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Which representative of the flora bypasses many others in popularity? On the eve of the New Year, a similar question seems rhetorical: of course, this is a beautiful herringbone-green needle! However, the holiday can last much longer if not a felled tree settles in your house, but one grown in a potted culture. In Europe, they kill two birds with one stone in such a humane way: they care about the environment and prevent the needles from shedding – the annual misfortune of all housewives. Maybe you are also thinking about making your own contribution to caring for the renewal of the forest resources of the Motherland ?! If the answer is yes, then this article will reveal to you some important secrets on how to care for a green guest in accordance with her needs.

How to care for a tree in a pot?

And so she came to us dressed up for a holiday …

Rather, you yourself brought her to your house under the green little hands! A Christmas tree in a pot is a rather capricious guest, since it is hard to put up with room conditions, where the air is excessively dry and hot, so our good advice will be very useful.

Herringbone in a pot is a rather capricious guest, as it is hard to put up with room conditions
Herringbone in a pot is a rather capricious guest, as it is hard to put up with room conditions

  • Remember that your Christmas tree is a living creature. Don’t overload her with jewelry! Use the lighter version while taking care of fragile branches.
  • Try to bring the conditions of the apartment or house as close as possible to natural ones: worry about the presence of a humidifier in advance. If there is no electric one, then some kind of container with water will do: moisture will evaporate naturally. Do not place the tree next to a radiator, stove, or fireplace.
  • Temper the tree before bringing it into the house: hold the tree in a cold corridor or on a loggia for several days so that it acclimatizes and easily survives the temperature difference. Take care of the roots: so that the earthy ball does not freeze, wrap it with rags, hay or straw.
  • As with any indoor plant, the tree must be watered and sprayed. If you do this with ordinary soft water (rain or melt), then such care is quite traditional. But attention! If you are a supporter of the best possible, then your pantry of an advanced florist urgently needs replenishment – Reasil complex organo-mineral fertilizer for conifers.

More about the main

Fertilizer “REASIL for Conifers” is specially designed to provide evergreens with all the necessary micronutrients, the deficiency of which is especially noticeable in the limited space of the container, where the roots do not have the opportunity to extract organic matter online, as it happens in the natural environment.

In order for a tree in a potted culture to feel comfortable, it is required to make up for the deficiency to the maximum. Then the needles will remain on the tree, and the holiday will be a success!

Complex organic fertilizer "Reasil" for conifers
Complex organic fertilizer “Reasil” for conifers

Why is the “REASIL for Conifers” 250 ml bottle so attractive?

  • This ecological fertilizer based on organic acids will delight all environmentalists with its composition.
  • The amino acids contained in the preparation carry out the delivery of trace elements directly to the roots of the plant in an easily assimilated form.
  • Humic acids from leonardite are the “lungs” of your Christmas tree. They guarantee the forest beauty free breathing and make an upgrade of cell division, which will manifest itself as strong shoots of young growth with shiny elastic needles after a period of winter dormancy.
  • The complex of vitamins, macro- and microelements will help to avoid rust of needles in winter, when even people suffer from a lack of nutrients.
  • And finally: for 5 liters of water, the optimal dose is only 5 ml of the drug for root dressing and a solution with a concentration of half as much for spraying the plant. If we take into account that in indoor conditions it is enough to water the Christmas tree once a week until the earthen coma is completely soaked and sprays every 1 days, then a 10 ml bottle will be enough not only for home care of the New Year tree, but also for seasonal work on your summer cottage or personal plot.

As with any indoor plant, the Christmas tree must be watered and sprayed.
As with any indoor plant, the Christmas tree must be watered and sprayed.

Herringbone in a pot is a tree with character. It is not averse to pamper your family for three weeks – just enough for the upcoming holidays. And then, be indulgent to his needs! It so happened that this wild plant prefers the fresh and humid air of the street, and therefore, after all the New Year and Christmas fuss (pleasant, I must say!), Send the green baby to the loggia before the planting season. And with the arrival of spring, move to open ground, to freedom!

And one day a beautiful giantess with furry paws will grow up in your yard, which you will decorate with an iridescent garland of electric bulbs right on the street – to the envy of your neighbors!


How to care for a tree in a pot? - Beautiful indoor plants
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