Why do cabbage seedlings wither leaves

Why do cabbage seedlings wither leaves

Cabbage is capricious in care and requires specific growing conditions. It does not form, head out and is strongly stretched if it lacks any substances. Consider what you need to do if cabbage seedlings wither.

  1. Causes of wilting
  2. Methods of treatment
  3. Control of the cruciferous flea
  4. Prevention <
  5. Conclusion

Увядание листьев у рассады капусты

Withering leaves of cabbage seedlings

Causes of wilting

There are several errors in care that cause the crop may begin to fade:

  • Excess moisture in the soil, causing the root system to rot and an impermeable crust to form in the soil. air exchange.
  • Neglect of loosening after each watering of the plant (this also forms a crust on the soil and blocks the flow of oxygen to the roots).
  • Violation of the drainage hole (clogging of the drain).
  • Too low soil temperature.
  • Unbalanced acid-base composition of the soil (ideally, it should correspond to 6-8 pH).
  • Lack of nutrients and substances (nitrogen, potassium, boron, iron, phosphorus).

But even under the most comfortable conditions, the plant sometimes continues to wither, losing leaves.

In this case, the reason lies in the disease of the seedling.The most common diseases that cause lethargy, thinning and death of seedlings are:

  • The black leg is the most dangerous fungal disease of cruciferous. In case of damage, the lower part of the stem darkens and begins to rot, which leads to the death of the culture.
  • Kila (root cancer) is a common fungal disease, manifested in the formation of growths and swelling on the root of the affected plant. The root system ceases to function fully, leaves wither and fall, heads of cabbage stop forming.

In addition to fungi, sprouts can also infect insects – cruciferous fleas. During spring warming, these pests begin to lay eggs, eating the upper layers of thin roots, stems and leaves of cabbage. In heat and drought, the pest population increases, and when a humid environment is created, it decreases. In most cases, fleas damage the growth point (top of the main shoot). Because of this, the shoots wither and die.

Methods of treatment

The choice of treatment depends on the causes of damage to the seedlings.

If the cabbage wilted due to insufficient care, it is first necessary to restore comfortable conditions for the development of the crop:

  • development of a regime for irrigation of seedlings taking into account its needs and stage of development;
  • mandatory loosening after each watering for proper air exchange;
  • creation of a drainage layer in containers with sprouts for better removal of excess moisture;
  • following the optimum temperature amplitude;
  • timely top dressing of the soil.

With fungal infection, an important m ment is prompt action. Infected plants cannot be treated – they are removed and burned. The remaining sprouts are treated with a solution of magnesium and not irrigated with water for several days, lime soil is mandatory.

The fungus remains in the soil for another 5-7 years, do not plant cruciferous plants in this place. For other crops, soil contaminated with fungus is not dangerous.

Fighting the cruciferous flea

Капуста вянет от вредителей

Cabbage withers from pests

In the case of the spread of cruciferous fleas, the following measures are taken:

  • dry pollination of leaves with wood ash and shredded tobacco embedded in a bag of gauze;
  • irrigation of the culture with organic infusions (garlic, potato tops, roots and leaves of a dandelion);
  • sheltering seedlings with a light non-woven material;
  • collecting insects on a sticky cloth attached to a stick (more effective not only in the maximum sunlight);
  • destruction of weeds spreading pests (shepherd’s bag, mustard, colza);
  • planting next to cabbage seedlings of plants that produce phytoncides (potatoes, tomatoes, dill, coriander, calendula);
  • spraying seedlings with insecticide solutions.


To prevent the withering of cabbage seedlings, special attention must be paid to the rules of planting the crop:

  • crop rotation (5 -6 years between planting cabbage in one place);
  • soil disinfection with bleach;
  • half-hour soaking of seeds in warm water (48-50 ° С) before planting;
  • soil treatment with Bordeaux liquid a week before planting and dusting the holes with wood resin;
  • loosening of moist soil during the growing season to develop the root system.

In order to fungal diseases preventions take the following measures:

  • a thorough check before planting the root system of the sprouts for damage and growths
  • deep digging of the soil in the autumn (fungal spores are destroyed);
  • the application of fertilizers containing calcium, ash and cumulus (colloidal sulfur) into the soil;
  • for soil already once infected with a fungus, reduce the amount of manure for fertilizing or completely replace it with mineral and calcium fertilizers;
  • timely removal of affected shoots and plant debris in;
  • spraying biological means (Fitolavin-300 Bactofit, Planriz);
  • use in rare cases, chemical means for processing soil directly before planting (fitosporin, Cumulus DF).

The best prevention of cruciferous fleas is harvesting weeds, autumn plowing of the soil and planting next to cabbage sprouts of plants that produce odor-repelling odors (phytoncides).

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The cultivation of cabbage requires careful care at all stages of its growth.Fungal diseases or pests can cause withering of the sprouts, cabbage seedlings will sometimes wither due to stress caused by adverse environmental conditions.

High-quality and timely prevention and methodical adherence to the cultivation standards ensure a healthy development of the crop and a rich harvest.

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