You can or cannot plant cabbage in the shade

You can or cannot plant cabbage in the shade


Cabbage belongs to the group of cold-resistant and light-loving crops. It is important not only to properly care for the plant, but also to know where the cabbage is planted in the shade or in the sun. Its growing conditions affect crop yields. If cabbage grows in the shade, then the quality of the heads is significantly reduced.

  1. Conditions for growing cabbage
  2. Humidity
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  4. Lack of sunlight
  5. Seedlings and lighting
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Высаживание капусты в тени или на солнце

Planting cabbage in the shade or in the sun

Conditions for growing cabbage

Sunlight is necessary for the normal development of the plant. If you plan to grow seedlings in greenhouses, then optimally place them east to west. This allows you to achieve uniform lighting throughout the day. It is advisable to equip the room with a heating system and additional lighting.


Strong heat can create a greenhouse effect in the greenhouse. Due to the increased humidity, cabbage can infect fungal diseases. In this case, you can organize a small shade of the greenhouse and provide good ventilation.


The nursery is arranged in the sun and a place protected from the wind. The first hot days can harm young plants, so after planting they create penumbra for seedlings. High temperature for a long period, especially in combination with drought, significantly delays the development of seedlings.

Lack of sunlight

Like all cruciferous plants, this crop reacts painfully to a lack of sunlight. On a cloudy summer, heads of cabbage are formed much worse.

They can also be not dense, but loose, which reduces their shelf life in the winter. Such heads of cabbage quickly rot and are stored up to November – December.

Plan beds first, taking into account the fact that the plant after planting on the site takes only 2-3%, and after a month – 60-70% of the light area . The mistake is the desire to plant as many bushes as possible in a small area. A row spacing of 70 cm will be sufficient for growth, and the distance between plants will be 45-50 cm.

Irreversible changes occur in a seedling that suffers from a lack of light:

  1. Grow, it begins stretching from the roots. The shoots become long and thin.
  2. Then, at the stage of the third full leaf, a developmental delay occurs.
  3. Young leaves dry and curl. Their thinning and darkening can be observed.
  4. The growth point dies. Such a seedling will no longer yield a crop and must be removed from the garden.

Seedling and light

Рассаде необходимо хорошее освещение

Seedlings need good lighting

In the full cycle of ripening and fruiting, the greatest amount of light requires cabbage in the seedling stage. If this condition is not met, then the seedling will stretch very much. The immunity of such an escape is significantly reduced.

The lack of light often causes the increased humidity of an earthen coma. Excess water in the soil leads to the development of molds on it. Such diseases can also develop:

  • blackleg;
  • phytophthora;
  • klyasperostiroz.

They are harmful to young shoots. A feature of these diseases is their sensitivity to sunlight. With the normalization of the amount of light, the speed of their propagation is significantly reduced, but already affected plants must be removed, because they will die anyway.

You need to place pallets with seedlings from the sunny side if you grow it in an apartment. If there is no such possibility, then it is recommended to organize its additional illumination. Do this with ultraviolet lamps. Enhances the effect of ordinary aluminum foil. It is wrapped around a frame to which a lamp is attached.

Shadow and pests

Another reason why the cabbage really loves the sun, and not the shadow, is the defeat of its pests:

  1. Growing in darkening, cabbage with intensive watering becomes a bait for slugs. They feel good precisely under such conditions. Excess nutrition provokes their active reproduction. The sun does not allow slugs to devour cabbage bushes in the daytime. Also, ash and soapy water are used for prevention.
  2. A vegetable is planted in the light also because of aphids. This small pest eagerly drinks plant juices, from which it stops growing and wilts.
  3. Cruciferous flea strongly damages cabbage leaves. It is noticed that even temporary blackout significantly stimulates the activity of the pest. Damaged heads of cabbage are poorly stored and lose their presentation.

A good way to plant cabbage .
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The main requirement for planting cabbage is the presence of the illuminated area. grown in the vicinity of buildings can be shaded not all day, but only for a few hours. It’s not worth it. You should not choose a place purged by faith under the beds. This can cause many diseases and death of plants.

Even in the most illuminated place you can’t get a good crop without additional fertilizing. It is also recommended to observe crop rotation. Plant the crop after legumes that naturally saturate the earth with nitrogen. Potatoes, carrots, beets and cucumbers are also good precursors.

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