Whitefish, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Whitefish is a genus of fish from the salmon family, isolated by some
researchers together with the white fish and nelma in a special
family of whitefishes (Coregonidae). Whitefish has a compressed body,
covered with scales of medium size, small mouth, in which
on the maxillary bones and vomer never occurs
teeth, and teeth on other parts or will soon disappear,
or, in any case, very poorly developed; maxillary
the bone does not extend beyond the eye. Sigi live in temperate
and cold countries of the northern hemisphere.

Whitefish is a very valuable fish that belongs to loved ones
a relative of the omul. However, unlike its famous
brother, it is found not only in Siberia. Shiga can be found
in many rivers and lakes, and not only in our country,
but also abroad.

Whitefish fish are very diverse and, not surprisingly,
after all, representatives of this species live in reservoirs throughout
planet. And the conditions of existence in different places are different.
As a result, it turns out that representatives of one and
of the same species become completely different. Scientists identify
a large number of forms of this fish. Some of them are more
known, some less. They differ in terms of
life, timing and places of spawning and to taste, of course,

Useful properties of whitefish

Whitefish fat contains a large amount of vitamins,
necessary for the normal functioning of the human body.
In particular, it is a vitamin
A supporting good vision and vitamin
D, responsible for strong bones.

Add great taste to this and you get
the same whitefish. By the way, these same qualities
other whitefishes are also different: omul, muksun, chir
and some others. However, the tastes of different fish, as indeed
and their different subspecies are significantly different.

Whitefish was and is being prepared a huge variety of different
dishes. Whitefish is good in any form: fried, dried, smoked,
boiled … When smoked, this fish is simply amazing,
and therefore in those areas where it is found in abundance,
this delicacy is sold everywhere. However, this is far
not the only way to make deliciously delicious
delicacy from this fish.

White tender whitefish meat is strongly deformed during cooking,
therefore this fish is simmered or fried. Part of the whitefish catch
goes to smoke; hot smoked whitefish are especially tasty.

Dangerous properties of whitefish

Whitefish is not advised to use in case of individual intolerance.
But allergies
this fish rarely causes, but still with an allergy to fish and seafood
with whitefish you need to be careful.

It is not recommended to use this fish in a slightly salted form, because
there is a risk of parasite eggs entering the body.

You also need to be careful about the quality of the product. Unreliable
sellers can sell fish that are contaminated with harmful metals.
It is imperative to subject the whitefish to thorough heat treatments.

This video shows one of the aquariums of the Voronezh Oceanarium, in which a flock of whitefish swims. This is a great opportunity to see this fish in “natural” conditions.

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Whitefish, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties
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