Zeoflora’s application for orchids

The Orchid root system needs light, nutritious soil. This is Zeoflora for orchids – a granular form product, characterized by good breathability and high-quality moisture conservation.

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Применение Цеофлоры для орхидей

Application of Zeoflora for orchids

Soil composition

Zeoflora is a soil used for the cultivation of Orchids, suitable for use as an additive or as the main monolithic composition. It is a granular subtrate consisting of burnt natural meniral – zeolite. Sred granules days – 5-9 mm, color – light brown. Packing volume – 2.5 l.

This product has a high moisture capacity. Moisture, penetrating the pores of the granules, is contained there, without harming The granulate gives away as much water as the orchid requires, without exerting a detrimental effect on the roots of the flower. It is also important that, due to their shape, the granules pass oxygen, which is no less important for the development of the plant. It is safe for humans and animals.

Zeoflora product has sorption and cation-exchange properties. The composition contains active silicon, which provides the necessary conditions for the development of the root system of the flower, and also develops its resistance to stress. Also positively affect the condition of the plant contained in the composition of nitrogen and potassium.The use of such a soil rich in useful microelements helps to reduce the number of top dressings.

Features of growing

Zeoflora is a universal soil that is suitable for growing orchids in a pot with drainage holes , and for closed systems.

For normal germination with drainage, it is necessary to soak the granulate for 60 minutes in warm water. Transplantation is performed as follows:

  1. Ceoflora is poured into the pot 1/3 of the total capacity.
  2. A flower is placed, after shaking off the roots from the remains of old soil.
  3. Sprinkle the roots with granulate until the entire pot is filled.
Правила выращивания с Цеофлорой

Growing rules with Zeoflora

When growing in closed systems, transplantation is carried out without the preliminary procedure of soaking the granulate. The landing itself is also made. The only difference is the need to water the plant after planting. The volume of water is 1/3 of the total volume of the pot.

Use Zeoflora for sowing seeds. After pre-soaking the granulate in water, it is poured into a tray or box, holes are made 1-2 cm deep and planting material is sown. The seeds are covered with a thin layer of granules of 1 cm.

Advantages and disadvantages of using

Orchid cultivation in Zeoflora has many advantages.It is sterile, therefore does not contain harmful microorganisms and does not lead to infection of the plant with fungal diseases. Such material is lightweight, so it does not harm the root system of the flower. Other benefits of using the granulate are important:

  1. Granules absorb moisture and hold it, making the root system location area safe for flower viability. The accumulation of water helps to reduce the frequency of irrigation.
  2. The rich composition of the product allows you to use it as an additional top dressing. The cultivated orchid in Zeoflora becomes less demanding on fertilizer application.
  3. The silicon and nitrogen contained in the composition contribute to the active healthy growth of the root system of the plant.
  4. Using this product reduces stress during flower transplantation.

This granulate has no drawbacks. Its use is effective in combination with additives (coconut, moss, pine bark, etc.) and it will not change its qualities over a long service life. It is also important that this granulate does not need to be disposed of after the death of the plant. It can be calcined on the stove and reused.

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The only thing that can impede the purchase is the difficulty in finding a product. On store shelves, it is less common than analogues of other brands. But this product is new and has not yet managed to gain the same popularity as the more expensive Ceramis or other granules. However, it is not inferior in quality to them.


Zeoflora is called a universal product, as it is used for any variety of Orchids. The shape of the product and its composition allow the flowers to grow and develop without the need for regular transplants. And the properties of the granulate make it easier for people to care for the capricious flower.

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