Description of Suffolk sheep

Sheep husbandry is developed all over the world, in many countries this type of animal husbandry takes a leading place in the industry, and therefore the variety of breeds is amazing. One of them, the Suffolk sheep breed, is from England. It is the result of crossing the Norfolk Horned and Southdown species.

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Характеристика овец породы Суффолк

Characteristics of Suffolk sheep

This breed was registered in 1810. The obtained individuals differed from their ancestors in all respects, taking the best from them. They spread throughout Europe, America, Australia, and won leading positions in farms.

Properties of the breed

Suffolk is a meatless, hornless breed adapted to long transitions, and also to survive in adverse weather conditions due to endurance, strong muscles and physical strength. The body is covered with golden yellow hair, the head and legs are covered with dark, almost black hair. Suffolk sheep receive 4-5 kg ​​of wool, and sheep produce 3-3.5 kg.

Suffolk is a rather large and tall sheep, the height of an adult is about 80 cm, and weight varies from 110 to 150 kg There is a good growth rate: 200-380 g per day, slaughter yield – 55-60%.Unpretentious sheep in food for a long time can eat pasture and gain weight, have high immunity, and are resistant to disease. Suffolk sheep are actively used for breeding and breeding.


One of the features of this species is its excellent hereditary memory and high productivity during reproduction. Due to this ability, Suffolks have stable inbreeding characteristics. Crossbreeding with representatives of other breeds gives excellent crosses with various improved qualities of lamb.

The uterus gives birth at a frequency of 1 r / year. The lamb weighs 5-8 kg, twins 4-5 kg ​​and triplets 3-4 kg are often found. With good feeding, after 3 months the weight of the lamb will be 30-45 kg, after 3 months it will reach an acceptable age for breeding.

Suffolk sheep are also famous for their exceptionally tasty and nutritious meat, the main features of which :

  • lack of a specific smell;
  • natural juicy and soft taste;
  • easy digestibility by the body.

Also the composition of meat includes useful substances:

  • fluorine, useful for the prevention of caries;
  • lecithin, which helps prevent diabetes and improves ra . Otu pancreatic

Also, this type is known for high-quality wool – one of the best in the world. The net yield of wool from one individual is more than 50%.Mowing occurs 2 times a year, while from the female you can get 2-3 kg at a time, and from the male – 3-5 kg. Products are famous for their wear and durability.

Advantages of breeding

It is profitable and promising to breed and grow Suffolk breed. Unpretentiousness to food, endurance and strong immunity provides:

  • universality of the content (pasture, stall);
  • resistance to diseases and parasites;
  • long life cycle ;
  • fertility;
  • nutritious and healthy meat;
  • wool of excellent quality.

Meat and wool of this breed make her a favorite among the rest. Good breeding performance and good hereditary memory makes it possible to engage in selective breeding. Suffolk rams are in demand when creating crosses for the speed of growth of lambs, weight gain, getting lean meat.

Разведение овец породы Суффолк является выгодным делом

Breeding Suffolk sheep is a profitable business

The peculiarity of the Suffolk sheep is its excellent performance in crossbreeding. This is multiplicity: about 100-190 lambs per 100 bright, but they bear fruit once a year. After crossing with Suffolk sheep, sheep of polyester breeds increase fertility and this happens already 2 times a year, and lambs are obtained with improved meat characteristics.


Farmers who decide to master sheep breeding or expand an existing farm can definitely recommend the Suffolk breed. The breed occupies a leading position around the world in all respects: meat, wool, precocity, fertility, productivity. This breed also has excellent hereditary traits, which increases its ability to adapt to different regions with the most severe climatic conditions, where individuals of other breeds simply will not survive.

SUFFOLK sheep. Features, care
Suffolk and Aberdeen cows Angus cattle breeding elite.
Dorper and Suffolk 2017
Suffolk rams 2016 (2)

The breeding qualities of the sheep of this breed cannot be ignored. Animals are ideal for breeding. All of these advantages of the breed will keep it in the lead among colleagues around the world for a long time.

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