Why do tomatoes spin the top

If the top of the tomato begins to wither or curl, you should immediately determine what exactly causes the plant discomfort.

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Почему у томатов закручивается верхушка

Why do the tomatoes


Causes of the problem

Tomatoes immediately respond to inappropriate growth and development conditions. There are a lot of reasons why the tops are twisted. Consider the most common:

  • Damage to the roots during planting. A plant with a trimmed system weakens rapidly. Trimming the root is not so scary, because the roots will regenerate and the leaves will come to life.
  • Incorrect or insufficient application of fertilizing. Tomatoes need constant feeding. Once every 2 weeks, fertilizer must be applied both in the greenhouse and in the open area. Often the tops of tomatoes are curled from an overabundance of organic matter. If you make a lot of manure or compost, the plant begins to give all fertilizer to the green parts, forgetting about the fruits. Also, the plant begins to wither from insufficiently rotten manure.
  • Very high temperature. At high temperatures, the seedlings in the greenhouse begin to lose their attractive appearance. The upper leaves stop growing and begin to curl. To prevent this from happening, there should be air circulation in the greenhouse. To protect the plant, you can use a solution of urea. For him, take 1.5 tbsp. l urea and 10 liters of water. Leaves are treated with this product. You can also mulch. An 8-cm layer of grass will help the roots not to overheat.
  • The plant does not receive enough light, and the process of photosynthesis is slowed down. This adversely affects the growth and development of the vegetable crop.
  • Incorrect watering of tomatoes. From a lack of moisture, tomato leaves begin to curl even with the top trimmed. So they try to hold water in themselves. For proper watering, you need to take 1 bucket of water per 1 bush. It is necessary to water in several approaches, because if you pour in all the water at a time, it will flow without getting to the roots of the vegetable.
  • Twisting the tops of tomatoes provokes aphids and various bacterial infections. The fight against them must be carried out immediately after detection, in order to prevent the death of the plant.

    It is important not to overdo it when watering the plant: from the excess of moisture, the tops of the bushes also begin to turn yellow and curl. If the tomatoes are planted in the area where constant moisture is kept, you need to make channels to drain the water.

    Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

    One of the possible reasons for chopping and twisting the upper leaves on tomatoes are viral diseases, such as aspermia. To understand the nature of the disease, you need to remember that all fungal and bacterial diseases begin from the lower leaves, and viral from the upper.

Tomato leaves can be curled from being damaged by various pests.

One of the most common pests is aphids and whiteflies. They need to be fought as soon as possible to prevent serious diseases.


She hides under the leaves and feeds on their juice, which sometimes leads not only to twisting of the tops, but also to a change in the shape of the stem.

To combat aphids, both chemical agents and folk methods are used. It all depends on the damage site and the period of development of the tomatoes.

Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

During the season, under favorable conditions, aphids can give up to 10-12 generations! Therefore, do not think that getting rid of aphids at the beginning of summer, you have solved the problem forever. Watch for the appearance of winged aphids on your plants. Their appearance suggests that the aphids begin to spread again.


It is necessary to treat the aphid culture with chemical preparations, since they are completely removed from tomatoes through 25-30 days, therefore, fruits that have almost reached maturity should be picked and placed in a dark room until fully ripened.

To control the pest, you can use such insecticides as:

  • “Akarin.”For spraying take 8 ml of the drug and 1 liter of water.
  • “Biotlin”. It is used to destroy adults. Also, the drug prevents the reproduction of aphids. For processing use 5 ml of insecticide in 10 liters of water.
  • “Spark”. Strong drug. He fights not only with aphids, but also with other pests. For the solution, use 1 tablet of the drug per 10 liters of water.

In addition to chemicals, there are biological preparations that can be used 2 days before harvesting. These drugs are Fitoverm and Aktofit. The ampoule of the drug (4-6 ml) is diluted in 1 liter of water and the plants are treated with it.

All chemicals are used according to the instructions and at a temperature of at least 16 ° C. At lower drug does not work.

Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

The high temperature also negatively affects the effectiveness of the prepared preparation. As a rule, all chemical protective agents are prepared on a water basis. High air temperature contributes to the rapid evaporation of the substance. The drug simply does not even have time to act. Therefore, it is recommended to use plant protection products in the morning and evening hours, when the air temperature will be below +25 degrees.

In the greenhouse, all chemical treatments must be carried out with special care, in special clothing, the greenhouse after treatment is left open overnight.

Folk methods

От тли можно избавиться

You can get rid of aphids

As an alternative to chemical aphids, use folk methods. A good remedy is a soap solution. To prepare it, you need to:

  • grate a bar of laundry soap;
  • dissolve it in a small amount of water;
  • pour the finished mixture into 10 liters of water;
  • add 1 liter of water with boiled and strained ash.

Tomato leaves are treated with this product, not forgetting their lower part.

Helps in the fight against aphids and soap foam, which is used to wash damaged leaflets. You can also try to destroy the pests, washing them off with a strong stream of water.

The aphid does not tolerate garlic solution. For its preparation use 3 cloves of garlic and 0.5 tbsp. water. This remedy is insisted for 3 days, then filtered, added to 1 bucket of water and cultivated.

Folk remedies will benefit if used regularly: 1 time in 7-10 days.


To prevent the appearance of aphids, you need to dig 10-15 cm of soil in the autumn after harvesting.For the winter it is not leveled, but left loosened.

In spring, the area allocated for tomatoes is treated with a solution of fufanone. To prepare it, take 60 g of the drug and dilute it in 10 liters of water.

Equally important is the correct scheme for planting tomato seedlings. It is necessary to consider the distance between the bushes. It should not be less than 30 cm in a row and 70 cm in aisle.

Near an area with tomatoes, anthills are destroyed so that ants do not transfer aphids to seedlings.

Tatyana Orlova (Candidate of agricultural sciences):

Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely remove ants from their site completely. They leave from one place, migrating to another. But to control their numbers, use the preparations Muratsid and Medvetoks in the form of granules. Several granules of these preparations are placed in the passages of the anthill and in a short time the ants disappear in it



The leaves begin to curl from whitefly infection. She, like aphids, hides under the leaves of tomatoes. Adult individuals are more harmful than larvae. With a small amount, damaged leaves are torn off, but this is not a very effective way.

To completely get rid of this pest, use such chemicals as:

  • “Mospilan”.Processing is carried out only during the growing season. The result can be seen after an hour. To prepare a solution for spraying, take 2.5 g of the drug and dilute it in 1 liter of water. Then this agent is poured into 6-8 liters of water. It is used only on the day of preparation.
  • “Fufanon”. For processing, 10 ml of the drug is diluted in a small amount of water, then added to 10 l of water. This tool destroys even the larvae. 0.5 l of the finished solution is used on 10 m² of the plot.
  • “Aktara”. With this tool, the vegetable culture is watered under the root. To prepare it, 1.4 g of the drug is dissolved in 10 l of water. Processing is carried out 3 times with an interval of 7 days.
  • “Confidor”. To completely get rid of this pest, one treatment is enough – after 1.5 hours, insects begin to die. To prepare the solution, take 1-2 g of “Confidor” and dissolve it in 1 bucket of water. The resulting product is used to treat tomato leaves damaged by whiteflies.

Bacterial infections

The tops of the tomatoes are curled due to bacterial infections. Most often it is a bacteriosis of tomatoes. First, the leaves spin, then fade on top and become discolored.

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This infection is transmitted together from the seeds, it is very difficult to cure. It is better to destroy the affected bushes, and treat the soil with Farmayod. 10 ml of the drug is taken per 1 liter of water. next season, mustard is planted on this site, it disinfects the soil.

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Bacterial infections are the most serious cause of curly top leaves of tomatoes. It leads to the complete death of the plant.


Correct for od is the key to a good tomato crop, but even if all the favorable conditions for growing tomatoes are observed, it happens that the top leaves of the bushes begin to curl. The reasons can be both infectious and non-infectious. In order to deal with them correctly, you need to choose the right remedies.

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