When do Indoor Eggs usually begin to lay

When do Indoor Eggs usually begin to lay

An indochka, or a musky duck, is not a mixture of turkey and duck, as is commonly believed, it is a separate, noteworthy breed of bird. What is famous for indoutka? First of all, it is worth saying that this bird carries eggs that can be eaten, while ordinary ducks cannot boast of such eggs. Also, this breed is considered meat, as it has a considerable mass.For example, a well-fed spleen can weigh about 5 kg. However, we will focus on the issue of egg production and find out the answer to the question of when do Indoor eggs begin to lay, how does the hatching process take place and how to organize the keeping of the bird at that time so that it rushes as fruitfully as possible.

  1. What time does the indoutka lay eggs
  2. How many eggs in one clutch
  3. Do you need an incubator for eggs
  4. We equip the house for the indocta
  5. Why the indo-nest does not hatch eggs
  6. Especially hatching eggs of the indo
  7. hatching eggs
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Когда индоутки начинают нести яйца

When the Indians start to lay eggs

At what time does an indole bear eggs

An indole is considered to be sexually mature at the age of about six months, or approximately 200 days from birth. However, fluctuations are allowed to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the conditions in which the bird was kept. It is worth saying that the Indochina prefers warm places, and if this request is fulfilled, then with a high degree of probability the bird will rush earlier than usual.Otherwise, if the house is cool or there is a draft, then it will take 1-2 months longer to wait for the first laying.

As for the egg laying time, the time of year will depend on many factors. The bird’s age is considered to be the most significant:

  • If the bird is not carried for the first time and does not belong to young animals by age, then most likely clutching will occur at the end of winter – in spring.
  • If we speak if it’s about a young bird, it’s worth waiting for the first eggs in late spring (March) – early summer (until the July period), sometimes later.

There are also differences in the time of egg laying . When are the Indians coming? If the usual domestic duck rushes at any time, then the physiology of the indoor duck works in such a way that the process usually occurs in the early morning and can last until noon. extremely rare). Spring and autumn masonry lasts about 2 months. In order to stimulate the process and make sure that the birds rush as fertile as possible, you can add special fortified foods to your food and create normal conditions. It should be noted that the above activities cannot always justify the result, because in one clutch there are not so many eggs.

How many eggs in one clutch

Indians live long, they can be called centenarians among poultry.If you take the average value, then they can live up to 20 years, but they can only take eggs from the first 6-7 years. As for productivity indicators, the indochka shows its maximum in the second year of active egg laying. In the future, indicators will fall every year by an average of 7-10%. Thus, if the turkey does not meet the expectations for the number of eggs in the clutch and does not carry as well as the owner expects, do not put an end to it and reject, it may not have reached the age at which it will lay the desired number of eggs.

Naturally, for insemination of eggs, the males must also be kept on the farm. They begin to start in parallel with the females. Usually their density should be correlated as follows: one male for 4-5 indole.

How many eggs are an indole per year? The number of eggs, how many eggs a single Indochka carries per calendar year, is from 80 to 140. Many farmers claim that this can be a fairly profitable business.

Do I need an incubator for eggs

One Indochka egg weighs about 70 g, in appearance it significantly exceeds the chicken. Both products are similar in color, as both are painted white. However, bluish inclusions can often be seen in the product supplied by the bird. The egg is oval, slightly dull from one end.

Since the females of this poultry are good hens, the percentage of hatched eggs is quite high.On average, they talk about 10-15 hatched chicks. Therefore, you can start to breed an egg not only in an incubator, but also in a natural way: use a hen and a nest. This will significantly reduce material costs and save space.

Speaking about the relative of the duck, it is impossible to say how long the offspring will hatch, since this depends on many factors. On average, it lasts about 30-40 days, just how much you need to leave a mother with chicks.

We equip the house for an indochka

Despite the fact that the indochka is considered an unpretentious bird, you need to take care of decent conditions in the house. Providing silence and warmth, poultry will be able to bring more eggs. It should be noted that in the immediate vicinity of the nests of poultry, nests of other birds cannot be located. The fact is that an indochka can quit hatching.

The most important thing is that the place where the eggs are hatched is warm. The simplest thing you can do is put the hen in a cardboard box. At the bottom you need to lay a bed of hay so that the eggs are warm.

The issue of nutrition is also important. A well-fed brood hen can hatch brood in a better quality. Combined feed with the addition of corn or grain is ideal for nutrition. The house must always have constant daily access to clean drinking water.The capacity should be so deep that the bird could swim there. In the same water, you can also wash freshly laid eggs in order to wash off a specific film from them. It is necessary to create such conditions so that there is no noise and dust near the place of keeping poultry.

Why doesn’t the hatching eggs

Even if the bird was laying eggs, a situation may arise in which she refuses to incubate. Why is this happening? Many factors can affect this:

  • It is not recommended to take eggs too quickly from the brood hens.
  • Parasites have fallen into the masonry place.
  • It may be that they started rats.
  • Too young or, on the contrary, a mature bird.
  • There are no normal conditions of detention.

Naturally, each deficiency in home maintenance will be corrected then the problem will be fixed as soon as possible. You can also try to trick a bird. To do this, lay the eggs in the place where the indole usually rests, it will certainly sooner or later sit on the nest.

It is worth saying that the duck can for some time throw eggs without looking, that is, stop them hatch and go for a walk. This is normal, because short-term cooling of eggs is a variant of the norm. It is important that the walk time does not last longer than 1 hour, after which the female should sit back to perch.

Peculiarities of hatching eggs of an indochka

Is the normal number of eggs that a given bird can hatch? – no more than 20 pieces. If for one reason or another there is more in the masonry, it’s worth picking up the extra ones, although a slight fluctuation is allowed up or down, depending on the size of the eggs.

It also happens that the bird did not lay eggs all at once. Then you need to mark those that appeared first to first excommunicate them from the hen of them. It is necessary to utilize in time those eggs that have one or another defect. This could be a crack, abnormal color, or droppings. If the described bird does not stop hatching, it is likely that the defective egg will decompose and cause death of all offspring. It makes no sense to wait for the outcome without intervention.

The storage temperature of the eggs in the incubator, if you choose this method of egg storage, should be about 10 ° C, but they can be stored in such conditions for no more than 10 days. It is necessary to handle the masonry as carefully as possible so as not to damage them and then subject them to further hatching if necessary.

Hatching eggs

Understand that the hatching time is coming to an end, it is possible according to the characteristic cry that the female emits before hatching the chicks. This usually occurs on day 25. At this time, you need to provide the bird with maximum peace.After 3-5 days, you can check whether the chicks have hatched from eggs. If this is not done on time, then there is a chance that the female can peck her own cubs. In no case should you break the shell yourself.

At what age do ducks start trotting?

It often happens that not all chicks hatch at the same time, this can happen after a while, in which case you need to urgently pick up the chicks from the bird and give it the opportunity to hatch those who The owner must make sure that the place of keeping the young chicks is also warm and has all the necessary equipment for feeding and drinking birds.

As a conclusion

Now you know when they start not how many eggs are there per year and how to create better conditions for keeping it? This poultry shows good egg production if all conditions for keeping it are met. All you need is:

  • Provide rational feeding.
  • Patiently wait for the indonesians to enter.
  • Create warmth and silence in the house.
  • Control the development and maturation of eggs.

If all these conditions are met, in only one season the farm will be able to replenish with 10-15 new birds. The best result can be achieved only if every day to do everything possible for the welfare of the livestock, from the very beginning of the appearance of birds in the house to monitor when and how they started to race, pick up products on time and provide comfortable conditions for brood.

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