What to do so that the bow does not turn yellow in the garden

Many gardeners, especially those who are just starting to produce food, are asking a logical question: what to do to keep the onions from turning yellow? How can I fix this situation in the shortest time?

  1. Why onion leaves turn yellow
  2. Yellowing of the pen due to drought
  3. What to do in such situations
  4. Pests causing yellow onion
  5. Tobacco thrips
  6. Onion moth
  7. Onion fly
  8. Stem nematode
  9. Lack of nitrogen
  10. How to make a solution
  11. Onion plant disease
  12. Conclusion <

Почему желтеет лук

Why onions turn yellow

Many diseases garden crops, including onions, undergo such an ailment. Yellowing is not a temporary phenomenon. And if you do not pay enough attention to such symptoms, you can ruin the entire crop.

Why onion leaves turn yellow

Onions are a capricious crop that tolerates temperature changes, long rains and droughts. But, despite these characteristics, from time to time gardeners notice that the feather of a young onion in the garden turns yellow. This manifests itself in different ways: it can be covered with small yellow spots, perhaps its tips just dry out, the stem falls, etc. In such situations, you first need to find out what is the reason that the onion turns yellow?There may be several:

  • inclement weather;
  • pests;
  • lack of nitrogen;
  • diseases.

Yellowing of the pen due to drought

The first reason that yellowing of the bow comes from is the usual drought, which is typical for many regions.

The lack of rainfall and a normal irrigation system, high temperature lead to the onset of sap flow in the onion, but despite this, the ability to increase mass is not lost.

Another side of this reason relates to those gardeners who, not knowing the landing dates, put the plant too early. Fluctuations in the temperature background (freezing on the ground) can adversely affect immature pagans, and the gardener can observe the yellowing of the onion.

What to do in such situations

If the cause is drought Then you need to organize a full watering of the plant. The absence of rain for a long time should not cause the entire crop to be destroyed. A well-designed irrigation system helps to avoid yellowness. They also suggest using folk remedies for plant restoration. As an option – sprinkle with wood ash (fertilizer) bulbs whose leaves turn yellow: per 1 sq. Km. 500 g of ash are used.

Another way to recover is to dilute the ash solution to spray and water the bulbs.The calculation is as follows: 500 g of ash is diluted for 10 liters of water, all this must be insisted for 3-5 days, be sure to stir the solution. The yellow tips and leaves will not be green even after using the fertilizer, but a similar treatment helps the plant to get out of stress.

Pests that cause onion yellowness

Yellowing of the onion feather – it is nothing but a reaction to the action of some insect pests. The onion withers very quickly due to the attack of certain pests:

  • tobacco thrips;
  • onion moth;
  • onion fly;
  • stem nematode.

To save plants, you need to know what method you can deal with each type of pest. Today there is no universal means of combating all garden pests, each species has its own weapon of extermination.

Tobacco thrips

One of the signs of yellowing of feathers may be parasitism of this insect. Tobacco thrips is a very dangerous pest, as it can harm not only this vegetable, but also a number of other crops. The size of the tris is quite small, it is even inferior to aphids, although the principle of parasitization is similar to that of aphids, it draws all the juice from the plant and as a result the bulb withers and decays. It can winter in the soil, bulbs, even those that are left for sowing, therefore, if the onion sets begin to turn yellow in a well-watered and cultivated area, the reason is apparently in thrips.

How to deal with this pest? Professional gardeners recommend a very simple prevention: before planting, seeds must be treated with hot water. Its temperature should be 42-46 ° C, time costs – 10-15 minutes. Initially, onion seeds are dipped in warm water, then cooled in cold. Trisis cannot survive such procedures.

If it appeared already in the garden after planting, then chemical means for controlling insects can be used: they are able to help permanently get rid of the pest. If the onion on the bed turns yellow and the reason is in the tobacco tris, the earth must be treated with preparations such as Confidor Maxi or Spark.

Onion Moth

This insect is very quickly manifests itself when it is sunny and hot outside. His appearance explains why the bow turns yellow, or rather, the tips of the pen. Initially, the upper part of the plant changes color from green to yellow, then the leaves completely fade. If yellow spots appear on them already in the spring in May or at the beginning of summer in June, then this indicates that the plant is slowly falling under the harmful influence of onion moths. It looks like an ordinary (standard) moth and parasitizes at night. But you need to fight not with butterflies, but with caterpillars, because it is they that cause the greatest harm to the plant.

Moth can lay eggs in the ground next to root crops. From these eggs soon, small caterpillars appear up to 1 m long.These caterpillars very quickly penetrate the leaves, eat them out from the inside, because of which the yellowing of the feather is observed, after which the next stage of transformation occurs and an adult individual moth appears, which can winter on the garden.

How to deal with moths? Initially, you can use standard folk remedies. You need to use the following: oven ash, an infusion of garlic or tobacco, all this negatively affects the mole. But if this option does not help, then the plant must be treated with the preparations “Iskra”, “Metaphos”. The main condition – before spraying the garden, be sure to make sure that it will not rain in the near future, because if the product is washed off, the actions performed can be considered in vain.

Why does the bow turn yellow?

Onion fly

These insects are regarded as the most dangerous. These are larvae that feed on all onion varieties, including the most popular and adored family variety. The appearance of a fly will be an explanation of why the young onion turns yellow in the garden. If the gardener notices that the onion feathers have turned yellow and dried up, measures must be taken as soon as possible, because the threat is not a separate root crop, but a whole crop. drugs. You can still do prevention, for this, next to the onion bed, you can plant parsley, dill or carrots. The fly simply does not tolerate this aroma, therefore it either disappears or lays eggs elsewhere.

Another option for dealing with onion flies is to feed and fertilize the soil with saline or ammonia. It is enough to dilute 200 g of salt in 10 l of water and in addition ammonia (it needs a small amount). It is possible to spray the garden with this solution only in the most hopeless situations, because it is very detrimental to the soil.As a preventive measure, you can spray the feathers of bulbous root crops.

Stem nematode

Does the onion in the garden turn yellow and do the rest of the plants feel normal? The reason here is the appearance of the pest: the garden is flooded with the worm “stem nematode”. The dimensions of this worm are very small, but there is a lot of harm from it. Due to the stem nematode, the process of decay of the green onion begins to occur, as well as the leaves turn yellow and sores appear on them. The main problem is that this parasite greatly affects the turnip on the bed, and it can live in any soil for many years.

There are good folk remedies in order to fight the pest. One of the preventive options is salt water or just hot water. Pagons must be processed before disembarkation in one of the waters, if it is salty, then for 20 minutes, if hot – for 10 minutes. If the root crop that has already been planted dries, then it is possible to treat it with tincture of the brachis: it is necessary to carefully water the root of the plant, after which the stem nematode dies and yellowing stops, the plant is being restored.

Lack of nitrogen

In this case, one completely logical question arises: how to feed an onion plant, because it is very simple to diagnose this condition. Not only the bulb, but also all other cultures that are located near the onion fall into the radius of the lesion.The ends of the leaf turn yellow and dry in them in a short time, they become more faded, the fruits change shape and seem to shrink.

Even in this case, you can observe the bending of the leaves, spots appear on them like lichens. Often this is caused by a long rainy season or by the fact that the garden is watered very much. Then useful substances are simply washed out from the upper ball of the earth into the depths, where they become inaccessible to the roots. For a good crop, plants need to be fed. If the onion feather turns yellow in places, darkening and pronounced lethargy of arrows appear on it, it is time to undertake the preparation of fertilizer.

When the onion is yellowing and the reason for this is a lack of nitrogen, fertilizers must be applied to cure the onion plant. Careful and proper care will help to quickly restore normal condition. Professionals warn that non-compliance with dosage and excessive nitrate nutrition triggers active vegetative processes. That is, the gardener will observe a rapid increase in green mass, which develops to the detriment of the root crop. This is bad initially when planting onions or family onions, because planting such varieties provides a good rich harvest.

How to make a solution

The solution consists of the following ingredients:

  1. Food waste (they must be of vegetable origin: peeling from vegetables, coffee or tea grounds, etc.).
  2. Green grass, thanks to which you can get additional vitamins.
  3. Weeds, if not, seeds are also suitable.
  4. Straw, hay.

Water is poured into a large container, ideally it will be rainy, and everything that we managed to collect is added:

    • hay;
    • grass;
    • peeling vegetables;
    • crystallized honey;
    • expired condensed milk;
    • sour wine;
    • a few tablespoons of sugar.


This mixture must be thoroughly mixed, then left until active fermentation begins, which will be confirmed telstvo strong aroma. If it is hot outside, then for the ready state the solution will need several days (up to 5), if the weather is cool, it takes 1.5-2 weeks. Next, 1 liter of nitrogen fertilizer is taken, diluted in 10 liters of water, and an onion plant is watered with it.

It is best to fertilize the root crop in the garden during rain or when the ground is still wet. If it is hot outside and no rain is expected, then the garden must first be watered. Plus, urea, which many people know as urea, is used as mineral fertilizer. It must be used very carefully, as it contributes to the appearance of fungi.

The product provides high-quality care, because if the bulb, due to certain conditions, does not receive any useful components, you can see yellow leaves, spots, etc.

Diseases of an onion plant

If the onion turns yellow, it is quite possible that the development of some disease is manifested in this way, and there are a lot of inherent in this plant culture. The most common diseases are bacterial rot, rust, etc.

These diseases are caused by bacteria and fungi that can spread through poor-quality planting material, so the first thing to do is to prevent the propagation of pests, it will be enough carry out simple preventive actions. Sevka needs to be sorted out and the damaged bulbs removed from the total mass.

There is a nuance regarding decorative onions: during the cultivation of this variety, all the indicated processing methods must be used so that it does not turn yellow or stains.

Onions that turn yellow in the sun can be considered healthy, but only when they are harvested and dried for storage. In all other cases, if observed:

  • instead of green, a yellow feather;
  • leaves fall to the ground;
  • the tips of the feathers turn yellow –

the onion plant needs careful care. In order not to establish the reason why the yellowing began, the problem must be destroyed in the bud. For this, proper care of the site and the plant is enough. Do not forget that you need to feed him in time for better growth.


It is important to remember that the reason why the onion turns yellow is the main factor in choosing additional tools that will help make the onion feather healthy and the crop rich. Ashes are sprinkled on the bed, thereby fertilizing it, as a result, the plant begins to receive good nutrition.

Why the crop does not grow, why the onions began to turn yellow, why plantings do not live up to expectations – there is only one answer to all the questions: it’s a disease, and they have only one hope: thorough care timely watering with medicines from the stolons of the farmer.

What to do so that the bow does not turn yellow in the garden
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