When and how to feed tomato seedlings with yeast

When growing tomatoes on their own at home, many gardeners think about how to feed tomato seedlings with yeast. This method is gaining more and more popularity every day, therefore it raises a lot of questions.

  1. Benefits of Yeast Nutrition
  2. Recipes for fertilizer with yeast
  3. Basics of feeding
  4. Rules for yeast feeding

Подкормка рассады помидоров дрожжами

Topping tomato seedlings with yeast

The benefits of yeast fertilizing

The application of fertilizer to the soil layer during the cultivation of tomatoes plays a key role in increasing the plant’s vitality and strengthening its resistance to infections and pests. Yeast culture does not occupy the last place among the additional nutrients of the plant.

At the stage of cultivation of tomato seedlings, 2 top dressings are usually carried out using yeast:

  • initial, one week after the process of pickling seedlings in a container with a large volume,
  • secondary, for the weekly interval before planting seedlings in the ground.

Reviews of gardeners about the need to feed seedlings with yeast indicate that such additional nutrition even in at the very beginning of the growing season is capable of bake yield of tomatoes in the future, as natural fertilizer yeast will prevent the accumulation in plant tissues unwanted biological synthetic fertilizers at the beginning of the development of vegetable crops.

In combination with vegetable ash, which is characterized by a high content of potassium and phosphorus, watering tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and flowering plants with a solution of dry food yeast can become a comprehensive feed.

Польза дрожжевой подкормки

Use of yeast top dressing

The yeast topier contains yeast fungi, which, when irrigated by their presence, provide activation of the vitality of the microflora of the soil layer, creating the best conditions for the growth of seedlings . When active components of yeast enter the soil, they start the process of processing organic substances, saturating it with compounds with nitrogen components.

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Watering tomato seedlings with top dressing from yeast, the gardener can feed his future crop and then get some advantages when growing a vegetable crop :

  • the viability of tomato seedlings increases,
  • prevents excessive stretching of plants after a dive even with a lack of natural light by providing additional energy,
  • there is an increase in the resistance of the culture to plant diseases and pests,
  • the formation of the necessary root system is activated due to an increase in the number of small roots.

The microelements useful for plants, which are part of the yeast fertilizer for seedlings of tomatoes and peppers, correctly structure the soil mixture, thereby preventing the development of bacteria and the propagation of viral infections.

Recipes for fertilizer with yeast

Reviews of gardeners mention 3 basic recipes that can be used when growing tomatoes and peppers.

  • In the first version, you can make an infusion of 0.5 l water at room temperature (you can slightly warmer) and 100 g of baker’s yeast. It is recommended to take water either well or filtered. The resulting solution before direct use is diluted in a ratio of 1 to 10.
  • In the second variant of preparation of the fertilizer, you will need only 10 g of dry product per bucket of water at room temperature or warmer. There add 2 tbsp. l sugar and left for the fermentation process for 3 hours. The resulting solution for irrigation of tomato seedlings is diluted in a ratio of 1 to 5.
  • The third option for using yeast for feeding tomato seedlings suggests making a mash of 100 g of yeast, 0.5 cups of granulated sugar and 3 liters of warm water. The mixed ingredients are covered on top of a jar (container) with gauze and placed in a warm dark place for a week to allow the fermentation process to take place. The resulting yeast solution can be diluted in a proportion of 200 ml per ordinary bucket of water.
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According to gardeners, the third recipe for top dressing for tomatoes with yeast is considered the most effective if you want to properly activate the growth of vegetable culture.

Basics of top dressing

Fertilizer of tomatoes with yeast is considered a biological stimulant for the growth of vegetable crops, since watering with this fertilizer ensures the active development of both the ground and underground parts of the plant using the hidden resources of the vegetable crop.

If you want to stimulate growth seedlings will be available About one feeding seedlings with yeast at the stage of growing still at home. For such watering, any of the three basic recipes for preparing fertilizer is suitable. Re-feeding the seedlings with yeast is carried out after a 2-3-week interval, when the seedlings will be replanted in open ground in beds or in protected ground in a greenhouse.

Правила проведения подкормки

Feeding rules

Do not rush to pour the solution with yeast left over after feeding tomato seedlings: it will become an excellent source of nutrients only for tomatoes and peppers, they can fertilize seedlings of cabbage, cucumbers and other vegetables, as well as feed blooming p asthenia to help pick up color indoor roses, garden asters, home geraniums and petunias.

The fungi present in the fertilizer with yeast are able to turn on their activity only under conditions of warm temperature, therefore it is advisable to water seedlings transplanted into open soil only after warming the earth to 16 ° C, no less. The cultivated seedlings of tomatoes and peppers at home can be sprinkled with yeast at any time, since the optimal warm temperature regime has been created for it.

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Rules for yeast dressing

To get rich it is advisable to fertilize the vegetable crop with yeast at least 3 times during the garden season:

  • primary is carried out a week later, after the tomatoes grown at home were planted in soil, the norm of yeast feeding is 0.5 l each young bush,
  • during the final rooting of tomato seedlings, the rate of consumption of yeast top dressing should be within 1 liter for each young plant,
  • in the period before the direct flowering of the bushes the required amount of fertilizer is prepared on yeast, is at least 2 liters per adult bush.

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Gardeners floor using different methods by means of yeast top dressing, some make liquid fertilizer according to well-known recipes and pour tomato bushes on them, while others prefer to lay dry yeast directly in the cavity formed in the soil, then fill it with soil and water it from above.

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