What to do if cucumbers rot in a greenhouse

What to do if cucumbers rot in a greenhouse


Often gardeners are faced with decaying cucumbers in the greenhouse. They become moldy and become unusable. Subsequently, the vegetable yield decreases. The main problem is that rot quickly spreads to neighboring bushes of cucumbers.

  1. White rot
  2. Methods of struggle
  3. Gray rot
  4. Methods of struggle
  5. Stem rot
  6. Methods of control
  7. Rot at the ovary
  8. Methods of control
  9. Brown spotting
  10. Methods of control
  11. Prevention
  12. Conclusion

Причины гниения огурцов в теплице

Causes of decay of cucumbers in the greenhouse

If you do not start to fight against this disease, the situation may become next year yet Therefore, preventive measures must be taken and treatment started on time.

White rot

Formed on stems, leaves, fruits.

Subsequently, excessive moisture occurs in the greenhouse. The first sign is wet spots that start near the root and rise to the leaves. In their place there is a growth. Outwardly, it resembles cotton wool.

Gradually grows and grows in size. After with a growth, mucus begins to drip. It is able to hit neighboring bushes of cucumbers.

Gradually turns into black spots located along the entire length of the vegetable. It affects the entire plant and destroys the entire crop.

Methods of struggle

The main rule is to deal with pathology immediately. Stop watering and fertilizing for at least 1 week. This will reduce moisture.

Treat the whole soil where the cucumbers are grown with a soap-manganese solution. If the plant is affected by more than 40% white rot, it should be completely removed. The place where the bush was cut, sprinkle with lime. It is advisable to cultivate the soil near the root.

Create conditions under which the fungus cannot actively develop:

  • the average temperature in the greenhouse is about 17-19 ° C;
  • ventilate the room daily to reduce humidity;
  • use special antiseptic solutions for processing.

Folk remedies will help in the treatment. One of them is a whey solution. Observe the proportion 3: 7, where 3 is serum, 7 is water. It is advisable to add 1 teaspoon of copper sulfate.

Before processing, harvest from healthy bushes. Next, spill the bed with a solution. If the affected bushes have not been destroyed before this point, then remove and burn them immediately after watering.

Among the chemicals are the effective Oksikhom and Topaz. They are sprayed with cucumber lashes once a week. In a bucket of water, it is necessary to dilute 1015 g of the first drug or 1 ampoule of the second. They act quickly, so after a week they will give the first positive results.

Gray Rot

The causative agents of the disease are uncleaned plant debris. The affected parts of the cucumbers are preserved on them. Conidia form at the site of sclerotia.

Gray rot on cucumbers in a greenhouse initially appears on leaves and stems. It looks like blurry slippery spots. May affect fruits that become soft, watery. A gray fluff appears on them.

Methods of struggle

Больное растение придётся удалить

A diseased plant will have to be removed

The first thing to do is to stop watering. If the fungus has already hit the stems, they are sprinkled with chalk-copper powder. In the case when most of the plant is affected, the bush is removed. Its place is sprinkled with crushed coal or wiped with a copper solution.

If the fruits are damaged, they are eliminated, and the bush is sprayed with a special solution. It consists of urea, copper sulfate, and zinc sulfate.

Common remedies for combating gray rot:

  • a solution of wood ash and copper sulfate in a ratio of one glass of ash to 1 spoon vitriol;
  • a liquid solution based on copper sulfate – 25 grams of copper per 5 liters of warm water;
  • a mixture of 1 gram of gray zinc, 7 grams of copper sulfate, 7 grams of urea and 7 liters of water ;
  • the chalk mixture in liquid in the form in a ratio of 1: 1.

Special chemicals will help.The most popular among them are “Hom”, “Rovral” “Barrier”, “Euparen multi”, “Rovral” or “Bayleton.”

Each remedy is effective not only in the struggle. It can be used for prophylactic purposes.

Stem rot

Subsequently, watering occurs with cold water or abundant top dressing with minerals. The flowers of the plant are quickly removed and fall even before the formation of the ovary. Leaves quickly turn yellow and dry during fruiting. The root stem turns yellow and becomes cracked.

Control Methods

If you find signs of a stem or root fungus, immediately destroy the affected bushes. Then treat the plant with a solution. It must be made of the following components:

  • 1 teaspoon of honey;
  • 3 tablespoons of chalk;
  • 30 grams of wood ash;
  • 500 ml of water.

Mix the ingredients until smooth and completely dissolved. Water only the soil with the product. It is impossible that droplets of solution fall on the leaves or the stem.

Be sure to remove the topsoil (about 5-10 cm) near the affected area. Treat the remaining soil with a special chlorine-based product. You can spray the soil with copper sulfate. It is mixed with formalin solution and thiophos.

An effective method of “rejuvenation” is suitable. The affected bushes of cucumbers remove the roots. The stem is rooted in the soil, which is treated with fungicides.

Rot at the ovary

Сильные перепады температуры могут стать причиной болезни

Strong changes in temperature can cause the disease

It all starts with yellowing of the petals. Further, the ovaries and stem rot. The causes of the disease may be a tight fit or improper placement of cucumber bushes. The lack or excess of trace elements negatively affects the development of the plant. Strong temperature drops, high humidity – excellent conditions for the development of rot in the ovary.

Methods of control

Basically, the treatment is the same as with other types of rot. It is necessary to remove the rotten ovaries. The place of their slices is carefully treated with a manganese-oxygen solution. Potassium can be added to it.

Another method of treatment is spraying. To do this, take 0.4% copper chloroxide or 1% Bordeaux liquid. Be sure to monitor the number of ovaries on 1 bush. Their number should not exceed 25 pieces. Otherwise, remove the excess.

Brown spotting

A fungal disease that affects the fruit. If the humidity is exceeded, it affects seedlings, leaves, stems.

The first signs of brown spotting are small watery spots. They increase in size quickly (in a day, the diameter can increase by 2-5 mm). The skin is cracking, pimples protrude on the fruits. Subsequently, cucumbers rot, and the disease is transmitted to neighboring bushes.

Methods of struggle

To eliminate brown spotting, certain procedures must be done. Methods of controlling the disease:

  • at the first sign of damage remove the topsoil;
  • ventilate the greenhouse or greenhouse;
  • reduce the amount of watering.

Bordeaux fluid gives good results. This is a mixture of copper sulfate and milk of lime. Keep the ratio – 300 grams of copper sulfate and 400 grams of lime. Add 2-3 liters of hot or warm water. After preparation, the solution is not diluted with water. Otherwise, it will be stratified and will not produce the desired results.


Cucumbers often rot in the greenhouse due to non-compliance with hygiene standards. It is necessary to ventilate the greenhouse at least once a week. New oxygen promotes better growth of cucumbers and slows down the development of the fungus.

Follow these preventive measures:

  1. Water as needed. The optimum water temperature is 20-23 ° C. Before watering, check the soil so that it is not excessively dry or wet.
  2. Follow the rules of crop rotation. Do not plant cucumbers after pumpkins, zucchini and squash. They are affected by similar diseases and rot.
  3. After removing the infected bushes, sanitize the greenhouse. Wash all windows and walls with soapy water. Treat the soil with bleach.
  4. Before planting, treat the soil and seeds. An effective remedy is manganese solution.
  5. Regularly inspect all plants in the greenhouse. Thus, rot can be noticed even at the initial stage.

Do not forget about the compatibility of different vegetable crops.

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Near the cucumbers, plant dill, corn, salad, spinach. They stimulate the growth of fruits.


Rotting cucumbers with rot is a common occurrence in gardening. The fungus does not require special conditions for development. It’s hard to get rid of. But an effective method is to remove affected bushes from the root.

The main thing is to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room. After all, their excess is an excellent environment for the development of rot.

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