Winter sowing carrots

Winter sowing carrots

The popularity of winter carrot sowing lies in the ability to get root crops a couple of weeks earlier than any early variety planted in spring. Planting carrots for winter in the Moscow Region and other regions of the country is subject to certain rules and agricultural technology.

  1. When to sow
  2. After which it is better to sow
  3. Sowing rules
  4. Preparation and selection of seeds
  5. Site preparation
  6. Landing <
  7. Care <
  8. Landing in different regions of the country
  9. In the Moscow Region
  10. In the Urals
  11. In Siberia
  12. Recommendations
  13. Conclusion <

Подзимний посев моркови

Winter sowing carrots

When is it better to sow

The timing of sowing carrots depends on climatic mustache growing zone.

Some gardeners make a big mistake and start planting carrots in the winter, not meeting the recommended planting dates (before the onset of cold weather), as a result, the seeds germinate in the fall. Such seedlings are not able to tolerate winter and die.

Sowing dates in the Moscow Region and in the middle lane are mid October-early November, in Siberia – the second decade of October and before early November.

After which it is better to sow

The best predecessors of this garden crop:

  • potatoes;
  • plants of families Twa pumpkin: zucchini, squash, pumpkin;
  • onions;
  • watermelon;
  • cucumbers;
  • All varieties of cabbage.

You can’t winter-sow carrots after parsley, dill, celery and beans. Also, do not plant this crop on the site where carrots previously grew. Given the requirements of crop rotation, it is allowed to plant carrots in the winter at this place only after 4 years. After carrots, it is permissible to sow beets in the winter.

Sowing rules

В зиму садят свежие семена

Fresh seeds are planted in the winter

Planting the seed consists of several stages.

Preparation and selection of seeds

The process of autumn planting of carrots in the winter begins from the moment of preparation of the seed. It is real to buy it in any gardening store. For these purposes, it is better to give preference to early varieties:

  • Moscow Winter A-545;
  • Shantane-2461;
  • Losinoostrovskaya-13;
  • Natskaya-4;
  • Vitamin-6;
  • Peerless.

For successful cultivation, use ordinary fresh seeds that have not been previously no processing. Seeds glued to a tape or dragee seedlings are not suitable for winter sowing carrots.

Seeds for planting for the winter will need a quarter more than for spring sowing.

Site preparation

Preparation of a bed for planting is carried out in advance, before the onset of cold weather (early October).So the soil manages to be saturated with useful substances.

This crop grows well on loose, light and fertile soil with a neutral level of acidity. For this, sandy loam or loamy soil, enriched with organic matter, is suitable.

The soil is cleaned from the remains of vegetation. Then make the nutrient mixture:

  • humus – 3 kg;
  • superphosphate – 20 g;
  • potassium salt – 15 g.

This amount of ingredients is calculated on a plot of 1 square. m. After fertilizing, the site is dug deeply onto a shovel bayonet.

The soil is loosened, leveled, grooves are excavated 3-4 cm deep. The bottom of the grooves is compacted and waiting for frosts to come.

dry ground. They also prepare a nutrient mixture: humus, compost or peat land at the rate of 5 buckets per 1 sq. Km. m plot. Organics and garden soil for filling seeds are stored in a warm place.


Sowing carrots in the winter is carried out after the soil freezes to a depth of 6-7 cm. Seeds sow even under snowy conditions. The beds are cleared of snow, sown and sprinkled with harvested garden soil, 3 cm are mulched with a layer of humus. To prevent seeds from scattering in the wind, the furrows are slightly compacted and sprinkled with snow.


Planting carrots in winter needs good care, otherwise the result of cultivation will be unsuccessful.

If snow has not fallen before sowing the seeds, the beds are sprinkled with fir spruce branches or sawdust. After the first snowfall in winter, the site is covered with a snowdrift.

In the spring, when it is time for the thaw and the snow begins to melt, the snowdrift is removed, and the shelter is also removed. Metal arcs are installed on the site, a film is pulled over the crops.

Such spring care measures are mandatory and provide young shoots with protection against spring frost.

Planting in different regions of the country

Для каждого региона свои сорта моркови

For each region its own carrot varieties

In order to sow carrots correctly in the winter, you must choose a variety suitable for the region and plant them in open ground on time.

In the Moscow Region

Sow carrots in the winter at odmoskove and in the regions of the middle band stands between the end of October to early November. By this time, the soil will freeze to a depth of 3-4 cm, and the air temperature will drop to -2 ° C-3 ° C. This is a time of steady frost. Seeds have time to swell before the onset of frost.

For the autumn planting of carrots in the winter, you can use the varieties:

  • Losinoostrovskaya-13;
  • Nantes-4 ;
  • Incomparable;
  • Moscow winter;
  • Callisto hybrid.

Grooves are excavated at least 6 cm deep.For winter carrots, planting in the Moscow Region is carried out according to the above scheme and rules.

In the Urals

The timing and rules for sowing this garden crop in the Urals are the same as for the Moscow Region. Of the early varieties, it is permissible to sow the following species:

  • Nantes-4,
  • Shantane,
  • Incomparable,
  • Altai shortened,
  • Vitamin-6,
  • Losinoostrovskaya-13.

In Siberia

For winter planting of carrots in Siberia, the following hybrids should be planted:

  • Losinoostrovskaya-13;
  • Vitamin-6;
  • Nastena-sweetened;
  • Altai shortened;
  • Shantane;
  • Queen of the autumn;
  • Dayana.

Sown in mid-October and until mid-November. The best place to land is a bed on a hill so that snow melts faster. Loamy or sandy loamy soil, friable, weakly acidic and organically fertilized soil is suitable.

Seeds are planted to a depth of 2-3 cm. The distance between seedlings in a row should be 10-15 cm. After sowing, the beds are covered in the spring when the snow falls , shelter is removed.


To plant carrot seeds in the autumn and grow a good harvest by spring, it is worth considering several important nuances:

  • The tops of this plant lure the carrot fly – a pest that damages the root crop, therefore, to grow this culture t together with plants that repel parasite with its aroma.Often crop crops alternate with crops of onions and garlic.
  • For winter sowing, only high-quality and tested seed with an effective expiration date is used.
  • To plant this vegetable in autumn, you must try to maintain the planting dates otherwise, in the spring you will have to be left without a crop.
  • It is important to carry out not only the proper winter winter sowing of carrots, but also to provide timely planting in the spring: regularly weeding, loosening the soil and watering.


Growing carrots in winter is a simple process, the main thing is to choose high-quality material, plant it in time and provide it with timely care.

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