth of the vegetable.

Tatyana Orlova (Ph.D. S.-kh.Sciences):

As a rule, late-ripening varieties of vegetable crops are the most productive. This applies not only to tomato. The longer the plant grows, the greater the mass of the aboveground mass it creates. Therefore, all late ripe vegetable crops are planted with a greater distance than early ripe ones.

Features of planting in a greenhouse

A polycarbonate shelter helps protect a capricious crop from aggressive external Wednesday. The area of ​​the greenhouse has strict boundaries and frames, so it is extremely important to use the allocated space optimally.

The distance between the bushes in the greenhouse

При высаживании придерживайтесь рекомендаций

When planting, follow the recommendations

There is a category of varieties that are recommended to be grown strictly in greenhouse conditions, usually they include self-pollinated varieties, which are capable of independent reproduction. At what distance can I plant tomatoes in a greenhouse? In order to save space in the greenhouse, it is better to choose tall types of tomatoes, such varieties grow up, and do not throw their creepers in the garden. A gap of 30-40 cm is considered the most optimal distance among tomatoes. If you plant medium or low-growing species, then you should increase this distance to 50-60 cm.

Tatyana Orlova (Candidate of Agricultural Sciences):

When planting tomatoes in a greenhouse, seedlings cannot be planted because they save space close to the glass surface, film or polycarbonate. On hot sunny days, leaves coming in contact with this surface will get burns. And condensation can cause fungal diseases of the leaves.

If you decide to minimize the gap between the tomato bushes, you should give yourself the report is that you’ll have to pinch tomatoes, otherwise it will be limited to access of sun rays to the plant. As for the distance between the beds, you should not reduce it without urgent need.

It is best to plant tomatoes along the greenhouses, start from the east and move west, in no case across. provide the maximum amount of light that will penetrate the walls of the greenhouse.The most successful layout of 3×6 seedlings, it involves placing 3 rows of six beds. So you will provide free access to each plant, which will simplify the process of care as much as possible.

Features of planting in open ground

We turn to the process of placing seedlings in open ground and get acquainted with the schemes planting tomatoes:

  • Square-nested
  • Ribbon-nested
  • Multi-line

So at what distance do you need to plant tomatoes in the open field?The simplest and most understandable way to place tomato beds in two or three rows, while the distance between the rows should be at least 40 cm. This option will be ideal for medium-sized tomatoes. If you grow lower varieties, then it makes sense to increase this interval to 50 cm. According to gardeners, this scheme simplifies the process of watering the bushes as much as possible. You can simply put a hose with water between the rows.

As for the distance between the rows, it should be made wider than the greenhouse, make it at least 70-80 cm. This island is needed so that the gardener can freely approach to any plant.

Growing in a trench

It is no secret that tomatoes are not only heat-loving, but also moisture-loving plants. It is because of this feature that many gardeners plant a culture in trenches. In order for such a decision to be successful, it is necessary to correctly determine the dimensions of the trench. Recommended dimensions can be determined using the usual shovel.

  • The width of the trench should be approximately equal to the width of the bayonet of the shovel
  • The depth of the dug opening should easily fit the tip of the shovel

After the trench of the right size has been excavated, you need to water it abundantly and only after that place the prepared seedlings in it.

The advantage of this method is that the water will linger longer than usual, which will save time on irrigation .

Tatyana Orlova (Ph.D. S.-kh. Sciences):

However, during heavy rains, such a trench will completely take up water and lead to the soaking of the tomato.To keep moisture in the garden after watering, just hold it under a 5-10 cm thick mulch layer.

So, we have figured out how far to plant tomatoes in the greenhouse. Choosing the right distance is an important preparatory step in growing tomatoes. Do not neglect this stage, otherwise it will negatively affect the quantity and quality of the future crop.

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