Wheat germ oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

People learned about the amazing power of wheat germ and oil from it
long. In them, nature has concentrated a simply unique complex
vitamins, biologically active substances, lipids, minerals and essential
amino acids for life. And now these herbal products are popular.
as assistants in the treatment of many diseases, as well as actively
used in cosmetology.

Real wheat germ oil must be
thick and have a strong aroma. It should have a color of brown
to pale amber. To be able to see the oil, it is worth
pay attention to glass light bottles.

You can store the oil in a tightly closed bottle in a dark and cool
location. When stored properly, this product can be used
for 3 months.

Traditionally, germ oil is used as a dressing for a variety of
green salads. Also, this product can be added to other culinary
dishes – cereals, side dishes. But we must remember that for culinary use
oil is not recommended to be heated above 60 degrees, because
in this case, the product will lose its nutritional and biological value.

Wheat germ oil, of course, is very high in calories, like the rest.
vegetable oils. But it normalizes lipid and carbohydrate metabolism,
which means it can be used by people suffering from overweight.

Useful properties of wheat germ oil

Composition and presence of nutrients

Wheat germ oil has a high nutritional and biological
value, being truly unique in biochemical composition
and the healing properties of a natural product. Its cost price
production is quite high (for cold pressing 250
grams of this oil must be processed more than a ton of grain).

The oil contains irreplaceable, not synthesized by human
body amino acids,
fatty polyunsaturated acids, water- and fat-soluble vitamins,
anti-inflammatory allantoin, having
high antioxidant
activity squalene (2-3%), octacosanol, about 20 different macro-
and trace elements.

This oil differs from other vegetable oils in its high
(more than 70%) and the most balanced content of polyunsaturated
acids. It also contains saturated acids in less

A distinctive feature of this oil is its high content
“Vitamin of youth” tocopherol (E) – only 100 g contains
up to 400 mg of this natural antioxidant.

This herbal product is also rich in vitamin
D, which plays an extremely important role in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus
– minerals “responsible” for the health of teeth, joints and bones.

The germ oil also contains beta-carotene, which in the body
converted to vitamin A.

In addition, this oil is a source of B vitamins.
It also differs in a rather high zinc content,
which takes part in fat, protein, carbohydrate metabolism
and hematopoiesis, in the synthesis of digestive enzymes and insulin.

The selenium contained in the oil, like zinc, has a beneficial effect on
the process of spermatogenesis and enhances attraction.

The oil also contains the natural antioxidant squalene
– possessing pronounced wound healing, immunostimulating,
antifungal and bactericidal properties.

Useful and healing properties

Wheat germ oil can significantly improve performance
heart and blood vessels and even blood composition. It contains a number of substances
contributing to the complex combination of strengthening the walls of blood vessels,
as well as normalizing blood pressure and reducing the level of bad cholesterol,
preventing the formation of plaques on the walls of blood vessels and warning
blood clots.

Zinc, vitamin E, manganese, and allantoin inhibit the development of
inflammation in different parts of the cardiovascular system. Unique
antioxidant complex of vitamins E and A, octacosanol and squalene
protects the heart and blood vessels from the harmful effects of free radicals.
Also, germ oil has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes.
in the myocardium, and its constituent calcium and phosphorus participate
in the regulation of the rhythm and strength of heart contractions. It is also rich
germ oil, substances that play an extremely important role in the process
synthesis of hemoglobin – a protein of erythrocytes, which is “responsible” for
transporting oxygen from the lungs to the brain, heart and others
organs. Has a beneficial effect on the heart, blood
and vessels, oil is useful in the prevention and treatment
hypertension, diabetic retinopathy, anemia, atherosclerosis,
ischemic disease, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, hemorrhoids.
When consumed consistently, germ oil is excellent
a means of preventing strokes and heart attacks.

Also, oil can improve the condition of the reproductive system. Phytosterols
help to normalize hormonal balance, as they are
essentially precursors of sex hormones. Polyunsaturated acids
have a protective effect against sperm and eggs.
Zinc, vitamin E, manganese and selenium in a complex combination help
increase in potency, affect the process of spermatogenesis.

It should be noted that zinc also significantly reduces the risk of
development of adenoma
and is a stimulant of the production of male testosterone, whose reduced
level is the cause of many sexual dysfunctions. Exactly
this “hormone of masculinity” determines sexual behavior, provides
a surge of sexual energy, helps to improve erection and increase
potency, and also significantly determines some of the features

Wheat germ oil also has a beneficial effect on
the sexual sphere of women. Vitamins of group B, E, estrogen-like
phytosterols, manganese and zinc support optimal hormonal
balance, normalize the ovarian cycle and prevent development
inflammation of the processes in the organs of the reproductive system. This causes
the feasibility of using oil in the prevention and treatment
infertility and various gynecological diseases.

Introducing germ oil into the diet is beneficial
during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Vitamin E, folic
acid, polyunsaturated acids, vitamin D, zinc, manganese and
iodine are substances necessary for the full development of the baby
in a woman’s body.

Vitamin E is able to protect the genetic apparatus of embryonic cells
from mutations caused by the action of toxic substances free
radicals and harmful radiation. Consuming oil on a regular basis is beneficial
and for breastfeeding – because it helps to increase lactation
and improves the quality and even the taste of milk. Will be of great benefit
the use of this oil during pregnancy and after childbirth. Regular
lubrication of the abdomen and chest area helps to maintain elasticity
and elasticity of delicate skin, preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

Wheat germ oil is useful for the entire digestive system.
It is able to normalize the acidity of gastric juice, has
wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect on mucous membranes
Gastrointestinal tract and prevents the development of inflammation in the liver, biliary
pathways and gallbladder, and also has a hepatoprotective effect.
In this regard, an oil that eliminates constipation and heartburn, normalizes
balance of microflora, has long been used as a means
prevention of ulcers, gastritis,
esophagitis, gastroduodenitis, dysbiosis, colitis, cholecystitis,
enterocolitis, hepatitis, and is also used in the treatment of these ailments.

Wheat germ oil is considered a beneficial food for sufferers
from sugar
diabetes. It contains substances necessary for the synthesis of insulin.

Regular consumption of oil is also recommended:

  • for
    strengthening immunity and preventing premature
  • for diseases of the endocrine system, central and peripheral
    nervous system, with insomnia, to increase resistance to
  • with an increased need for vitamin E;
  • as part of a program to combat overweight;
  • during the period of severe rehabilitation after operations, serious illnesses
    or undergoing chemotherapy;
  • as part of a program for cleansing from toxins, heavy metal salts
    and toxins.

And the external use of oil is advisable:

  • for
    improving the condition of hair and skin;
  • for diseases and injuries of the skin (cuts, wounds, burns, eczema,
    neurodermatitis, psoriasis,
  • after plastic surgery, with the “sagging” of the skin, appeared
    as a result of a rapid decrease in body weight;
  • to relieve pain from bruises and arthritis.

Use in cosmetology

Wheat germ oil, rich in substances that have a beneficial effect on
on the condition of hair and skin, has long been widely used
in cosmetology.

When used externally, this oil has a variety of cosmetic
act. So, it normalizes the water-lipid balance of the skin,
softens and nourishes the skin, protects it from drying out and flaking,
as they actively prevent moisture loss.

Wheat germ oil also prevents premature
aging associated with age-related hormone imbalance or excessive
exposure to UV rays. In addition, this herbal product improves
skin color, preventing the appearance of age spots, as well as providing
whitening effect on the skin.

The oil tones and refreshes, improves the relief and structure of the skin,
increases its elasticity, helps to smooth wrinkles, eliminate
stretch marks of the skin.

Also, the wheat germ product soothes the sensitive
and even irritated skin. It can cleanse the skin of impurities,
promoting exfoliation of dead skin cells, normalizing
secretion of the sebaceous glands, helping to narrow the pores, preventing inflammation

The germ oil also helps in strengthening the subcutaneous capillaries,
preventing the development of rosacea and the appearance of “spider veins”.

With this oil, you can prevent the appearance of cellulite
deposits, as it is able to normalize lymphatic drainage, and
microcirculation of blood in the subcutaneous fat layer.

Wheat germ oil is also used as an excellent
care products for withering, mature dry, coarse, flaky,
irritated, cracked skin. Among other things, this
herbal product is suitable for eye skin care, gives
firmness, tone and elasticity of the décolleté skin.

Germ oil stimulates hair growth by improving blood circulation
hair follicles, prevents the appearance of gray hair, and is also capable of
normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the skin on the head, restores
cuticle structure, making hair silky and shiny.

It is worth noting that wheat germ oil, due to its consistency,
rarely used neat, undiluted. So, as an independent
this product is applied only to small rough, flaky,
inflamed areas, nasolabial folds, wrinkles in the corners
eyes, in the forehead, chapped lips. Most often it is oil,
“Heavy” in consistency, used for cosmetic purposes in a mixture
with other, “light” oils.

In home cosmetology, this oil is used for mineral
and vitamin enrichment of finished cosmetic products (balms
for lips, creams, masks, shampoos, etc.), and also used in

  • component of homemade creams, applications, masks, removers
    makeup and skin cleansing;
  • component of oils for conventional and anti-cellulite massage;
  • care products for sensitive and delicate baby skin;
  • transport (base) oil in aromatherapy;
  • products for strengthening nails and hair care;
  • antioxidant for oils with low antioxidant content
    and short shelf life.
Wheat germ oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties
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