Gardening for beginners

Gardening for beginners
Gardening for beginnersGardening for beginnersGardening for beginners

Each of us dreams of a beautiful, lush green garden. But life circumstances, lack of time and lack of funds do not allow our dreams to come true. Or perhaps you are not such a skilled gardener as it seemed at first.
We offer eight tips for beginner gardeners to help them succeed.

Do not hurry…
If you have become a happy owner of a cottage or a house with a plot, do not rush in the first season. Plants from the previous owner could remain on your new site. Many plants are perennial; they can bloom for many years. Other sites may need digging and rehabilitation.

  • How much work can you do yourself?
    It is a question of the right balance of time, knowledge and money. To refine the site only with your own hands is the dream of many gardeners. And someone prefers to hire professionals: garden and landscape designers. But, of course, you will not be left without advice and help in general. After all, you can always turn to your neighbors
  • What climatic conditions do you live in?
    Even one country can have several different climatic zones. To get started, you should seek advice from your local garden center or plant nursery. They know everything about climate, soil, plant needs. Buying plants without first consulting a specialist can be a very expensive endeavor.
  • Height, time and color.
    When creating a flower bed, you need to consider three simple points: growth, time and color. Make sure to choose varieties that have overlapping flowering times, which will extend the flowering time in the garden. Use colors that blend together. Make sure tall plants don’t block low ones.
  • The high quality
    certainly pays off. Of course, you can always find cheap tools and inexpensive varieties of plants in supermarkets. But plants won’t thrive on depleted, nutrient-poor soils. Gardening tools should last more than one season. Buy quality tools and materials! It is better to buy good quality less expensive tools than cheaper ones; Quality tools will last you much longer.
  • Share with friends and neighbors
    No need to have your own lawn mower or cultivator for everyone in the area. Ask your neighbors for tools, or buy them together by dividing the costs, allowing you to make a better investment (and buy high quality tools!). You can exchange seeds and plant bulbs with friends and neighbors, share tips and strategies with them, help each other (for example, help to move heavy objects). And don’t forget to invite friends and neighbors to the garden party in gratitude!

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