Which neighbors are favorable for cabbage

Which neighbors are favorable for cabbage


The favorable proximity of cabbage to other crops is the key to the normal development of the plant and a healthy harvest. Consider which crops you can plant cabbage near, and which neighborhood is detrimental to the crop.

  1. Culture Neighborhood Rules
  2. Neighbors for cabbage
  3. Adverse crops
  4. Planting methods
  5. Conclusion

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Neighborhood of cabbage

Rules for the neighborhood of crops

Planting several garden crops next to each other is very convenient: this saves space and care for crops is not In order for the neighborhood to be successful, you need to pay attention to several points:

  • Distance: Heads of cabbage can reach a decent size, so when planting they leave a place for growth in advance – approximately 30 cm from each plant.
  • Illumination. Crops such as zucchini, pumpkin, watermelon can cover small leaves with their leaves. sprouts of cabbage and not let them grow in. Adult heads of cabbage can also hide the sun’s rays in large and fleshy leaves.
  • Accessibility to moisture. If the site is flat, without cavities and elevations, watering is carried out regularly and at a certain time. It is better to plant cabbage in the middle of the beds, and direct the watering precisely at it: it is quite hygroscopic.
  • Feeding. Near cabbage bushes, it is advisable to plant vegetables that need similar top dressing. This is especially true for mineral and organic types of fertilizers.This saves the gardener time and makes caring for the crop a pleasure.

It is advisable to choose early ripe crops for planting: this will save space. Vegetables can be harvested when heads of cabbage are already forming.

Crops resistant to low temperatures are also allowed to be planted next to cabbage. The main thing is to leave a place on the bed for planting seedlings.

Do not forget about crop rotation. Cabbage releases microdoses of toxins into the soil. If you plant it there again, an overabundance of these substances will not allow the vegetable crop itself to grow normally. As a result, the fruits will be small, bitter and dangerous to eat.

Neighbors for cabbage

A great neighbor for the vegetable is garlic. The smell of its fruit repels pests, and it protects the plant.

Adjacent crops

There are few plants that are badly adjacent to cabbage, but they are not capable only weaken, but also completely destroy it.

  • Celery. He attracts the cabbage.
  • Fennel. Planting cabbage next to fennel is prohibited. The excreted substances from this vegetable crop inhibit the root system of cabbage, which is why both plants are not able to grow and develop normally. This is reflected in the level of yield and size of the fruit.
  • Tomatoes. Beds with tomato can pretty much harm the vegetable, as they accumulate rot. Tomatoes are especially prone to slugs, which quickly switch to cabbage seedlings.
  • Carrots. On the one hand, its root system is inhibited by cabbage, as a result, the roots rot, do not receive enough nutrients. On the other hand, vegetables suffer from similar diseases, they are attacked by the same pests. Carrots can be planted the next year after heads of cabbage. The soil is already enriched with the necessary amount of nutrients, which allows you to make less fertilizer.

Planting methods

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Thick head

There are 3 ways to plant cabbage:

  • Sealing the beds, where between the main crop is planted auxiliary. So, between the heads of cabbage you can plant dill.This will save space and reduce water consumption. Crops can help each other fight diseases and pests.
  • Planting in areas without long distance between crops. Thus, the risk of disease is reduced, more nutrients from the soil enter each culture.
  • Planting different plants at a distance of 70-80 cm from each other, to make it easier to loosen, weed and fight pests.

The second and third methods are more convenient. Plants do not overlap each other from the sun, water flows evenly to each crop. But there is a significant drawback: most of the soil can remain empty after picking early ripe vegetables.


In gardening, it is important to remember the proximity of crops. cabbage, and some prevent it from growing and developing, so the best crops for the neighborhood are potatoes, radishes, legumes, flowers, lettuce, etc. Carrots, celery, tomatoes are considered bad neighbors.

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