Which pumpkin is recognized as the largest in the world

Which pumpkin is recognized as the largest in the world

Pumpkin, due to its unpretentiousness, is spread all over the world and is annually grown by gardeners from different countries and prepared from it various dishes. today the largest pumpkin in the world weighs 1,190 kilograms.

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  1. About Giant Pumpkins
  2. Record Pumpkins
  3. Matthias Willemines
  4. Tim Matheson
  5. John and Kelsey Brysonov
  6. Beni Meyer
  7. Ron Wallace
  8. Edibility Indicators
  9. To summarize

Какая тыква признана самой большой в Мире

Which pumpkin is recognized as the largest in the World

About Giant Pumpkins

The varieties of the largest pumpkins are a special category, representatives of which can reach enormous sizes.

In America, Germany and a number of other countries hold an annual holiday where every farmer can boast of his unusual harvest.

Vegetables and fruits are huge, but the pumpkin usually makes an indelible and shocking impression on everyone. And all thanks to her ability to grow much more than other vegetables.

Record Pumpkins

Matthias Willemines

Farmer from Belgium was able to grow a pumpkin, the weight of which became 1190 kilograms. Matthias won the European Pumpkin Weighing Championships in Ludwigsburg.

She was listed in the Guinness Book of Records, defeating 134 kilogram Benny Meyer pumpkin.

Matthias as he himself admitted, did not expect such a success and was discouraged by his victory. The winner did not disclose the cultivation secrets, but he admitted that he was going to develop further in this direction.

Tim Matheson

Tim grew his future record holder, according to him, 105 days. At that time he lived off farming and timber trading. His pumpkin weighed 921 kilograms.

Tim won the California Giant Vegetables Contest. To this day, he enthusiastically participates in such events and annually takes pride of place. Such a passion for growing giant crops brings a steady income.

According to him, the victory lies in the careful care of vegetables, frequent watering and constant feeding.

John and Kelsey Brysonov

This married couple won the competition, which was held in 2011. A family from Canada managed to grow a vegetable weighing 824 kilograms.

Later they repeatedly tried to break their own record. The family hobby brought the couple celebrity and recognition.

Spouses say that their secret is careful soil care, frequent fertilizing and digging.

Beni Meyer

Тыква может достигать веса в одну тонну

A pumpkin can reach a weight of one ton

This 2014 winner presented a pumpkin at a competition whose weight reached 1,056 kg. Beni is a regular participant in such contests and is fighting for his victory until the end.

In 2014, he finally achieved the desired result – he got into the Guinness Book of Records. The victory was difficult for him, but it was pleasant and long-awaited.

Ron Wallace

In 2012, Ron grew a pumpkin with a record (at that time) weight of 911 kg.It is worth noting that this was not his first achievement.

Previously, he also participated in similar competitions. So, in 2006, his vegetable weighed 680 kilograms and took first place.

Ron says that he always takes care of his harvest with pleasure – this is the reason for his success.

Indicators of edibility

Experts recognize that giant pumpkins can be eaten.

  • In their consistency and composition, they are not inferior to their smaller counterparts.
  • From them you can cook all the same dishes as from ordinary pumpkins.
  • The fruits taste sweet, they often boil porridges and soups.

To summarize

Ce one of the people who grew the largest pumpkin in the World is Matthias Willemain, a record weight of a vegetable is 1190 kilograms.

In Russia, such competitions are held to grow giant vegetables, however, due to climatic and weather conditions, it will get huge fruits many times more complicated.

The most gigantic pumpkin weighing 907 kg.
Belgian farmer grew a 1.2 ton pumpkin
Top 25 the biggest pumpkin in the world

Despite this, we have our own champion in the country – this is Alexander Chusov, the weight of his pumpkin is 432 kilograms.

It’s worth noting It’s worth noting that such contests are held annually, and almost every time there are new winners setting the bar higher and higher.

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