Why eggplant seedlings turn yellow

Why eggplant seedlings turn yellow

Not everyone decides to grow an eggplant culture, as this is a capricious plant that requires strict adherence to agricultural technology. Often, gardeners are faced with the fact that the seedlings at the eggplant turn yellow. Consider the causes of this problem.

  1. Lack of nitrogen
  2. What to do
  3. Wrong humidity mode
  4. What to do
  5. Infectious diseases
  6. Fusarium <
  7. Verticillosis <
  8. Excessive exposure to the sun
  9. What to do
  10. Conclusion <

Почему желтеет рассада у баклажанов

Why eggplant seedlings turn yellow

Lack of nitrogen

Insufficient amount of nitrogen-containing component in the soil is often It causes a change in the color of young seedlings.In this case, first of all, the lower leaves turn yellow in eggplant seedlings, but subsequently, yellowness can go from the lower tier of the cotyledonous leaves to the upper vegetative part of plants.

The smaller the amount becomes in the soil nitrogen, the higher the leaves turn yellow at eggplant seedlings.

The initial yellowing of the lower cotyledon leaves is explained by the fact that for a plentiful nutritional vegetable, a lack of good nutrition becomes an impetus for stretching ineralnyh substances from the roots, it affects the lower part of the autonomic.

What to do

If eggplant seedlings turn yellow due to malnutrition, it is necessary to adjust the nitrogen content in the soil. Emergency feeding of young seedlings with nitrogen-containing fertilizer complexes can stop the yellowing of leaves and can prevent its further wilting.

When eggplant seedlings are yellow due to lack of nitrogen, it is possible to act only if the seedlings have preserved healthy roots.

Wrong moisture regime

The upper leaves of eggplant seedlings begin to turn yellow when the humidity regime is not observed during the cultivation of a vegetable crop. Wet earth lumps around the intertwined roots will indicate moisture excess during an external examination of the plant.

The soil acidified due to excessive moisture becomes a favorable environment for the multiplication of fungal and infectious diseases, which leads to a change in acidity.

Often, on the walls of containers where seedlings are grown, you can find a green coating caused by the activity of the fungal flora, which appears due to excessive logging.

What to do

When yellowness appears on the upper their leaves due to waterlogged soil, it is recommended to completely replace the soil. In containers where eggplant seedlings are grown, drainage holes must be made, and the containers themselves must be placed on a pallet.For seedlings transplanted to a new land, a reduced watering regime is required.

Infectious diseases

С заболеваниями баклажанов нужно бороться

Eggplant diseases need to be fought

Among the reasons why young eggplant plants may turn yellow, plant infections are infectious.

Fusarium disease

Fungal disease Fusarium disease is often found when growing an eggplant culture, and yellowing leaves in a plant are one of the first symptoms of its manifestation I am. At the same time, the veins in the yellowed foliage become very light, and the leaf blades themselves subsequently begin to curl.

Avoiding damage to eggplant seedlings by fusarium helps presowing disinfection of seed material, soil and containers.

Damage to the eggplant culture by Fusarium infection leads to a lag of plants in growth and subsequent death.

What to do

  • removal from the containers of affected withered seedlings,
  • soil replacement soil and disinfection of containers where seedlings are grown s, and the shoots themselves through fungicidal agents.

In the treatment of young plants yellowed from Fusarium infection, they use preparations of biological and chemical origin:

  • chemical (stekar, fundazole, benazole) are used for presowing disinfection of seed material, doing this two weeks before planting, as well as for processing throughout the growing season,
  • biological (trichodermin), introduced into the soil before planting the seed.


Fungal infection of verticillosis leads to a sharp elteniyu leaves on seedlings of eggplant, and their mass subsidence. After changing the appearance, the leaf blades begin to become covered with extensive spots, spiral twist, dry and fall off. Damaged seedlings die after a while.

What to do

It is quite difficult to deal with verticillosis, then it is recommended to carry out pre-planting prophylaxis against this fungal infection.

At the first signs of damage to the eggplant culture by verticillosis:

  • immediately remove the diseased seedlings,
  • the surviving sprouts are transplanted into new containers, followed by their treatment with fungicidal preparations.

Excessive sun exposure

If the eggplant seedlings turn yellow in the upper part, then this can be caused by excessive exposure to young seedlings in direct sunlight.Strong exposure to ultraviolet radiation causes the increased decomposition of chlorophyll, which is vital for any plant during photosynthesis.

A leaf that has received a thermal burn from ultraviolet radiation may turn yellow completely or yellow specks or large spots will appear on its surface.

To verify the cause of the disease, the yellowed upper leaves help, facing the sunny side of the window when growing on the windowsill or the sunny side of the greenhouse.

What to do

Pe move the seedlings to a dark place. If it is impossible to find another suitable place for the vegetable crop, it is necessary to cover the plantings with paper or fabric shelter from 12 h to 15 h during the active sun rays.

Why leaves turn yellow at eggplant seedlings
Curl and turn yellow leaves near seedlings of pepper and eggplant


The reasons for the yellowing leaves of eggplant seedlings may be non-compliance with agrotechnical measures of cultivation of the crop and the defeat of young shoots by infectious diseases. Avoid changing the appearance of foliage, prevent her wilting and lasting dropping leaves, keeping eggplant seedlings healthy, allows preventive measures and emergency measures.

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